Wrath of the C'tan, Valdera desert Campaign

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



The Valdera desert, one of the 3 only habitable zones in the desert planet, echoing sands of time drift through the crumbling dust settlements built by the yet unseen White Star nomads. Two giant craters lie to the east of what is known as the Dead canyon, a giant fissure stretching for miles into and out of the desert. Obsidian monuments stand amidst the sand driven ruins, breaking the aeon old cycle of windy stillness with pulses of material energy. Within each crater lies the manifesting powers signal the end times. ?

?From the fringes of the Valdera system came waves of star eclipsing Tombships emerged silently from the archaic dolmen gate that orbited the raging red sun. Amongst the ancient and ageless vessels stood the Vision of Aponopollis and the Abydos, peerless ships that seated at the throne belonging to Phaerons of a dynasty. Other vessels arched around the mighty vessels, like a cloud of phasing energy and light speed they ploughed past each other, a direct course to Valdera.

Aboard the Vision of Aponopollis in the legions quarters the stone and metal amphitheatre housed the formal heads of the Immortalis dynasty. Lychguard reflected the green hue in the darkness while they stood at attention at the recesses of the vast room.

At the elevated jet black seat sat Amenhotep the ruler of Immortalis flanking him to his right stood Nefertari Neko Ramses a female Overlord who had uncontested control over the operations of the few tomb worlds available to them while on the left was the unsettling presence of Rah’nubis of the destroyer coven and Warmaster to the military forces. ?The assembled Nemesors and Triarch Praetorians all cast glances at each other before settling their eyes on the vivid holographic breakdown of Valdera.

“I fail to see the strategic importance of this world to us, it borders close to the Tau system, vital resource count is also low. I fear this is just a desperate attempt to gain worlds under our control” the head of the Praetorians stepped forward as he spoke gesturing towards the evident facts being displayed, most of the assembled Nemesors seemed to nod in straight approval or kept their processed thoughts to themselves “As we are now” the Praetorian continued “I feel that our dynasty is losing its individualism and our being subsumed into part of the Sautekh, while this may be of ultimate benefit to us I’m sure that there are some here who would much prefer to remain separate” more mechanical nods rallied through

“Lord Xenon I’m sure your suggestion is valid to everyone here but rest assured that we have thoroughly planned our approach and motives for moving onto this forsaken planet” the drawn out words of Nefertari spoke for her own lord “There is more to Valdera than meets the eye”

“Of course look at this mobilisation”

The unfamiliar metal words ricocheted in the amphitheatre, at once scores of Lychguard with hyperphase swords and warscythes stepped from the shadows at the more than unwelcome guests.

?Materialising from the Abydos Imotekh the Stormlord and his cohorts strode brazenly past the assembled Nemesors to the image of Valdera.

“This campaign is more than just reclamation, it is prevention” the Stormlord continued while turning to face the seated Phaeron “You know what is buried deep in the sands of Valdera” A flickering blue spark within eyes of the Phaeron was the only reply

“Mistress we have not been informed as to what exactly is the purpose of this campaign” the words were from one of the Necron lords who decided it was time to speak, just before Nefertari could even reply Amenhotep rose.

The mechanical gaze of the assembly all settled on the descending Phaeron soft clashing of metal fibres echoed in the large space, wings the colour of the midnight space moved restlessly about “There is a power on Valdera, locked and hidden for an aeon that is rising. Our goal is to make sure it isn’t let loose on this galaxy”

“If the power is so great why don’t we use it for ourselves, it would be of eternal benefit to us” the Praetorian spoke, Amenhotep simply looked to him with shifting eyes

“A C’tan lies in Valdera, during the rebellion it escaped to this world but was imprisoned probably by the Eldar using our technology, although in a crude manner, this beast is whole and is the worst of them all… C’tan of raw destruction Doomsday”

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