A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 13, 2008



Kate sat, relaxing her head on a closed fist at the small boothe in the pub, Chris and James were slowly drinking their beers and she, the sole female at the table, was already on her third gin and tonic. She nodded at the conversation her husband was having with their companion.
Chris went to James' university and had dated one of Kate's friends at a party one evening he had introduced the two and they had clicked ever since. Chris was at least a year older than James but appeared many more years his senior, for a start James had thick yet well tamed brown hair where as what was left of Chris' was thin and greying. Kate was steadly working her way through her fourth drink when she shot up at the loud bang of the pub door being opened with too much force, she glared at the new arivals. Three young men, around her own age. One was clearly far more drunk than the others, a sandy blonde haired man with a goatee styled beard, the other two were less drunk. The most sober of the three was a dark haired man she felt she recognised, it began to claw at her, where had she met him before?

Ollie sighed as Mike pushed the door open with a little too much pressure than was required, because of him they were forced to leave the bar they were in previously, as it was still early they decided they may aswell attempt a pub-hop. They sat down at the bar and ordered their beers, Stevo payed. Believing himself to be somewhat above the other two finanically he often obliged himself in paying for most of the drinks. Ollie never refused, debts built up for him very easily. University tution fees, a habit of twenty cigarettes a day and of course his Ket addiction meant that when he was hard for money he was very rarely able to pay up quickly enough to escape more debt.
Ollie began sipping his drink and gazed around at all the new faces in the lounge, as his eyes passed a blonde woman in, what would be a rough guess, her late twenties he felt a spark of familiarity. But who was she?

After many more beers Ollie found himself in a heavy position, weighed down by alcohol he turned his head to his two worse off companions and smiled. \"Ol-Oliver...\" Stevo said with one hand in his pocket reaching for something \"Y-You are a very good... Friend of mine... So I want you... To have this\" He pulled out a twenty pound note and shoved it in Ollie's direction.
\"Steve, don't\" Ollie said shaking his head.
\"Naw, naw. You need it...\" He forced Ollie's hand and pushed it in, unwillingly he accepted and finished his beer. He then jumped off his bar stool and walked outside to enjoy a cigarette.

Kate was growing tired of giving her opinions on child obesity in the UK, she had learned enough studying psychology to know that when in her position it was healthier just to ignore the problem. \"What I am saying James is that although the statistics suggest an increase by 2012 I can honestly say, and I should know in my line of work, that it just doesn't seem likely\"
\"I understand but you have to admit that the statistics also said that there would be a short de-\"
\"I'm going out for a cigarette\" Kate said interupting, James shook his head disaprovingly. She gave him a light peck on the cheek \"I promise to try and stop tomorow, dear.\"
She sauntered out of the pub and into the cold. When there she saw the, handsome, dark haired man she felt she knew already half way through a cigarette of his own. \"Sorry, do you have a lighter?\" Kate asked holding her unlit cigarette inbetween her two fingers.
\"Oh, yeah, sure...\" Ollie said reaching into his coat pocket, Kate lit hers and returned the lighter.
\"Cold tonight isn't it\" he said rubbing his arms.
\"Yeah... Chilly. Hey, I know this will sound a bit strange but do I know you?\" Kate risked the question.
\"Yeah, well you look familiar.\" The man squinted his eyes \"Were you not in the shops this afternoon?\"

The woman clicked her fingers, \"Thats it.\" she said smiling, \"Well nice to see you again, small world\"
Ollie didn't quite want to point out that, as she used both the supermarket only ten minutes away and this particular bar, she likely only lived half an hour away from his flat \"Yeah, tell me about it! Oliver Aitken\" he said extending a hand.
\"Katherine, Katherine Hewer\" she took his hand and shook it \"but please, call me Kate\"
Ollie smiled awkwardly \"I prefer Ollie.\"

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