A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 12, 2009



Ollie found himself unsure how to compose himself in this situation. Kate and he had pulled up chairs to sit beside the trio of women. Kate and Jo appeared to get on quite well, much to Ollie's surprise. Two women less alike would be hard to come by. They laughed together about recent events on the celebrity scene. Hannah and Laura spoke to one an other, and Ollie found himself staring into his coffee.

\"... Ollie I'm talking to you.\" Joanne prompted him out of his daydream, with a stern tone.
\"Hmm, sorry what did you say?\" he looked up from his drink to face the four females staring at him.
\"Deaf as a board in his moods,\" Jo half mocked directing the statement to Kate \"I was telling Kathy about that sweet valentines day last year. Tell her what you got me again.\"
Ollie rolled his eyes \"Socks...\"
Jo laughed a little \"He's so adorable.\" She smiled, sending a shiver up Ollie's spine.

Kate was sure this was an other Joanne to the one Ollie was in a relationship with. For a start this woman seemed unable to spell Ollie's full name let alone be able to form a serious relationship with anything more complex than herself. Secondly she seemed more fascinated with herself than anything else, and from what she had gathered from some of Ollie's previous statements, he hated people like that.
Still first impressions were often wrong for Kate. Her two friends seemed a bit quiet, probably just the same as her. Kate shut down half way through the conversation, nodding when Jo nodded, laughing when she laughed. Kate hoped to herself her acting was not as bad as the conversation she was being forced to endure.
\"Socks...\" came Ollie's voice, pulling her from her trance.
Jo said something, too quickly for Kate to grasp it. Did she just say adorable?
\"Oh yeah, what were they like?\" She asked feigning some form of interest. Ollie blushed.
\"Blue weren't they, Ollie?\"
\"Yes... I think so.\"

Conversation dragged on carrying no more essence than a deflated balloon. \"And so, your married?\" came a soft, high toned, voice. Noticing it came to the one introduced as Hanna, Kate smiled, \"Yes, three years now.\" she said smiling and turning her ring.
\"Thats sweet, where is your husband now then?\" Hanna questioned.
\"Oh well, he's working in Germany at the moment. He'll be back for Christmas\" Kate smiled again, feeling her cheeks hurt.
\"And while he's gone you've adopted little Ollie?\" Came Joanne's drone.
\"Excuse me?\" Kate asked, almost a little annoyed.
\"Oh I'm kidding, I know your wouldn't try anything with my Ollie.\"
Ollie looked at Jo \"Aren't we separated just now?\"
\"No, silly. I thought we made that clear the other night.\"
\"Oh...\" Ollie smiled, a little pleased he had it confirmed he and Jo were a couple again.
\"I was thinking that, Myself and James, Ollie and Yourself should have dinner one night?\" Kate risked.
\"I'm not too sure-\" Ollie started.
\"That would be lovely,\" Jo finished.

Jo and her followers left before Kate and Ollie, leaving the pair with a particularly messy table.
\"Double date eh?\" Ollie said casting a clearly agitated smile.
\"Come on it will be fun, you and James would get along just fine.\"
Ollie nodded \"Yeah I guess so, You and Jo got on.\"
\"Yeah, she's... Lovely\" Kate lied.
\"For now...\"

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