A Lack of Colour

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Submitted: December 12, 2008

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Submitted: December 12, 2008



Ollie awoke in a cold sweat clawing at dream visions and gasping for air. The dream had been wild, but he was used to them now. He waded into his now clean hall way, avoiding the cardboard boxes containing miscellaneous bits-and-bobs for the charity shops, and entered his kitchen. Taking two paracetamols from their plastic cases and putting them in his mouth, the dusty taste making his taste bubs writhe. He then filled a dirty glass from the tap and swallowed them reaping the benifets of the cold water instantly, the pharmaceuticals would take their time.
It was a Sunday morning, and his routine for this day followed the same as every other, wake up, shower, bum around and then sleep. On the off chance he may buy a paper, but his ventures into the outside world were few and unpleasurable, everything was to him these days. Though he did try to persist.

After a few hours of watching the day time TV, Ollie decided to get washed and ready for the next day of doing nothing. He turned the wheel of his shower activating the device, cold water rained from the head and cracked on the plastic floor beneath, Ollie waited for a few minutes sitting on the toilet seat until the water warmed, he slid off his clothes and stood in, closing the frosted screen.
It was when he stood, naked cleansed in water with such small boundries that Ollie felt the most comfortable. If he found peace anywhere off drugs it was in this narrow, cramped chamber that he called his own. His long dark hair, soaked, grabbed his face as the warm water dripped off each individual strand. He plucked the Lynx shower gel from it's stand and applied, the cleansing process continued. He ran his suddy fingers through his hair and the loud thud of liquid soap falling from six feet echoed through the small box, the crashing of the water continued
Then stopped. He stepped out, wrapped a towel around his lower half and, almost like a King would as he stepped toward the balcony to greet his people, made his way over to the sink. Clutching either side of the grey plastic basin he stared into the mirrior above. Staring at himself intently he noticed a slight change in his face, early mornings and late nights had formed dark bags under his eyes, a lack of shaving had caused some wild stubble and generally he appeared a little rough. Through bloodshot eyes he scouted for a razer, and found one in the usual place. He then located the shaving cream and applied it generously over his face, he carried out the process with delicate precision. He found it strange how such a small daily act could prove fatal, or at least very painfull.

Once shaved he got dressed, first unwinding the towel and once again standing unadorned in any garment. He stretched and went into his first drawer and pulled out a pair of white Calvin Kleins and pulled them one, adjusting himself with care and then found a pair of socks. He pulled on a pair of almost unworn jeans and a tee-shirt he liked. He rolled on some Lynx and exited his apartment for his news paper


Kate awoke to find James lying beside her, still asleep. She got out of bed and checked herself in the full body lengthed mirror. Night old make up cracked on her face and what was, the night before, a particularly note worthy hair style was now a bush of blonde hair standing at awkward angles. Wearing only one of Jame's old shirts and her undearwear, she was not the glamerous housewife she signed up to be. She washed, leaving the shower power on low as not to wake her Husband, and got dressed ashamed to be nude infront of her lover. She pulled on a pair of denims and a patterned T-shirt and went down stairs to prepare breakfast. Eggs, toast and, hey why not, some freshly squeezed OJ sided with a fruit salad an almond croissant. She was quick about this practice, but not hasty. She placed the various plates and cups onto a tray and carried it upstairs, slowly up the stairs she went never dropping a bead of juice.
She placed the tray on her bedside desk when she entered her room and gave James a light shake, he awoke and smiled at his wife, she kissed him on the cheek, \"Breakfast, James.\"
\"Hmm? What time is it?\" he said pulling himself to a sitting position.
\"Ten, Half ten maybe?\" Kate said taking a sip of fresh orange.
\"Oh, I've only been in bed seven hours...\" James rubbed his sleepy eyes and smiled as he picked up a croissant and began to eat \"Sorry about last night, the office was horrible.\"
Kate only smiled again and shook her head \"No, its okay... I went out, with the girls.\"
\"Oh... Thats cool...\" James said slowly drifting back asleep,
\"Well, I'll leave your breakfast here and you can get some more sleep\" she rubbed his hair and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek again. She went down stairs again, tossed on her jacket and a pair of shoes and walked off to the shops.


Ollie walked around the supermarket grabbing what he thought he needed at random, onions, carrots, newspapers. That was the thing that annoyed Ollie about food shopping, you go in for one thing and end up buying an entire farm's produce, but he enjoyed it once he had got into the rhythme. He carried his basket to the till and waited in line.


Kate wheeled her cart around the supermarket picking up everything she had written down on her list, she loved zooming around the isles browsing all the food and snatching all the best bargains. Personally she always went for quality over cost but sometimes, when feeling daring, she would pick something a little less expensive. She picked up a bag of potatoes, and tossed it in. She rolled her cart up to the queue and waited. The man in front of her turned around, and gave her a friendly smile, she smiled back and gave an awkward \"Morning.\"
The man was fairly handsome, dark haired with olive skin. He looked a little sickly but who didn't during the winter months? He moved up in the queue and started placing his items on the conveyer belt. He paid for his products and turned again, smiling.


Ollie carried his bags away from the till and smiled at the blonde haired woman again, she seemed nice. Probably a young mother, she had that kind of smile. He was kicking himself for being so rude, he should of returned the greeting.
Her blonde hair, pale skin and rosy cheeks stayed with him for a bit, and then he compared her to Joanne, and left the Supermarket.

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