A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

Submitted: March 10, 2009

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Submitted: March 10, 2009



Ollie helped his sisters with their burdens and sat them down in the living room, their grins never left their faces. They began bombarding him with questions, how was your day, how have you been, have you spoken to mum lately? These were the questions they asked every time they met. It must be hard for them, essentially being in the middle of the conflict between their father and their brother. Actually it was safe to assume Erin had no idea, the fall out happened before she could really understand what was going on. All she knew is that Ollie and their father never talked, and that to mention either in the other's presence would bring on the darkest and most sinister of silences.

Jenna pushed three large wrapped boxes his way and Ollie opened them with care, a Blender, a toaster and a novelty alarm clock all from his Aunt Ella. Erin handed him a small, thin, rectangular present wrapped up and a larger box shaped one. The smaller one was a framed picture of a young boy on an ancient three wheeled bike, some time in the past ages with a pair of legs (presumably his father's) in the background. The boy had long floppy black hair and huge green eyes almost resembling an owl's it took no time for Ollie to remember the exact moment the picture was taken. Written in red pen at the left hand corner was \"To the Best Boy,\" it was his mother's handwriting.
The slightly larger box was filled with small styrofoam chunks and nestled amidst them was a small clay figurine of a dinosaur emerging from it's egg. A stray tear dropped off Ollie's chin, neither of his sisters had noticed. This small figurine of a dinosaur emerging from it's egg was a gift from his father a very long time ago.

Olivia Aitken, the mother of Oliver, Jennifer and Erin Aitken, had been the worst effected by the war between the two males that meant the most to her. Her son, Ollie, had committed no horrendous crime but an ill act against her husband at the age of fifteen. Her husband, had packed her son's bags before she could even beg him to stop. She crawled within herself and spent most of her days looking at photographs of earlier days, the ones that meant a lot to her she would send to her son. She never visited him, she never spoke to him... And she could not for the length of herself think why.

Oblivious to his sadness Erin grinned and lifted an other gift \"This one's from me\" she beamed holding it out to him, he unwrapped it and smiled, an other shirt to add to his little collection. Jenna too handed him a gift, a medium sized bottle of after shave. These were routine gifts, where would one be without after shave and shirts?

Luckily for Ollie, Erin had anticipated his lack of effort to buy food and had prepared a very basic christmas dinner and had brought it in small plastic containers. They ate, and once they had finished his two sisters left with a kiss on the cheek and a merry christmas. Erin grinned, and threw in \"And if I don't see you, Happy New Year\" and waved as she walked off.

After half an hour of playing around with his new toys, making various messy drinks with the blender, the door bell sounded. As he opened the door he expected to see Joanne, but standing, soaked, at the doorway, was Kate.

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