Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  No Houses

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“The Deal”


Sierra Connors was immediately taken to and held in an interrogation room somewhere on the Fort Knox Army base. She quickly glanced around. There was only one air conditioning vent and it was just too small. So she made herself at home, relaxing in the only chair that was strategically placed right in the center of this otherwise barren and depressively gray room.

In that chair Sierra sat for what seemed like an eternity but according to the clock on the wall a full two hours had dragged by. She felt like it was two of the longest hours of her young life, yet during that whole time she couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that she was being watched by someone, somewhere.

At that precise moment, the door bolted open and in walked two government type dudes in white shirts, black suits, and skinny black ties. One guy was tall, the other small. Both were carrying black portfolios.

"Oh, thank God! The Men in Black have finally come to rescue me!!” Sierra cockily cooed, “Tell me the truth. What really happened at Roswell?"

The taller man smartly smiled, "I don't know. The aliens never talked when we water boarded them. Maybe you will be more cooperative when we interrogate you!"

Sierra coyly smiled back, "What do you want to know?"

The smaller man answered with a question of his own, "Where did you get the forged military identification papers?"

"Off the internet, where else?" Sierra snickerly stated, "at a site called Forgeries R Us. They’d probably give you a bulk rate discount if you ask real nicely!"

This time neither man smiled.

"Listen, you're in a lot of trouble here, Ms. Connors," the tall one started.

"You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone else," Sierra naively replied, her pretty blue eyes sparkling faux innocence, "my name is Regina Gaul."

The small man nodded unconvincingly, as he took out some papers from his portfolio.

"No it is not!” he stalwartly declared, “You are Sierra Connors and for being such a young girl, you seem to have a long record of burglary, thievery, and con games. Now what do you have to say?"

Sierra laughed, "I'd say you've got some active imagination there, Agent K. So why don't you and your buddy, Agent J, get to the point!"

"Well," the tall one responded, "we are willing to forget about this whole Fort Knox incident if you’ll do us some favors."

"What kind of favors?” Sierra apprehensively asked.

The tall man continued, "There is an artist/millionaire by the name of Thomas Remington, who deals not only within the art world, but in the underground black market as well. He has recently acquired a document we would like to have. He is having a party/secret auction at his mansion in a few days. We know he has the document contained in a secret safe.

We want you to attend that party, find the safe, and confiscate that document. If you do that, we will forget this latest caper and you will be free to go."

"Why me?" Sierra asked, "don't you spy guys have your own experts at breaking and entry?"

"We do," the tall man said, "but if, on the outside chance you do get caught, well you are just a convicted burglar working on your own. The government has never heard of you. You give us, shall we say, plausible deniability."

Sierra laughed to herself, "So the secretary disavows any knowledge of my actions. Gee, how Mission: Impossible can you get? What if I don't agree to go to your little party?"

Both men looked at each other and subtly smiled. The small man finally replied, "Then, Ms. Connors, you will be looking at fifty years of hard time in a Federal prison!"

Sierra smiled to herself then asked, "So do I get to pick my own party dress?"

To be Continued: Next- Chap. 3  "Partying with Sierra"

Submitted: April 04, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Evelina Duile. All rights reserved.


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Joseph Mark

Wow! Its great you continued writing Sierra Connors. I'm dying to learn what she did in the @3 years in between stories, and can't wait to read more. Please KMU. Also I've done some more writing of my own, feel free to check it out. Thanks!

Fri, April 4th, 2014 2:04am

Tabitha Theory

Pretty exciting. Like the smart remarks that Sierra Connors has for everyone she meets!! And that last line was really funny!! I'll have to go back and read your other story but I'm gonna try and keep up with this one as well.

Fri, April 4th, 2014 2:20am


Your stories are such a pleasure to read my friend. Witty and highly entertaining. I love the wise cracking confident Sierra Connors and how she has matured from her teenage naivety. Loved the reference to the men in black and aliens. Like say "very witty". Cant wait to read how Sierra is going to pull this one off. No doubt she will come out on top lol.

Sat, April 5th, 2014 5:43am

Mara Davar

Another funny chapter!! 'Forgeries R Us' was a great response from Sierra to the MIB's. Now she's going to have to work for them I guess. Now THAT should be interesting. KMU!

Tue, April 8th, 2014 1:46am


Really good - I love the witty comebacks! x

Tue, April 22nd, 2014 5:19am


I can't believe they want her help, WOW! But Sierra's attitude really is something. Can't wait to read more, reading on.

Wed, May 7th, 2014 12:06am

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