Priya in Down County Wisconsin

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Priya Rajasuriyar lives in Toronto, Canada, where she is used to multiculturalism and the city vibe. But what happens when her step-dad got a promotion in the US from his organic farm company and she had to move to Down County Wisconsin? How can she handle small towns, where there is little multiculturalism and everybody knows everybody and everything? Most importantly how can she handle Kevin Anderson’s, the school heartthrob’s, bullying and annoyance? Find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Priya in Down County Wisconsin

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\"priyaChapter One:

“Pree—yanka Raj—j—a-soooriy—ar?” asked the confused English teacher. I heard some sniggers from my fellow classmates as I raised my hand, cringing. I heard whispers “who is she?” and “why is she here?” and “how did she get here?”—yes I know, the last question baffled me too. I obviously used some sort of transportation; jeez people I’m not alien. Well maybe I am, considering the fact that I am the only south Asian—let alone one of the few coloured people at this new school of mine. Down County High School. I mean I was used to people not pronouncing my name correctly at my old school back in Toronto, but over there, people didn’t make it such a big deal out of it. God, I already hate this school. Every single bit of it...except for the vending machines around this place. There are some good chocolates here.

“How would you like us to pronounce your name dear?” asked Mr. Villa.

“Priya is fine sir,” I replied.

“Okay Priya, tell us about yourself and what your background is, please? We don’t get foreigners here too often, so please.” Fuck man, just when I thought things can’t get any worse. I sighed inwardly and smiled.

“Well I’m from Canada. I was born there, so I’m Canadian...”

“Oh but, what is your background...where are your parents from? India?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. I felt all eyes on me, expecting me to say yes somehow, but hey I’m not Indian.

“They are from Sri Lanka, it is a small island south of India...” I replied.

“Haha, that’s stupid... isn’t that part of India?” asked some kid in the back. Everyone started to laugh. I looked back at him. He was the cutest guy I ever seen, but he had this cocky smirk on his face, so I rolled my eyes.

“No, what is the difference between China and Japan? They may have people who look similar but there very different countries.” I looked back at the teacher and he smiled at me apologizing, but I heard a couple of quiet “omg’s” behind my shoulders. I wondered why people were giving me the nasty looks. I didn’t say anything to offend them, heck they are the ones that offended me so I’m the one who should be mad. I looked back at the kid and he was fuming...well...okay.... What a weirdo.

I turned back slowly, crunching my eyebrows; he obviously has anger issues. He must not be taking my smart-ass talk very lightly—maybe he’s the popular kid. Haha, I still can’t believe the popular kid shit still goes on. It 2012 people, grow up. Back at my old high school, we didn’t have all this bull; we minded our own business and drank beer when needed.

Yeah I drank beer—not a lot though. Only during victories of our football tournaments that we pull out a dozen six packs. Yes, I play wide receiver for my Powderpuff football team back at Toronto—we were called Spartans, because our Offensive Line was the best. We played in snow, rain and hail (a bit exaggerated but still) and I missed them with my life. If I could pack up and leave I would. But I couldn’t because of my stupid step-dad and his ugly organic farm company. He got a promotion two weeks ago and we had split to Down County Wisconsin to look after stupid farms. Don’t get me wrong, I think farms are beautiful, but I sure as hell don’t want to live in one. I don’t think I can last a month here.


English flew by quickly, and lunch came all too soon. Today being my first day, I had no idea where to sit. I was basically an outcast here, so I decided it would be a good idea to eat near that awesome vending machine on the third floor. I walked up the stairs and bought an Oh Henry! chocolate bar. I finished my lunch and took out a book called “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne. It so informative and yet enticing at the same time.

I was in the fourth chapter when four figures stood before me. I put my book away, but was immediately grabbed from the collar and pushed back. It was that kid from English.

“Hey India, whatcha doing here all by yourself?” he asked, spitting as he talked. Gross.

“Yeah!” said the two of three guys behind him. The other one looked as if he didn’t want to be here and that he had better things to do. I had better things to do than deal with shit.

“Ok look person I don’t know the name of. Let go of my shirt or I’ll cut your hand off and feed it to pigeons.” He looked astounded, but only tightened his grip.

“Okay bitch, make me look stupid is strike one, and talking back to me is strike two. One more strike and I’ll slap the Indian out of you. I don’t give a shit that you’re a girl.”

“I’m not from India idiot,” I said gasping, “I’m from Canada.” I smiled, and just before he brought his hand towards my face, I kicked his balls with a force that could move mountains. Then with all the power I had left, I punched his pretty face and all the cockiness right out of him. At least for now.

The bored boy didn’t look so bored anymore, and gasped. So did the other two—they looked like they were twins or something. Pretty Boy looked like he was having contractions with a bleeding nose, but I could care less. You should never treat a human being the way he treated me. That was just outrageous.

“You punched will regret you did that,” said one of the twins.

“I’m pretty sure I could care less. Bye.” I said, rolling my eyes. I picked up my stuff and walked away.

“Bitch you’ll pay for this!!” I heard Kevin scream from behind. I kept on sole tear rolling down my cheek.

 I hate this school. I hate Kevin and his stupid ugly clan of wannabes.  


When I came home, I ran up the stairs, and locked myself in my room. I just wanted to be alone.

After what seemed like forever, I woke up and went to get dinner. My mom was serving my new family. My stepdad, Frank, kissed her cheek when she placed a meatloaf on his plate. My step brother, Duke, looked up at from his plate and smiled.

“Hey sis,” he said, waving his fork at me.

“Hey,” I said, walking to my seat which was next to him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yup, I’m fine.” He raised his eyebrows as he took a bite of his food.

“Usually when a girl says that, she means I’m so not fine,” he said, exaggerating the last part. I giggled, and took a bite of my food.

“Priya how was your first day at school?” asked Frank.

“Did you find any new friends hunnie?” Mom asked.

“Um it was okay, and nah, not yet,” I replied.

“Don’t worry, it is only the first day hunnie,” said mom.

“I’m sure it’ll get better as the year goes on,” said Frank. Yeah, or it can get worse.

After dinner, Duke and I started to wash the dishes. He washed and rinsed, and I dried. I never had a big brother before. He loves to cook, work out, has golden-green eyes and auburn hair. He’s 23, loves dogs, plays soccer and still lives with his dad. Ha, well no wonder because his dad is a great guy and I’m glad my mother married him. My real dad cheated on my mom and treated her like the scum of the Earth. No women should be treated that way. I made my mom get a divorce with him and now she has a man who treats her right. I’m just glad she’s happy.

“So who’s got you in a sour mood?” asked Duke.

“W-what are you talking about? No one, I’m just tired.” He let out a scoff.

“Yeah right, so who is it? Do you want me to go fix it?” he grinned.

“No! Don’t, it was really nothing.” He cornered his eyes on me.

“Sure. I’ll be watching you though.” I rolled my eyes and dried the last dish.

I went to sleep, thinking about what Kevin would do next.


-Kevin’s POV-

I can’t believe that Indian chick just kicked me in the balls and punched me! Fuck this bitch, I’m going to get her so bad next time.

The rest of the day I was planning on what to do to her. You may think I have no life, but this is my school and no one treats me like that. Especially not her.

“Dude, you okay?” asked Zack, my best friend from grade one.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Man, that girl knew how to handle you man,” said Chester. His twin, Charlie snickered with him. I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t worry man; soon I’ll be able to handle her. She needs to know her place around here,” I replied.

“What are you going to do?” asked Zack, his eyebrows connecting.

“I don’t know yet, but when I do it’ll be epic.”  

Just then, my cousin Clarrisa Clements walked up to me, and Zack looked at her in awe. The bastard was in love with her, but he won’t admit it.

“I saw what you did to that poor girl at lunch. Do you have any sense of respect you little twerp? I was laughing my ass off when she gave you the medicine you deserved,” she said, crossing her arms. I grunted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about CeCe,” I said, knowing she would tell my parents.

“Hunnie, I was at the computer room which was right across from what happened. So don’t play with me. Jerks like you are the reason I’m considering women.”

Zack coughed and became silent. He was pissed, I can tell.

“Fine I promise I won’t do anything to her.”

“Good because she’ll be my new best friend and touch her, you die.”

“What? Why do you want to be her friend? She’s an ugly bitch,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Are you serious? Were you born stupid and blind? She’s fucking gorgeous. I can tell because your precious Mary is jealous.” She rolled her eyes and walked away to be with her friend Lucy Hales.

“Priya is kind of hot,” said Chester.

“Shut up man,” said Charlie.

“What man, I’m just saying that I would seriously tap that!” Chester here is the badass of us; he loves tattoos and hooking up with random chicks. I mean we all hook up, but he’s the biggest player I know...

Wait a minute. I have the perfect way of getting to Priya.

“Ha, I didn’t know why didn’t think of this before! Payback is a bitch girl,” I said loudly.

“What do you mean?” asked Zack. I rolled my eyes and leaned on the wall.

“I’m going to make her fall for me, hook up with her and then dump her.”

“Dude! CeCe said she’ll kill you!”

“That why you’re going to distract her,” I said, smiling evilly.


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