A Lack of Colour

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



As promised, Jo arrived on Ollie's doorstep at Six thirty. He paused before opening, was a hopeless devotion to a woman that caused him so much pain a healthy decision for him to make? No, it was not yet his feet moved by some force far beyond the power of his mortal mind and he opened the door.
She stood with folded arms looking to the right, at first, avoiding eye contact and then looked up and smiled \"Hey, Ollie.\" she said and pushed past him into the house. There was something odd about her this evening, her make up was faded and smeared and her eye liner had began to run a little, then it hit him. She was drunk. \"Hey, umm can I get you a glass of water?\" he asked as kindly as he could, his voice cracked a little.
She turned and shot him a look laced with dark intent and smiled \"No. Come on,\" she said slurring her words a little her usually sophisticated tone of voice quaking \"I want to talk to you.\" she said pointing as if the indication was needed.

They sat, close together almost holding each other. Not looking in the eyes, no for that would require some level of emotion which Joanne just did not have. \"Now, Ollie.\" She began addressing the conversation as a formal, yet friendly, matter of importance. \"I know there are some, lingering feelings towards me,\" she touched his knee and began moving her hand upwards \"but, I have to be honest, they just aren't returned\" she faced him, red lips parted, Ollie was beyond listening to the words she was speaking a well timed trip to bathroom meant there was enough ketamine in him to give the appearance of him being focused, but his mind was a blank canvas. Joanne kissed him on the lips, her hand finding hold on his abdomen. Regaining a semi-clear head he pushed her off \"No, I don't really want to do this...\" but he did.
She kissed him again, regardless of his words. And he submitted, his drug induced mind could only resolve that this is what he wanted. Joanne moved her hands under his t-shirt, her cold hands against his warm skin her mouth and his still linked. She moved her head down to his neck and began kissing there, softly. It tickled a little but it only added to the pleasure.
There was a break from the kissing for a brief moment as she took off his shirt and then it continued, she rand her frozen fingers down his arms and back up again. The exposure to the cold air around him made Ollie shiver. He shook his head and pulled away. \"Joanne, go home.\" he said firmly, frowning.

She left, and Ollie remained half dressed on his couch. Fooled and ashamed, why had he told her to go?


Kate's day was slightly more action packed than the previous three years' worth of days, though the reason for this was a little heartbreaking. She placed James' clothes into the suitcase folded and over lapping, it was winter so she was sure to pack enough warm clothes and double the amount of socks she would usually put in, she knew her husband well enough that when he was cold he would always put on an extra pair.
She pushed the suitcase down and zipped it up, she stood back and smiled at her work. She went downstairs and fed the cat, and sat on the large brown chair in her living room. She began to nod off and slept.

When she awoke it was night and again, James was not home. She was hungry and so prepared a small meal for herself she ate it in darkness not seeing the point in turning on the lights. She finished her meal, let the cat out, undressed and went to be, to sleep again.

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