Day Light Ends chapter 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Day Light Ends chapter 6

Submitted: December 25, 2013

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Submitted: December 25, 2013



Chapter Six


The air whipped around my body violently and so suddenly I barely noticed anything else around me. The sky was so dark, no stars shinned even though there were no signs of light anywhere. Though I could still see perfectly with the dim glow of the waning moon shinning above.
“What do you want?”
I snapped my head around completely freaked by the roughness of the male voice I had never heard before. He stood several yards away to my left and was looking straight at me with such intense hatred I felt like I was gonna pee myself. Not a very attractive thought. I opened my mouth to say something brilliant and well thought out (aka seriously moronic and dumb) when I heard another voice speak.
“Ye're on our land, Len,” it said in a deep, rich accent.
I looked to my right and saw a man practically twice the size of any man I'd ever seen. If someone like that hugged me I was almost positive I'd snap in two. His eyes too held that intense hatred but something else mixed in with them. Reason, maybe? While I got the vibe that he didn't want to fight but would if he had to the other man was sending signals that he was about ready to pounce at any moment.
“I don't recall you and your pathetic pack of human lovers ever claiming it as your own.” The first man bared his teeth in a nasty snarl. “This is America, is it not? What was that saying? 'Land of the free'? I can go wherever the fuck I please.” More snarls and sinister hissing came from behind him. “Pardon me, I meant we can go wherever we please.”
“I'm no' afraid of ye. I will fight ye. And I will kill ye if I must,” said the second man. “But I will no' let ye set foot on this land. Ye will no' take ano'her innocent life.”
“Those humans deserve it.” He began walking closer and I noticed he had a certain swagger to the way he walked. Easy going and cocky. He smiled a smile that sent chills all throughout my body. And they weren't the good kind. “Come on, Kiel. You and I used to be mates. Pals. We can go down to that so called town and slaughter each and every one of those disgusting creatures who call themselves Humans.”
“The only disgusting creature I see tonight is standing befo' me and calls himself by the name of Len.”
“So that is how it is going to be between us, eh, comrade?” Len shrugged one of his broad shoulders nonchalantly. “As you wish.”
“Len, it does no' have t' be like this.” Kiel reached out and gripped his shoulder. The gesture reminded me of how a father would try and reason with his son but Len pulled away violently, hissing.
“Yes it does!” He spat whirling back on him.
“No. It does no'. Come back to our Gods. They will welcome ye with open arms as they had the rest of us that have fallen.”
“The Gods? That's your answer? Returning to the Gods? That pathetic bunch of bastards and bitches?” He laughed. “Oh, Kiel you are so stupid. I have found another God to worship. One that is much stronger than all those combined. And because of him I am stronger as well. Let me show you.” Before I could realized what he was doing he lunged at Keil slashing at him with what looked like claws at the end of his fingers. In an instant he was on the ground, another form crouching over him growling. It took me a while to realize the figure was a woman with long black hair braided down her back. The two of them rolled and fought hissing and spitting at each other violently like a pair of street cats fighting over a scrap of food.
“Luna, that's enough!” A strong and clear voice called out. The woman ripped herself away from the man and returned to her group standing between Kiel and a woman I hadn't notice before. This woman's hair was white and flowed down around her shoulders in a thick wave. She stood completely still, as if she was waiting to stop another outbreak but at the same time she seemed calm. She reminded me of an old Queen. Regal and strong.
“You wench!” Len climbed back to his feet cursing and screaming at the woman and Kiel and possibly even the old Queen in a different language I didn't understand.
“Len, calm yourself.” From the shadows a man walked out. He was tall and graceful, draped in robes made of blue sapphire silk. God, he looked amazing. And that was just body-wise. I couldn't see his face; a hood was draped over his head so low all I could make out was the sexy curve of his lips.
“Karnayna.” The old Queen inclined her head in a small nod/bow thing but I noticed she never took her eyes off him.
“Lailah,” the man nodded his head to her. While her bow/nod was formal but cautious his was relaxed.
“Your people shouldn't be here,” the old Queen said.
“My people must eat as much as your people do,” the man she called Karnayna responded.
“Yes, but my people do not feed from the life blood of the humans.”
“Those humans are what feed us and fill us with our never-ending life.”
“We do not only need to feed off the humans. We can drink from the mammals surrounding this land. Their blood can sustain us.”
“Oh, is that so? Any you know this from experience?” He sounded like he was making fun of her.
“Yes. I do. Return to the Gods, Karnayna. Isis missed you dearly. She will welcome you into her bosom with joyful relief.”
“She would be relieved for there would be no stronger force to oppose her!” Len hissed.
With great force Karnayna slammed his fist against Len cheek and he fell to the floor with a cry of pain, spitting up blood.
“Forgive me,” he apologized. “I haven’t taught this child his manners yet.” He turned back to Lailah. “I will not go back to the Gods or Isis. I will no longer linger in her shadow.”
“You know that is wrong. You have never lingered in her shadow. You two were equals. You stood by each other’s side as one, strong and all knowing. You were a God.” She shook her head, disappointment showing clear on her face. “Now you’re a cheap replica of your once all mighty power; followed by rejected vermin.”
“Old hag!” Len snapped and flinched when Karnayna turned his sharp gaze at him.
“I will not go back to them,” Karnayna declared firmly.
“You cannot continue living like this, feeding off and killing the living.” Lailah said.
“We can do what we want!” Did this Len guy ever learn? I wondered shaking my head at his stupidity.
Karnayna lifted his hand again and the man inched away back into the shadows. He turned his attention back on Lailah. “I shall make a compromise with you,” His voice was soft as he began walking toward her and the rest of them. Most hissed at his approach while other went for their weapons. Lailah raised her hand and they all backed away quietly. “The compromise shall be that we will not kill any more humans, but for us to do that you must also agree that your hunters will not attack us.”
“He's lying!” One of the men shouted from Lailah's side of the field.
“I assure you, I speak the truth.” He bent at the waist, bowing deeply to the old Queen as his silk cloak flowed around him, catching on the breeze. “We will not kill humans as long as your clan provides us with blood and stop hunting us.”
Lailah simply stood there, silently watching the man. A hand came up and she pushed some of her thick white hair out of her face. After what seemed like forever she said, “Do you swear to up hold your end of the deal, Karnayna? The all mighty fallen angel?”
“Yes, I-”
“Do you swear with all the love you have for the Gods? And speak truthfully; she is watching always.”
I thought I saw his body jerk as his mouth that held that easy smile flattened into a thin line. He didn't speak for a long while and I was sure everyone was holding their breaths. God knows I was.
“Yes,” he growled, his voice like flint. “I swear.”
“Then we have our selves a compromise.” Lailah said. As she began to turn away his voice stopped her again.
“Wait.” When she turned to look at him again the smile was back on his face. “Let's make it official, so your men don't feel the need to sneak around for a little fun tormenting my people.”
“You mean so your men don't feel the need to sneak around to slaughter the humans like we know you will!” This time the woman who had tackled Len spoke. Actually, she was a girl. A bit younger than me, too.
He looked down at her. “Who are you, little warrior?”
She straightened her back and placed her feet shoulders width apart. “My name is Luna Windsong.” She announced.
“Luna, hm?” He nodded his head slowly and bent down to speak only to her. Luckily I was standing close enough to hear them. “Warriors should be seen, not heard.” He turned back to the group of men and woman standing behind him, leaving Luna standing there looking about as ready to pounce as Len was moments ago. One of the men jogged up and handed Karnayna a scroll. He turned back to Lailah. “I had been planning to come to you with this proposal for a while now,” he told her as he unrolled the parchment. “I had a treaty made up; all you must do is sign.”
The old Queen read over the royal script slowly. “And the penalties for if the treaty is broken?”
“The same as others from times past. We will fight until only one stands.” I felt as the temperature practically drop twenty degrees and goosebumps formed over my skin.
She nodded. “Alright.”  Reaching into the leather bag hanging on her shoulder she pulled out something that looked very much like a knife. It was long, and the color of ivory. Without hesitation she dragged the jagged edge of the metal against her finger and waited while blood began to drip. Smearing it across the bottom of the page her lips moved but I couldn't hear or make out the words. “I sign the treaty, in the name of the Gods.”
Karnayna repeated what she had done, slicing open his own hand and smearing the blood across the bottom of the page. The old Queen's blood was red while his was so dark it almost looked black. “I sign the treaty in name of the Gods.”
They both spoke at once now. “Blood binds us, ties our packs, yet cold hatred keeps us apart. The blood promise is made here under this waning moon. Under the watchful mothers and fathers. With their loving embrace, they bid it. This is our will, so shall it be done.”
Nodding to one another they turned back to their packs and walked away, toward their separate homes. 
After that everything faded to black and I woke up.

When I opened my eyes again I was relieved to find that I was lying in my floor bed, the sun shining in through the crack in the curtains. That dream hadn't felt normal. Not in the least. Something in my stomach was telling me that it was a warning of some sort.
But for what? Whatever those people were(which was definitely not human) were going to sign a treaty? Yeah, sure. I waved the warning away thinking it was most likely just something in a movie I had once saw and decided to forget it. The weekend only lasted two days. Two days of relaxation, two days of sleeping in and gosh darn it, I was gonna enjoy it.
With a blissful little sigh I pulled the covers more firmly around my body and fell back asleep, surrounded in it's warmth. This time with no dreams of vampires and treaties.

“Did you see those men?” Mom asked while we were driving home from the store. I had the job of buying a bunch of apples and made sure we weren't going to be lacking. Apples were my all time favorite fruit. You could eat them with just about anything.
“Hm?” I looked at her, half locked in my own thoughts of how I would be able to slice the apples up or cut them into narrow cubes and dip them in caramel sauce, sour Chile powder, or Lucas.
“The men in the store,” she repeated. “The ones wearing long coats. There was a group of them.”
“Oh, yeah. I saw them.”  While looking for the apple stand I had seen a bunch of tall men dressed in regular clothes but over the clothes was what caught everyone's eyes. They wore something that resembled a long black cloak. I wasn't entirely sure they weren't really cloaks. They could've been. They looked suspicious though, to me and apparently to the store manager too. I noticed he never really took his eyes off them until they were out the door and in the parking-lot. Maybe not even then. It must've been hard keeping an eye on all of them, there were at least a dozen.
“They looked like rotten apples,” mom said with a soft shake of her head.
I glanced at her. “They what?”
“They're bad news. Anyone who dresses like that doesn't like being out in the open where everyone can see them,” she frowned as she tried to think- or so I guessed- of what they did in their leisure time. She probably thought they smoked pot and gave out discount pericings. Ones they did on their own in their dark and scary basement with unsanitized needles.
“Oh,” I leaned back in my seat and placed my feet on the dash boredly.
“Jamie, get your feet down,” mom groaned, half annoyed. I had been placing my feet on the dash since I was about six- when my feet could actually reach the dash- and had never gotten out of the habit of it. But I didn't want to stop now.
We heard the roar of an engine speeding down the road and a large forest green truck pulled up at the stop lights beside us. A girl with long black hair and a multi-colored bandana wrapped around her head laughed and honked the horn wildly. “Woo! Woo!” she cried happily as she tugged the imaginary train whistle. A group of men sat calmly in the back, cloaked in black hoods, the air whipping around them. The men from the store. They talked to each other casually, yelling over the engine. I could to hear their drunken slurs from my seat in the van and practically smelled the beer. Not a second after they stopped, a man on a glossy black and silver motorcycle pulled up between the truck and our car. He began talking with the men in the truck. 
One of them stripped off his hood and leaned over the side of the truck to talk with him. He grinned down at the man on the bike. Glancing up, he caught my eyes. I could feel my face turning tomato red from being caught staring at them. He smiled and waved, not pausing in his conversation. it must have included me because the man took off his helmet and glanced over too. I watched as the wind whipped his black hair around his tanned face causing my heart to fumble a beat and a feeling of darkness slide over me like a shadow. He pulled on his helmet again and rode off with the truck full of men and a very strange girl.

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