The Brink

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Sasha thought that her best friend getting kidnapped was terrifying enough, but when it turns out that she and Hannah are destined to battle each other for the fate of the world, everything turns into chaos and her life isn’t just turned upside down—it becomes something entirely new.

Hannah had never been extraordinary. She’d always been the normal part of the duo with her strong, brave best friend. But she couldn’t be normal anymore; she couldn’t rely on Sasha’s strength. Lucifer wanted to keep her locked in Hell, and only her own strength of sheer will was going to get her out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Brink

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013






He looked to the heavens, admiring the way the sky churned in the slowly dying storm. The thunder boomed around him—the sound vibrating in his chest—and the lightning flashed—casting a glow upon sharp features that no one could see. But he could only observe the storm, not partake in it, for the rain left no mark upon him. He felt the coolness of the drops pass through his skin, but the water continued its path to the roof on which he stood, as if he wasn’t even there.

He scrunched his toes against the shingles and took in a deep and cool breath. He knew that he would always feel uncomfortable about the place he held in the world. Knowing that he could feel everything, but influence nothing was a disconcerting thought. A frown marred his face as he looked down at his hands in frustration. His importance was lacking.

No, that wasn’t right; he was important. He had a very important role that not many could perform. Perhaps that was why he was wary. Perhaps he was tired of watching the people who were so important to him completely ignore his existence. He had this desperate desire to shout at them, to touch their shoulders in comfort, to just have their eyes look upon him. He just wanted them to acknowledge him and know that he was there, protecting them with every ounce of strength he had. But it was impossible, or rather, he could not allow that to happen. For the moment that they could see him, he would have failed them.

He felt a lump form in his throat at that possibility. He wasn’t supposed to entertain that outcome. It was unacceptable.

He looked down at the roof and focused hard on his charge. The younger of his two wards was sleeping on the couch, having passed out after studying for an English exam. She looked young and innocent—but he knew better. Deep down, in a small box she had hidden away from the world, she was sad and reaching out for comfort. Her call for love was always answered, and always by the same person.

He smiled slightly and allowed his mind to focus solely on his other ward. The smile faded quickly and his lips formed a thin line as his mind touched hers and he knew she was with her science partner. He was a male with ambitions beyond the simple friendship and he did not like that boy.

Resigning himself to a night of watching the girl blatantly ignore the boy’s advances, he jumped into the air. He waited a moment to allow the sudden rush of gravity to pull him back down before shooting off in the direction of the girl. He may not enjoy the evening, but he was bent on keeping her from all evils, including the ones in her chemistry class.

As he left the neighborhood and disappeared from sight, a black feather fell to the roof he had stood upon just moments before. As it fell to the wet and slippery shingles, a white light consumed it before it made contact and it faded from the world.

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The Brink

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