Event Horizon

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Episode 6 Tokens of Greed

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Cycle 1

‘It is upon my most grateful honour that the assembled stand before us. In this era where to stand is to survive, to survive is to pursue and to pursue is to become legend.

Each of us are legends in history made manifest. Each of us holds the will to rule over the galaxy given to us by the right of our Power, Will and Justice.

To the Arcani the Power of rage harnessed to fend off evil with malice, To the GFI states the Justice to confide the galactic security of our strong society and finally to the Lycanan, the Will of our deity Oz’Sharra; eternally written in the sands.

I present to you the 3 Lords of Oz’Sharra’

The vivid expanse of the Vivalti horizon was astounding. Even among the Coreworld capitals. Vivalti stood prominent as a jewel, it outshone Rah by leagues immeasurable to the eyes of men and children alike. The trees and hills perfected the gold and pearl white landscape.

It was the one and only planet orbiting the medium sized red star. Situated in the perfect green zone fauna and flora species were counted in the millions. Pure gold technical rings revolved around the shining planet, spines and hangars protruded from the artificial construct that somehow still added to the everlasting beauty.

Torrents of high-ranking social ‘Lords’ and bureaucrats spent millions if not billions of standard credits in investments and sales if only to get the opportunity to take a single glorified step on Vivalti.

There was no pollution, no erosion of the natural pearl landscape, only the perfect unison of man, plant and animal.

It was roughly 18:57pm GCT, the moon-sized teleportation ring known as the Galaxy gates worked endlessly in delivering all manner of people to Vivalti. In one of the many Heavy-transport ships draped in all known forms of trinkets a young man stared deeply into the books adorning the central library.

He was part of the Sub-human species known as the Tiabian’s whose defining traits were two feather antennae usually sprouting around the collar bones and the neck for males then in and around the eyelids for females.

Placing multiple books in a carefully defined order he set out studying every paragraph. Hours floated like air in the still library. Nearly everyone aboard the transport was asleep, only the few essential members kept awake and even then they were on low alert, after all what danger was there in the Vivalti system?

After what seemed like minutes to the Tiabian and hours to the watchful clock the faint clicks of the library doors echoed through while the noise of myriad of footsteps invaded the quiet space.

Sombrely tearing his focus from the pool of knowledge the lone alien looked up to see an assembly of people arguing and debating over topics that got lost in the raising voices.

Leading the troupe was a well aged Tiabian dressed in an all black formal suit. Over his shoulders was a hanging leather coat lined with swaying fur that reached his crouching knees.

It didn’t take long for the aged alien to walk up to him even with an ornamental walking stick; that would unsurprisingly cost as much as a fully fitted Pareidolia class cruiser.

“Brat, your name!” the croaking words came as a command rather than a question

“Excuse me but this is a library may I ask that you keep your voice down and offer the proper etiquette in giving your name first” the Tiabian replied staring into the deep eyes of his own kind.

Only the raised furry brow of the elderly man gave him any warning, a crushing backhand that silenced the crowd racked against his face.

“Please Lord Gazelle, if may you at all if possible refrain from damaging your replacement” one of the assembled spoke up in a high toned voice

“Hah he’s just paid his Vivalti entrance fee! I'm already ticked off as it is thanks to those thankless councillors spilling their entrails to the media of my retirement and now this dirt wants to talk back to me!? For the love of Spode why do I even care!”

Already people either stepped back cautiously or stepped forward to cool the rising flame.

“Lord Gazelle this man attended the Arcani Social Imperial Academy, studying political-science, xeno-linguistics and planetary economics. He survived the five year course with flying colours even amongst his peers it is only logical that the GFI state body would think him a most wise suitor to your legacy” again the same voice spoke up

“And what use is all that crap on Vivalti? The brat still hasn’t given me his na-“

“Gendrie Ramalov of House Flux, holders of Sector Vega in the Planor Belt and I must say it is my honour to meet you Gazelle Vincent”

The lack of honorific title was done on purpose. Gendrie now stood up clutching his bloody nose looking down on the elderly alien. In the space of those tense seconds no words were said between the two only the quiet glare of their brown eyes.

‘Now approaching specified entry pattern 1, estimated surface landing in 2 hours, Enjoy your stay at the Crown planet of the galaxy.’

Gazelle swiftly turned his back to Gendrie letting his long coat brush away his presence. On cue the crowd turned and followed albeit keeping their distance.

Watching them leave the library in the same loud manner as their entry gave Gendrie only fleeting bouts of anger.

“I'm terribly sorry for Lord Gazelle’s actions. His last days as Oz’Sharra senator have been somewhat...taxing to say the least and I'm sure that deep down he only wants the best of suitors for such a prominent role” once again it was the same high feminine voice as before.

“I knew that uncle has always been a sour buddy, but it’s still glad to know that he hasn’t lost his touch with age although it seems he wants more out than prominence” he replied as the blue tinted woman wiped the blood off his face and hands.

His eyes scanned her only for a fraction, it was all he needed to catalogue every bit of information on her. Being a Tiabian like him offered similarities but she was from the Kisven Tribe, judging from the strict tattoos tracing her forehead and her blue skin, rather than an actual noble house so the differences were easy to tell.

“And so it seems, regardless we are practically at Vivalti so let us make haste”

Simply nodding in agreement Gendrie paced beside the Tiabian female not before turning to pick a single book from the pile he was previously trapped in, the fairly old etched title had sparked his interest ‘To be an Honourable Citizen’.

“You never gave me your name Miss” Gendrie decided it was time enough he made a few friends on his trip

“Lady Reeva West of the GFI state council, but please no need for honorific’s with me I’d rather you say Reeva, soon I’ll be your steward so I hope we can get to know each other fully”

The usual blaring siren told of the impending planetary entry, soon he will be standing on the planet of dreams. Breathing in the scent so fresh it stole men’s heart. Gendrie wanted to be lost in it he wanted to be on Vivalti, the Crown of the Galaxy. 


Case file 7.6799, topic of debate: Sovereignty of the Jigoura sector between Coreworld and Outerworld space, known habitable planets are 4th world Vigoura in the first quadrant and 1st world Taxis in the second.

The planet known as Taxis was a relatively small orb of blue tides and lush jungles covering the entire surface. Planetary scans show the potential for Macro-intensive harvesting of floral resources and a secure base point for military incursions into the Outerworlds. The dense asteroid belt blocking Taxis from its sister planets further away from the sun has a 89% chance of being rich in Litium, Niphine and 50 other trace elements and chemicals useful in galactic life.

Vigoura unlike Taxis boasted no rich asteroid belts or extensive reasons for resourcing; it was simply a ball of maroon sand that had the potential to support colonised life.

Despites the rows and series of senate crowds and dictators Gendrie dodged them all while taking as much detail as possible on his assigned case. He wished for more time to explore the lustrous scenery of Vivalti but the inevitable call of political work stop him in his tracks. His eyes scanned the clear screen in for all its worth as his thumb flicked between each page and diagram.

Occasionally Reeva would speak up or pose the odd question as she guided him past the throng but for the most part left him to study the files with the little time he had.

The minutes passed in the crowd as soon they reached their destination.

A luminescent tower that curved skywards beyond his eyes, even sections of the tower jutted out to the side. The smooth sheen on its surface still glowed in the resting night all the while dots of light flickered on and off in smooth transition. No part of the magnificent tower was left dark yet none was lit to its full.

As he gaped at the structure before him Reeva turned to say “This will be your residence for as long as you stay in Vivalti, your room is in level 68 number 9009. A care package among any other belongings you had on your person upon arriving at the transport will have already been delivered safely in your room”

“You’re not inspired by this?” his words came in a slow rhythm

“No, there aren’t many things that inspire me let alone anything in Vivalti but if you want me to say then the Dela kar Drake does look…nice” she barely found the words to describe what utter uncaring for architecture she had

“Dela kar Drake, Arcani imperial language, or to kill a Dragon a fairly odd name for something like this” Gendrie replied near instantly proving his scholarship in xeno-linguistics

“This tower has a certain history” again with her flat tone “Unfortunately I must attend to some dealings involving Lord Gazelle; his closing speech must be flawless if he wishes to retire from Vivalti peacefully”

With that she bowed her head ever so slightly before walking off into the distance. Gendrie couldn’t quite put together an understanding of her ever since their landing on. It seemed their personalities were polar opposites when it came to Vivalti.

A short sigh and a simple shrug of the shoulders saw cleared his thoughts as he stepped into the luxurious foyer. Even the lift to his floor was saturated with only the finest materials the galaxy can offer, the keypad was one expensive cheque resting on the wages of a moon.

As Gendrie stepped up to his silver and pearl door it dawned on that Reeva hadn’t given him any means to get inside.

Some steward she’s turning out to be, he thought while noticing that the door was had no handles or knobs to enter, not even key card slots to use. What it did have however was a circular white hole that blinked repeatedly.

Taking a glance around the other doors he noticed that they all shared the hole, the odd few like his blinked but most shone white. Trains of thought drove in his mind as he nervously placed his right hand inside. In there he could feel all sorts of wirings and tiny switches, pushing deeper inside he found a small lever taking a breath he pulled lightly on the lever.

The surging pain surged into and out every nerve like a flash of lightning.

Just as instantly he recoiled his hand. The normally pale skin was bright pink with engraved lines depicting circuits tracing all over.

A mocking ping resounded as the doors slid open to reveal his room, it was just as luxurious he had thought it to be. No detail was missed out and no piece of furniture was placed without an ulterior purpose.

Resting dramatically on the sofas he found all his bags packed neatly in the corners, on top of one was as sealed package, details of the sender had been roughly marked off.

Barely opening the package with his one good hand Gendrie sifted through worn paper packets with all manner of numbers and codes. Five years at the Arcani academy had taught him all about codes and numbers; already he crossed off some in his mind.

A dull metal shade caught his attention at the very bottom of the documents. The natural curiosity in him shoved the papers aside till he could clearly focus on the shady item.

The sharp crash of expensive material echoed.

His heart shuddered violently, his right hand started to burn intensively. Hyperventilating, air kept fleeing his desperate lungs. 

Water I need water, the desperate thought powered him over the broken mirror before him and the battered package.

The jet powered spray of the tap water cascaded against his pale hands. The stream reflected the thoughts raging inside, the one that stood above the rest. The question that plagued him was fairly simple, looking into the clear reflection Gendrie asked carefully

“Why am I scared?”

 Cycle 2

The cross-like antechamber was intoxicated with the mass of senators and ambassadors. Every luxurious row was filled to the brim, along the steps stewards and other attendees worked away at their masters’ playful whims.

The intricate podium at the centre hovered above the lower rows, denied the courtesy to look upon the speaker directly they settled their eyes carefully on the clear screens and diagrams.

It was day 2 of 7 for the case file 7.6799, Gendrie had already spent the hours listening intently to the series of hearings made by the other houses and factions. After all this was his assignment, to secure the rights of Sovereignty for the GFI state, specifically for the Reiggox faction.

Piecing together the details and assumptions from the hearings of other factions prior he had a good guide of the state of the Taxis system and which of the current factions were leading by potential votes.

Firstly the asteroid belt on Taxis has already seen some rough harvesting by unlicensed explorers around the area possibly from the Outerworlds; it wouldn’t be long for competition in the Outerworlds to get wind of a new source of quick cash. A week’s worth of raids later would see escalation between the first set of miners and the new arrivals, eventually the big guns are called out thanks to the childish game of ‘you hit me and I’ll bring my older brother!’.

A one month stalemate brought the likes of big corporations such as Angell, Sunshore and Zerpentis from the Outerworlds into the fray, the Lords of Oz’Sharra had to step in. Even now skirmishes play out in the system between no less than 9 separate fleets.

Gendrie tapped his holo-pen against the cushioned mats of the faction table he sat at, unlike most others around him he looked absolutely neutral devoid of any unnecessary emotion. Well that was on the outside, in his mind he couldn’t quite piece together a part of the puzzle.

The counter on his side flashed crazily displaying the changes in votes between each faction. Looking around the assembly Gendrie finally began to take stock of the situation he currently sat in. There was intense rustling spread thickly in the air with dozens of voices, shouts and retorts echoing like a symphony. Everyone here wanted for Taxis better or worse.

It was as simple as that.

“Hey Gen I’m going up now to make the case”

Without waiting for his approval Gendrie’s associate bristled off to the queue surrounding the speaker’s podium.

Swift fingers rattled against the touch screen interface. A highly composed letter with details of the Reiggox schematics for Taxis was sent across to various factions and independent brokers. He had carefully selected from the ever updating voting list the groups whose ideals best suited his or at least those who had the influential power to get him a couple votes and maybe a nomination in the final forum. Ticks of time moved in slow motion until a familiar face popped up on the interface

“If you have time to fantasise get some votes, we’ll need them for the nominations assembly two days from now”

Reeva’s face was stern as always and her emotion rarely displayed

“I’m actually thinking about our ball tomorrow…what dress are you going to wear?” he replied with a comical smile. Reeva merely rolled her eyes in silent contempt before shutting down the call.

Looking back up to the podium Gendrie saw that his accomplice had almost reached the speakers platform.

Well it was time to put five years of political sciences to good use. 

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