He's Back

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Carmela Chapman never knew the meaning of silence in her house. She never understood the whole peace and quiet concept. All because of her brother’s rock band that kept on practicing day and night.
Two years ago, when she was still a freshman, the police showed up at her house, accusing one of the band members, Cedric Richards, for stealing a golden necklace, and was sent to jail.
The band moved on. She moved on. Everybody moved on. Now, on the summer before her senior year, she finds him out of jail. And he’s determined to get back into his band. Though, when he gets in, he seems to get interested in something else. Someone, in such a case.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He's Back

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013





The sound of the drums coming from the basement made the entire house move back and forth, left and right. I could hear the guitar notes from the wall, my brother’s voice loud through the microphone. His annoying rock and roll band sang its disturbing music. Fire with fire. That’s what my brother decided to call his band. So stupid.

I couldn’t focus on reviewing for my physics test. I sighed and looked outside my window to see my cramped car and two other familiar ones parked in front of the house. The house in front of ours was full of nature. The owner was a gardener, planting every tree, flower, grass, or other types of plants all around his house.

I focused on my notepad once again – not that I could. I groaned and sighed, closing my eyes. I stood up, adjusted my pajama shorts and tank top, looked at the mirror to check if my hair looked messy, and went outside of the room. I went down the wooden stairs until I reached the basement. I took a deep breath and opened the door. The music stopped. Finally, some silence. The entire band looked at me.

‘I have a test tomorrow and I can’t focus! It’s either you shut the music off, or keep it low.’ I ordered through gritted teeth. The members starred in shock at my red face and clenched fists. I never really reacted like this.

‘Car, calm down, we’re just practicing.’ Dallas, my older brother, told me. I started breathing faster but decided to just chill.

‘You and your stupid band.’ I murmured and went back upstairs to my room, as the basement door got closed and the music turned back on. I shook my head at their full understanding and tried my best to study hard.

Blue and red lights were seen outside of my window, and police sirens were heard. I headed towards my bedroom window and saw my brother talking to a police officer. I raced down the stairs and opened the front door. The sheriff asked for Cedric Richards. My brother pointed at the tall, muscular man that stood behind his band mates. His long black hair covering his wonderful blue eyes. Tattoos all over his arms. Eyeliner under his eyes. Black manicure. Dark clothing; leather pants and a black, torn t-shirt. Piercings on his ears, lips, and nose. He looked more like an emo to me.

Cedric starred at my brother, then at the police officer. Suddenly, he started to run away. Two policemen ran after him. Cedric never got lucky, and the officers caught him, placing hand cuffs on his hands and pushing him into a police car.

‘You’re under arrest.’ Said the sheriff before Cedric was shoved into the car.

That was the last time I saw him. That was the last time I saw so many tattoos on a body, so many piercings on a face. That was the last time I saw somebody wear such unique clothes, and put on black manicure and eyeliner. That was the last time I saw the most amazing, outstanding, breathtaking, indescribable, baby blue eyes.

I watched as the band started whispering and my brother stood there, glaring towards the car that was getting smaller by second – well towards Cedric. He sighed and went inside the house. The rest of band went back home. I bit my lip and went back to studying.

I memorized the notes I had taken in class, reading every information I needed to know, studying every experiment we did in school. By the end of the night, I was done and satisfied. I closed my eyes, my thoughts drifting back to what happened a couple of hours ago.

What will Cedric’s reputation be? What will the rumors told be? What will everybody’s reaction be? I’ve never had the police park in front of my house, or anywhere near it. We lived in a peaceful location. I opened my eyes and looked outside the window, starring into the moonlight.

I knew Cedric was bad, like really bad. But I guess I never knew how bad.


A/N: Well, this is still my first novel. The prologue isn't very well written, I know, but give this story a chance! It might not sound as interesting as the summary says, but it is! To me, at least. But I do need to warn you. There will be swears and curses throughout the novel, so if you're uncomfortable with them, just don't read, or feel free to do whatever you want. Other than that, Thanks for reading!


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