A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: December 22, 2008

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Submitted: December 22, 2008



It was late now, far beyond the realms of mortal timing and Ollie and Kate walked along the dark, sodden streets each on their own trek home. Ollie, with burning in his chest for a helpful line of of his favorite substance, trudged on with Kate hung, drunk, upon one of his shoulders.
\"I... Think the last one did it\" she slurred, Ollie laughed.
\"Not the six before that then?\"

The neared Ollie's apartment and he stared at his two priorities, Kate could not make it home in the condition she was in and he was pretty desperate for those drugs. \"Okay, Kate. I'm gonna go upstairs and call you a taxi okay?\" Kate only nodded vigorously. The entered his house together and he sat her on one of the couches in the living room.
He battled with himself for a moment which to do first, call the taxi or feed his addiction. He opted to do his part for his friend, the last thing he needed was a sour trip half way through a phone conversation. He dialed up, gave his address and Kate's name and hung up. He went into the kitchen, got Kate a glass of water and snorted some Ket.

They sat together on the couch, the taxi was now closing in on a half hour late. Kate, half asleep on Ollie had suggested she would just stay where she was for the night. Ollie did not exactly agree, the shadows on the walls were dancing in such a peculiar way that he only smiled and gave an inaudible noise as an answer. Kate was now sobering up, and still had no intention of leaving.
They put on an old DVD, something Ollie was unsure as to how it made its way into his collection, but something enjoyable.

Halfway through the film Kate yawned, and in a small broken voice said \"Ollie?\" in return her host gave a friendly \"Hmm?\" in return.
\"Ollie, do you- well are you afraid, of being alone?\" The question struck, Ollie hard. However before he even answered she spoke again \"I am... I mean, sometimes I just stop and try and think what's going on. I'm happy with James but the more I think about how little I even see him these days-\"
Ollie touched her arm with affection and smiled \"Yeah. I know what you mean.\"
The pair gazed into each others eyes. Kate moved her head closer to Ollies, but in shock he drew back.
\"My god!\" she said quickly \"I-I have no idea what came over me, I'm so-\" he cut he short again this time by kissing her gently on the lips. The excitement hit both of them at the same time.

For Ollie, this was him and Joanne together again. Like the way they were in the earlier days.
For Kate this was James before work had higher standing over his wife. There was passion in this kiss.

And then, almost at the same time, both sets of lips pulled apart in terror. Kate only sat there, blue eyes wide with shock. Ollie's jaw hung open a little, flabbergasted at what had just transpired. Kate pulled her things together, \"I think I will leave now, Ollie. I'll phone you soon okay?\"
\"Yeah, of course!\" the pair spoke in rushed manners, she wanted to be out the door as soon as possible and he wanted her out.


Kate, shook with excitement and shame as soon as she hit the safe haven of her own bed. She closed her eyes tightly. The journey home was a mystery, all she knew was that she and Ollie had kissed, and she was not at all concerned about James. At the same time she screamed to herself. How could she let it happen? How could she do that to James? Why, why why?!
She sighed and relaxed, and hoped morning would bring answers.


Ollie was pacing in his kitchen, why did he do that? Was he an idiot? He enjoyed the kiss but she was married! He took an other line to clear his head, but the thoughts only grew and grew inside him.
\"She's married and you kissed her!\" he scolded himself
\"But she tried it first!\" He answered
\"So what, we are children now? Is that how adults deal with things?\"
\"Shut up! You don't even know me-\"
He cut himself short, aware just how crazy the drugs had made him sound. He went to his bedroom and lay down. Tonight, there would be no nightmares.

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