A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: December 18, 2008

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Submitted: December 18, 2008



Snow fell on the city early in the morning as Ollie was getting ready for work. He pulled on a pair of black trousers, a black shirt and tie and a pair of polished black shoes. He sprayed on some deodorant and grabbed his wallet before stepping into the white sheet. He walked his way to the closest bus stop and waited, lighting up a cigarette and smoking it to pass the time. One turned to three quite quickly as he awaited the bus to arrive.

He stepped on it when it eventually came, but by this time his jacket was soaked and his hair was drenched and slime laden due to the damp hair gel. He sat on one of the maroon seats downstairs and watched as the snow fell outside. His stop came quickly and he got off, crossing the busy road and stepping into the old building that was his place of work, he strolled through the perfume department of the large shopping mall and made his way to the staff room. He threw off his jacket and organized himself, the manager appeared wielding a clipboard. He eyed Ollie up staring him down, Ollie hated to be stared at. \"Hmm, Aitken isn't it?\" the short bald man asked
\"Yes,\" Ollie said, tired as he was he still managed to force a pleasant sounding tone of voice.
\"Hmm, You're in the toy department today... Wear this.\" he pulled out a badge with the store name on it, Ollie accepted and pinned it on his shirt. The short man and Ollie stood silent for a moment, awkwardly staring at one an other, each unwilling to break the meeting. \"I think I'll get some coffee\" Ollie said tearing himself away from the manager and walking over to the kettle.

Once he had finished he made his way to the basement floor where the toy department was, he went in behind the main desk and waited for the store to open for the customers. The toy department this close to Christmas was usually bedlam. He heard footsteps, a fellow employee must have been drafted in to the terror shift. He smiled.
Hannah was a close figure to Ollie. She acted like the the older sister he would of preferred. She too smiled at Ollie as she came down the stairs.
\"Good Morning, boy,\" she said holding a mug of warm fruit juice in her hand \"Been here long?\"
\"Nah, baldy just sentenced me here about ten minutes ago... Christ I hate working down here\"
\"Still better working with Barbies that don't talk...\" she said referring to the women that worked on the various perfume counters upstairs, they had a fairly fake way about them. If Hannah was anything, feminine it was not. She still had a lady like air around her, it was her lack of girlish manners that attracted Ollie to her. He valued her companionship.

The crowds poured in by the masses and Ollie and Hannah were flooded with questions on what present to buy. The horde refused to thin out over time and Hannah was forced to call in reinforcements. Management, however, was slow to send them in but Mike and an other unnamed coworker came marching just in time to meet the next wave of afternoon shoppers.
A lunch break became valid and Ollie and Hannah retreated to the staff room. Ollie filled her in on his encounters with Joanne over a cup of tea. \"Oh, god. Ollie how can you let her walk over you like that?\" Hannah asked with a tone of clear sympathy. \"Look, I know you love her and everything but, frankly, she's evil. If you really want to try and get back together with her just, be careful okay?\"
She understood him, Mike tended to be a little dismissive of the idea of love. Hannah on the other time knew to include such a detail into her reassurances.


Kate watched the snow from her bedroom window as it drifted downwards in a pale sheet of wonder. Each flake landing gently on her garden plants forming white shells over them. James was gone already and she lay, a little lonely, in her bed wishing for the day to pass. Her mobile lay beside her in James' place but it did not provide suitable company.
She thought about Ollie, and wondered what he would be doing. She lifted her phone to text him and risk a meeting, but decided against it.
She got up and prepared a breakfast for one, corn flakes. She flicked on the TV and watched the morning television.

Eventually the tension of isolation caved in on her and she phoned her new found male companion.

Ollie, Kate here. Care to meet same place?

She edited it a thousand times and sent it on, hoping for a cure to her boredom.

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