A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Ollie's eyelids flickered open in the dim morning light of his bedroom. He rolled over onto his back and exhaled deeply, it was Christmas wasn't it? He stepped out of bed with a reluctant twist and waded over the various items of clothing littering the floor and made his way to the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of water and drank slowly. Plans had been made for today, Jenna and Erin were coming up in the afternoon and Joanne was coming later on.

Turkey dinner, cranberry sauce and boughs of Holly would not be seen in the kitchen. Erin would probably bring something, a cake perhaps. She had dreams of becoming a chef, and it seemed likely. Ollie considered ordering in a Pizza.
He then made his way into the living room and examined his bitter excuse for a christmas tree. Actually it was quite nice, a plastic imitation tree with tinsel and baubles tossed over it at odd areas almost covering its four foot mass. It just had a melancholy about it, like a school without children.

Ollie ran his fingers through his dark hair and stared out of the window onto the road below, the usually busy street was almost entirely deserted save a few robins daring to venture out. He pulled on a red t-shirt and a black shirt over it. He gelled his hair in it's usual way and brushed his teeth. He went over the the two christmas presents under the small tree, one from Mike and Stevo and the other from Hannah. He unwrapped Mike and Stevo's first knowing it would likely just be some small joke gift. He was right, a \"Grow your own wife\" kit. Ollie gave a stifled laugh and put it aside, Hannah's gift would likely be more thought provoking. Correct again, a manga art book. He vaguely recalled telling her he liked the cartoon style.

He flicked through the pages for a while and attempted to water his new spouse, and the doorbell went. He got up and rubbed off some of the dust that had gathered on his lap while he was sitting down. He answered the door, and as he assumed two grinning brow haired girls stood there with presents piled high.


Kate opened her eyes, James had shaken her out of her sleep and he now loomed over her, smiling with a tray of pancakes and chocolates. \"Merry Christmas, love.\" he kissed her on the lips and rolled back over onto his side of the bed.
He hadn't yet changed into his lounging clothes, all he wore was his penguin printed boxer shorts that Kate had bought him the previous year. Kate smiled and ate her breakfast,
\"What time where you up?\" she asked.
\"Six? maybe Half past.\" He replied, Kate checked the clock beside her. It was eight.

After breakfast they made their way to the Living room, a large tree stood in the corner well decorated. Kate and James had done it up together prior to his leaving for Germany and beneath it sat a number of presents for each of them.
The sieved their way through the presents, nothing of real interest. A few dresses for Kate and Socks for James.

Kate began to busy herself in the kitchen, glazing the turkey and so on. She was used to doing meals like this. Moira was a hard woman to please, even harder still considering she detested Kate for being the unambitious trollop that stole her son for any real success. She had never said this but it was always implied. The phone rang in the living room as James sat watching Scourged in his new pyjamas Kate had bought him. He answered and muffled words indicated that Moira was lost, again but would try to be on time.

Several minutes later, the door went and Kate answered, having completed the most of her tasks so far. And surely enough she was there, empty handed.

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