A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 05, 2009



Kate sat at the cafe in the Airport sipping what was left at the bottom of her third coffee of the day. It was six thirteen according to the digital clock provided with the plane time tables, James would be arriving in twenty minutes.
She closed her eyes and imagined the possible scene, he'd come out rolling his suitcase behind him then she'd run up to him and wrap her arm around him, kissing him. And then the end credits would roll along to some song in which the words \"Love\" and \"Happy\" were repeated. In all honesty, Kate would never indulge in such a public display of affection and neither would James. It was just one of their unspoken agreements. At home anything goes, in public there are limits. It didn't mean they were any less in love, did it?

As Kate smiled as the people that weren't her husband make their way into the main terminal se grew more and more anxious to see James. Eventually he appeared, scruffy brown hair, red hooded top and blue jeans, trudging his green plastic case as though it weighed five tons. He noticed her and grinned she returned the gesture.
\"Morning Handsome\" Kate said giving her husband a friendly cuddle as he came close.
\"Yeah,\" he yawned \"Morning.\" He continued to look around almost totally oblivious to the woman standing before him.
He grinned as a red haired woman came, walking elegantly into the terminal with a fabric suitcase rolling along with her in one hand and a black handbag in the other, she was dressed in a black suit jacket and a white shirt with an almost navy blue skirt to match.
\"Kate you've met Eva right?\" James asked as the woman parked herself beside the pair.
\"No I don't believe I have,\" she returned extending a hand to the woman.
\"Such a shame, James just hasn't shut up about you love.\" said the woman with a twinge of English in her accent. Kate adopted the term Scotlish off Ollie, a term he used to describe either Scottish people with slightly english accents or Scottish people with what he deemed English mannerisms. This woman was certainly Scotlish on both accounts.

Eva was James' business 'partner' for this journey. As the trio sat in the airport cafe they retold their encounters with the German Businessmen and women and all the various wild stunts they got up to while overseas, which in Kate's honest opinion was not at all crazy.
\"So Kate, what line of work are you in?\" Eva asked putting emphasis on the 'you'.
\"Actually I'm unemployed,\" Kate responded
\"Hmm, why's that? More jobs than people if you have the know how and where, love.\" The red haired woman told her seriously.
\"Actually, I prefer staying at home...\" And that was the end of the conversation.

The drive home was one with out Eva, or much conversation. James snored lightly to himself in the passenger seat as Kate drove home. \"So, your mum phoned... Said she's coming for Christmas again this year.\" Kate said to the half asleep Husband.
\"She reminded me 'Not tae overcook tha' terky'\" Kate copied Moira's accent as best she could.
James stifled a laugh.

Hours later, once James was cleaned and dinner was ready the pair sat facing each other over the table. \"Kate...\" James' said in a tone Kate was only too used to,
\"Yes?\" She responded already aware of what was about to be said.
\"Eva and I have been invited to a conference in London in January...\"
\"That sounds exciting, you haven't been to London have you?\" Kate tried to act nonchalant,
\"No... So is that okay?\"
\"Of course James' I'm not you babysitter\" Kate smiled warmly \"I know you have to work and I'll just hang out with Claire and Tash.\"
\"Yeah Thats great.\"
There was a silence, \"You know I miss not having you around James\" Kate sniffed back a few dry tears.
\"Yeah... I don't have to worry about you... Do I Kate?\"
\"Only if you want to....\"

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