Chapter 5:

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The Document


The man continued to steadily hold the gun on Sierra Connors.

"Look," he said, "if you just give me the document right now, I'll forget about this whole incident."

Sierra thought about it for a second, then demurely replied, "Now if I did, hypothetically, know where this alleged document you speak of is located, then how would we proceed from there?"

"Easy," the man replied, "you give it to me. I put the gun away. You leave."

Sierra considered the offer, "Well, I couldn't help but listen in on your conversation over the phone when you first came into the study and it sounds to me like that little piece of paper is worth something. So if I did have information as to its whereabouts, how much would that information be worth?"

The man subtly laughed, "I can't believe you, girl! Here you stand with a gun pointing right at you and you think you are in a position to negotiate??!!"

Sierra grinned mischievously, "Well, if you kill me then you'll never know if I did know where it was. Then you wouldn't have the document and your secret bidders would think you were playing a long con on them. I don't think they would be too happy about that, do you?"

The man shook his head in disbelief. "Well, I don't think you’ve been in this study for very long so you either have hidden it somewhere, which in that case it should be easy to locate, or you have it on your person, which in that case it would be easier to just kill you then search your body."

Sierra laughed, "Well, I’ll admit that the document is on me somewhere, however, I’ve placed it in a Velcro pouch that contains a small acid vile. That vile is hooked up to a tiny charge. The charge is connected to a miniature wire that is monitoring my pulse. If my pulse stops, that will detonate the charge, breaking the vile, and the acid will immediately dissolve the document."

"Yeah, right," the man amusingly replied, "I remember that old movie myself, what was it called, the Davinci something?"

Sierra laughed as well, "Maybe I'm conning you, maybe not, but can you really take that chance?"

The man lowered the gun.

"No, I can't," he replied, "so what do you want?"

Sierra got up from the chair.

"I'm working for the Americans," she admitted, "they want the document but I don't know why. They’ve promised me a pardon from some previous incident, but to tell you the truth, I don't trust them either. They could just as easily double-cross me or set me up or even renege on their deal. I don't know what they’ll do, but I do know I want to get out of here and go far, far away. So Richie Rich, how can you help me accomplish that?"

To be Continued: Next Chap. 6 "Remington"



Submitted: May 23, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Evelina Duile. All rights reserved.


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I was reading this with so much eagerness that i almost fell off my chair when it came to a sudden end lol I loved the way Sierra turned things around in her favour. I love characters that can do that. She has a gun pointed at her after being caught red handed and she still comes out on top! Amazing! I wish i could think that quick on the run. I haven't seen the "da vinci code" (assuming that is what was being referred too?) and i doubt she had such an elaborate contraption to destroy the document on her person but the guy didn't know that for sure. So he had to listen to Sierra's plea for a deal. Very cunning! I could see the Americans double crossing her too. Haha i can just see her waving goodbye to Tall and Small as she zooms off in her high powered jet boat lol witty and well thought out as per. Hoping for a longer chapter when your not so busy Evie ;) loving this comical caper ")

Fri, May 23rd, 2014 3:45am

Joseph Mark

Wow! Sierra played that pretty well. If I was that guy I'd call one of my assistants in and physically search her. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Fri, May 23rd, 2014 3:59am

Nikki Evans

Sierra is just so clever and cool!! Her sarcastic comments are so funny!!!

Wed, May 28th, 2014 2:15am

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