Chapter 4:

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“Ship in a Storm”


Sierra Connors sneakily wandered away from the mansion's main room and into the side hall, as Tall and Small, her two government escorts kept watch at the entrance to the hallway.

She faithfully followed the floor map and entered Thomas Remington's private study. Her eyes adjusted to the low level lighting that gave the room somewhat of an eerie glow. According to the floor plan, the safe was located behind a large painting of a sailing vessel caught up in a storm. Sierra noticed a small name plate at the bottom of the painting apparently depicting the painting's title. It read: Ship in a Storm.

Well duh, Captain Obvious!! she amusingly thought.

Sierra delicately felt for any hinges along the picture frame, found some, then slowly swung the painting out to reveal the small safe. She subtly smiled and whispered to the safe's combination lock, "You ready to dance?"

Then she went to work.

Spin to the left.


Spin to the right.


Triple click back.



Sierra slowly swung the safe's door open. Lots of temptation inside. Cash. Coins. Jewelry. It was enough to make a grown con girl cry, but Sierra forced herself to concentrate on the job at hand. She quickly rummaged through the safe until she found the document she was looking for. She also noticed another similiar looking document. She glanced it over then decided to lift it as well.

Something tells me this other paper may come in handy. So, I got doc. Let's rock! She happily thought, as she placed both documents in a Velcro pocket strapped high on her thigh under the dress.

She then carefully closed the safe door and swung the painting back into place and started to exit the study when she unexpectedly heard a voice out in the hall. Someone was coming. All of a sudden the door to the study opened and in walked a thin, older man. He was in an intense conversation over a cell phone.

"So what do you bid, Demetri?” the man sternly spoke, “Yes, I've got the document here. If you are the winning bid, you can have the paper tonight. Well, I have a lot of other interested parties, okay? Alright. Make your calls but get back to me quickly. The bidding window is about to close."

The man then placed the phone in his jacket pocket and started to leave when he abruptly stopped and glanced over towards a small screen on the desk. A quizzical grin quickly spread across his weathered face, as he walked over and flipped a switch. Instantaneously, the entire study was flooded with light from an overhead chandelier. The man then quickly produced a gun from his other coat pocket and took aim at the chandelier.

"Come on down," he gently commanded.

Up in the chandelier, Sierra was hanging on by a thread. She slowly swung herself around and gently plopped down onto the floor.

"And who the hell are you?" the man angrily asked.

Sierra flirtatiously smiled, "Uh, I'm your royal highness, Lady Antebellum, and I accidentally wandered into this room and was just about to leave when I noticed this beautiful chandelier and I just had to know the designer. So I crawled up there to take a look. Anyway, I’d love to chat but I’ve gotta jet! Ciao!!”

Sierra then confidently walked towards the door to let herself out as she called back, “Oh by the way. Cool party."

However, the man held the gun steady.

"Hold it!!” he firmly stated, “You’re not going anywhere. It’s a good thing I had an infrared security monitor installed. It detected your body heat. Now sit down!! Over there!!!"

He motioned to a leather chair by the desk. So Sierra reluctantly wandered back over and immediately sat. The man kept the gun pointed at her, as he walked over and swung the painting back, opened the safe and glanced inside. He frowned, then slowly re-closed the safe.

"Okay, Lady Whatever,” he angrily addressed Sierra, “where’s the document?"

Sierra smiled coyly, "What document? Look, thin man, I don't have time for this. I have to be in London by morning to have breakfast with King William and Princess Paris. So, if you'll excuse me."

Sierra started to get up.

"Stop right there, Missy!!!!" the man yelled, "I will shoot you and no one would hear a thing with all the noise going on out there. So who are you working for? The Americans? Russians? Chinese?"

"If I mentioned a certain country, would you let me go?" Sierra innocently asked.

"Not at all!" the man curtly answered.

"That was what I was afraid of," Sierra resignedly replied.

To be Continued: Next Chap. 5 "The Document"



Submitted: May 14, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Evelina Duile. All rights reserved.


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Nikki Evans

This is so awesome!!!! I love Sierra!! She's always getting into trouble but she's so smart and funny and somehow manages to get herself out!! Bet she does this time too! Tall and Small are funny too!!! KMU, please!!

Wed, May 14th, 2014 12:54am


You write so beautifully Evie") the chapter flowed effortlessly and had "gag" a plenty as per. Sierra so dam funny, lady Antebellum and having breakfast with king William and princess paris lol as hiding in the chandelier, that was genius and her explanation plausible. But unfortunately crooks are a suspicious lot at the best of times. And I'd be giving small and tall an earful not finding out about the heat sensors, bozos! Haha "missy" I used the same word in my latest chapter for blood pact.

Wed, May 14th, 2014 1:36am


I cant wait to find out how she gets out of this one! A tense and entertaining chapter ") Cat and I love lady Antebellum btw. We sung "when you got a good thing" for our wedding and Cat sings "american honey" in the band she sings for. I take it you like them too? Dino ")

Wed, May 14th, 2014 1:46am

Joseph Mark

I'm really glad you continued this story. I can't wait to see how Sierra gets herself out of this one, as well as what is so important about this document. Please KMU. Thanks!

Wed, May 14th, 2014 3:54am

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