A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: January 26, 2009

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Submitted: January 26, 2009



The calender on her wall told Kate that it was the twenty third of December, James would be home tomorrow. He phoned her to confirm he would be back, at around seven in the evening. For now though she would battle her way through her drudgery, today she and Ollie had arranged a drink in their usual cafe. Joanne may be there, nothing was certain with her. Although she had now met her on occasion something still bugged Kate about her.

Oh she was pleasant enough, filled with compliments. But something lurked in her, deep down inside, that was venomous and malicious. Or perhaps Kate was simply envious of her, envious that she held the heart of the most tender and warm person she had met since her own husband.
Kate peeked under her bandaged up hand and winced at the dark gash on her hand. She visited the Doctor, who praised her on her quick reactions in cleaning the wound, he supplied her with some antibiotics in the instance that the wound became infected. So far it hadn't.

She applied her lip stick and picked up her hand bag and walked out the door. She got in her car and turned on the radio, a slow romantic like song played straight away. She sighed and reversed, keeping the song playing. She drummed on the steering wheel, not to any particular beat, but more her own. The pressure on her injured hand sent sharp strikes of pain up her arm. She probably should of walked, but she just didn't have the energy for it.

Eventually she arrived at the part of town she had intended to park, she dropped her coins into the parking meter and walked the extra ten seconds to the entrance to the cafe, she peered around and saw Ollie, sitting alone, waving at her.
\"Sorry I'm late, I decided to drive.\" she apologised.
\"Oh thats fine, didn't realise\" he laughed.
\"So, where's Jo today then?\" she faked interest.
\"Oh she's off with her friends again, not sure what they're up to though.\"

The pair changed the subject mutually with no lingering awkwardness, Ollie peered down looking at Kate's bandaged hand.
\"So did you go to get that checked?\"
\"Yeah the Doctor told me I'd be fine... No losing limbs for me\" she laughed the same almost strained laugh Ollie witnessed most of the time, and as usual he could only smile back.

There was a fragility to Kate that Ollie noticed a lot, he wondered if she noticed his and doubted it.

\"Anything planned after this then?\" Ollie asked smiling,
\"Gosh, I need to clean the house, James is home tomorrow and the place is a tip...\"
\"Oh is he? Great.\"
\"I'd love for you two to meet up, after christmas obviously.\" Kate smiled again.
\"That would be cool, love to meet the guy.\"

The pair finished their coffees and departed from one an other, Ollie returned to work and Kate to her home.

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