A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009



The town was busy now, with Christmas exactly seven days away people were swarming like locust grabbing what they could and taking it to their destinations. Children and their parents were queued up for miles waiting for their turn on one of the gigantic fairground machines, and the prospect of rain was weighing down on anyone older than seven. Joanne marched through the streets as if it were rightfully hers, two of her friends followed.
\"Will you two hurry up? The shops will be closing in less than an hour and I still have to get a new pair of shoes.\" She said scowling at her companions, or cronies depending on how well one knew the trio. Laura, who was perhaps a little more brawny than most females winding their way through the city center, only scowled back \"Yeah, and when are we going to where we want?\" she tossed back some of her peroxide blonde hair, improving her vision.
\"Well, we hardly have time for you. Sorry, come back up tomorrow.\" Joanne was a persistent one when it came to anything taking shoe form.

After buying the delightful pair of reduced priced heels, Joanne was thirsty. She marched herself, and her friends to the nearest cafe and as a treat, bought the first round of coffees. \"Well we got there just in time didn't we?\" she said beaming.
\"Yeah,\" Laura said sipping her drink and twirling the spoon provided in her other hand. Laura was shockingly not what she appeared, at first glance one may take her as an unintelligent woman with a mean streak, however she was of course very clever with a mean streak and even her oldest friends forgot this at times. \"Good you got something too,\" she said smiling at the third, Hannah.
Hannah was Ollie's original intended, through various twists, turns and lies from a very close friend she decided against him. She was one of those, empty shell people. Those that lack enough personality or originality to make their own minds up on matters, to many she was good old reliable Hannah. She smiled and lifted up a plastic carrier bag and removed the shoe box and looked in, a pair of black night shoes sat snug in a beg of thin paper.
\"I still don't know why you got them Hannah,\" Jo snidely stated, taking an alarmingly large gulp from her mug.
\"Well, I liked them... And I'm going out with work tomorrow, so...\" she smiled, an empty smile and put the box away, perhaps personality was not what Hannah lacked it was very possible it was simply enough confidence to argue against tyrant people like Joanne.

The entrance bells chimed and Joanne turned around out of curiosity to see who had entered. Just a woman. Joanne followed her with her eyes to one of the provided couches, she watched as she removed her hat and jacket and scowled \"Why do people grow their hair to such awful lengths?\" she eyed up the woman as she bought a hot chocolate and walked back to the couch where she left her belongings.

Minutes passed, and Joanne had long forgotten the blonde woman that had entered previously, when the bells chimed again. This time Joanne's mouth curled up forming a smile at the new arrival to the cafe.

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