A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 19, 2009



Kate got home and sighed with mild relief that things were not too awkward with Ollie, it had been difficult to discuss things with him, what with that pretentious woman Joanne there. She put her out of her mind and Ollie with her, she had called Claire earlier and invited her around for dinner and she knew Tasha would come with her.

She set about preparing a simple meal, a pasta dish she could make blind folded. She boiled some water, put the dry shells in and stirred occasionally. While that was happening she chopped some chicken, fried it quickly with some onions and bacon, she put a pizza in the oven for good measure and simply waited it out. She just pulled the pizza out when the door knocked.
It was Tasha, unaccompanied. This was not unusual, the pair usually arrived in this order. Luckily Kate prepared soup, to tide them over until Claire's delayed appearance. Tasha was in a long standing relationship with a man Kate had only met once or twice. She rarely talked about him in social conversation, only mentioning him when asked about him. She was a quiet sort of person, loud enough to form decent conversation but still, quiet.

\"So, when does James come back?\" Tasha asked placing her empty bowl to one side,
\"Next week I think, if he doesn't get delayed.\"
\"Yeah, does it bother you? How he's always working?\" Tasha hazarded.
Kate paused and replied \"Not at all, he has to work. I mean, he needs to support us both.\"
\"Yeah, I suppose.\" Tasha smiled and picked up her bowl and took them both into the kitchen, Kate followed.

Claire arrived in time for the main course, while it was still warm enough to eat. She was dressed up, perhaps a little too flashy for a night in. A bright coloured t-shirt, a short skirt and high boots, hardly winter wear but if a cold was the price of looking good Claire would risk that.
Claire had a few 'boyfriends', or at least had a few male friends who occupied a lot of her calendar space. Her wish to commit was equal to her wish to dress practically. Her last boyfriend was a waste of time, he was not like Claire in the least. Kate never liked him at all, it took a while for Claire to recover from their rather dramatic break up but she did, eventually. Though perhaps not the way Kate would have, pouring a large glass cheap beer over him and his latest target was probably the closest thing Claire had got to a mush break up.

\"Wow, this is great.\" Claire said between forkfuls of pasta.
\"Thank you, I got the recipe off Moira,\" Tasha and Claire exchanged grim glances.
\"She is my mother in law...\" Kate reminded them scornfully.
\"Did she have rat poison in the original?\" Claire asked.
\"Yeah, Kathy... She doesn't like you much does she?\" Tasha, was the only person that Kate allowed to call her 'Kathy' and she was right, James' mother didn't really like her but Kate often chose to ignore that.
\"She does a bit though\" Kate said smiling,
\"No chance...\" Claire said,

The three and Moira had met at the wedding after a rather rude remark on the choice of colours for the bride's maids dresses Claire practically had to be held back, seeing as she was wearing the insulted garments.

\"Anyway, she is coming over here for Christmas this year, so be nice to her.\" Kate said pointing her fork.

When the two other women left the house, after two bottles of wine, Kate set about clearing up the kitchen. Placing each plate in the dish washer as carefully as she could. She picked up the bottle of wine they had been drinking from most recently and opened the back door to place it in the recycling bucket. At that moment three things happened that lead to Kate's injury; Mipsy bolted in tail flourished resulting from a fight causing her to stagger; her phone vibrated in her pocket, scaring her a little and finally her shoeless foot caught some ice, sending her falling.
She was okay, a little dazed from the fall. She felt a warm tingle on her hand, and gasped at what she saw. The bottle she was holding had shattered, the main bulk of the bottle was scattered in her radius where as some smaller fragments were embedded in her hand making a large slash glisten a slight green.
She remained calm, if a little ill as she bandaged up her hand. She picked up the remaining shards and placed them in the bin, scolded her cat and checked her phone to see who had cost her some blood.
She smiled, perhaps it had been worth the injury after all. She closed the the message and smiled. James always had that effect on her.

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