A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 02, 2009



Kate made her bed in the usual pristine way eliminating any crease or unwanted fold. She looked at the half empty bed, and how cold one side must be without its occupant. She sighed a sigh of shame and longing. Shame for more than one reason, all things involving the black haired, green eyed man she could not get out of her head and longing for the person she was closest to feeling true love for. She found herself in a conflict of interest, James was her husband, her lover, her friend they had stories that would make a soapy romance movie come to life... And Ollie was just a mysterious stranger that she knew nothing about. She could feel it in her, a strange bubbling feeling that may well develop something more terrible. Would she tell James? Or keep it a secret. In all the years of their relations, Kate had never kept anything from him, would something like this even mar her union?

She reached under her bed and pulled out a small tin, in it held everything she had deemed important enough to keep forever. In it was a series of dated photos, her and James on their first date, James in a pair of swimming shorts on their first holiday together and their wedding photo. She looked at herself, she was slimmer in this photo. Memories of intense dieting preluding to her wedding came back to her, she chuckled. Under the photos was a note from James, one of many that were either lost of misplaced over the years. It was dated, like most things James signed, a week before his proposal. She read it aloud:


We have been together a very long time now, and I hope you know I still love you as much as I did when we first met. I want you to know that I can't write down exactly how I feel, because then they would just be words on a page.
I have never met anyone quite like you. You laugh off anything that causes you harm and giggle through things that make you happy (which is great because you have the most beautiful laugh). I can't see myself eating any other person's cooking, you know I'm too lazy to make my own too!
I love you Kate, and always will,

She read it again and again. At last she packed the photos and the note away and secreted it under her bed again. She went down stairs and was comforted by her furry companion. Her gray and white cat, Mipsy. It was unusual for her to show affection, but in situations like this she was always there by Kate's side.

When she was younger Kate had an imaginary friend, she told her everything. However age and rational thinking came over her, but the need for a figure that Kate knew for certain would never judge her on her wrong doings remained and the Cats took their place. She began caressing the soft, short fur and felt the vibrations of the cat's purr. She filled Mipsy in on the night before, every detail, trying to exclude any bias she may have. The cat did not respond but continued to purr. \"I love James, and I know he loves me too. But, I'm getting feeling for Ollie and I don't want that! I can't, I won't!\"
The purring continued.
\"I'm afraid, I don't want to hurt either of them. James will be heart broken if he knew I loved an other and I can't be around Ollie without getting these feelings\"
No response.
\"Maybe its just a fling, yeah I'll get over it... Or why not I arrange a double date? Me and James, Ollie and his Girlfriend... God I didn't even think about her...\"
Mipsy rolled on her belly and stood up, walking off to find a quieter place to sleep.

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