A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



Ollie finished gift wrapping the customer's purchase and smiled a plastic smile, \"Four pounds, fifty please. Do you have a club card?\" he hated his job... The customer replied in the negative and paid for the goods and left. Closing into Christmas work was always busy, and by the end of the day his cheekbones were searing with agony, he did not mind smiling his teeth were, in his own opinion, his most attractive asset. It was the false smiles that he hated, smiling for the sake of smiling just seemed so pointless. He took a coffee break.

In the Staff Room he prepared his drink and sat in one of the comfy chairs that the managers blessed their drones with. Mike waltzed in beaming, more false smiles. \"Feeling okay today Ollie man?\" he asked pressing down on his shoulders from behind and taking a seat next to him.
\"I'm fine, I was hardly drunk... How 'bout you?\" he sipped his coffee.
\"Fresh as a daisy, say who was Blondie last night? Don't tell me you're over Joanne already, what's it been? Four months?\" Ollie furrowed his brows.
\"Her name's Kate, and she's married...\"
\"Hard luck, mate...\"
\"I barely know her, for a start.\" Ollie said beginning to get agitated, he could see how this debate would go.
\"So? You think I know half the people I sleep with?\"
\"You're an ass hole Mike...\" Mike feigned to be offended and picked up an apple and began to eat loudly.
\"Look you got her number didn't you?\" Ollie nodded, \"Well, then she obviously wants to see you again, give her a text ask to see her after work.\"
\"I'm not so sure...\" Ollie said pulling out his phone, Mike grabbed it.


Kate had only just finished dusting all the nooks and crannies and had sat down to a glass of mulled wine. Sipping it she began to muse over where to clean next, and perhaps her need of a hobby. She went up to her bedroom and began folding clothes and placing them their drawers. She placed various items of laundry into a pile for washing. She picked up a pair of her jeans and took out the contents, her phone included. She slid it open and was greeted with \"1 new Message\" and \"2 missed calls\" both were from the man she had met last night, she redialed the number and put the receiver to her ear. It rang for a while and then he picked up, \"Hey,\" he said cheerfully.
\"Hello, You called?\" she asked continuing her folding and piling.
\"Yeah, sorry, well I was wondering if maybe your not busy we could meet up for coffee? Well after work or what ever... Or maybe not?\"
Kate finished folding one of James' shirts and swapped the phone in her hand, \"Oh, well, sure why not? I have housework to finish up so maybe around four or five?\"
\"Sounds great, do you know the Cafe Nero on Rose Street?\" he asked.
\"I'm sure I could find it...\"
They exchanged their farewells and Kate hung up. She smiled a little to herself, it would be nice to get out of the house.


It was ten past five and Ollie was sitting arms folded with a large hot chocolate in front of him, dressed with whipped cream and marshmallows. He sipped it, and waited for Kate to arrive. Even if she did not he would be pleased. He liked it here, in this cafe, with this particular drink in front of him. The door jingled open and brought a chill with the new customer. Ollie turned in his seat and smiled at the wool covered woman smiling back at him, these were in Ollie's mind two honest smiles. Kate placed her hand bag on the table next to his hot Chocolate. Removed her bobble hat, scarf and gloves and began to unbutton her jacket. \"That looks yummy,\" she said indicating to the drink \"Now that I'm here I know, I've been here before.\" She surveyed the room she was now in and smiled \"I'll be back in a flash, just going to get a cup of tea, and a cake. Want anything?\" Ollie kindly declined and returned to her drink.
She came back and sat down with her tea in one hand and a particularly generous slice of chocolate cake in the other. \"I love cake,\" she admitted \"So, how are you?\"
They traded pleasantries and anecdotes and the minutes turned to half hours quickly.

\"So, Ollie.\" Kate said before sipping her third cup of Earl Grey \"Do you have girlfriend?\" Kate asked with all politeness.
Ollie's face turned from cheerful to brooding in moments \"Well, not anymore...\" he confessed
\"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.\" Ollie reassured her that she had not offended.
\"And anyway I think we are on the mend anyway,\" he grinned and brushed aside his side parted black hair \"How long have you been married then?\" Kate finished her drink and shook herself into answering mode with a scratch of the head \"Three years, its flown by.\" she said with a far off smile.

Closing time came for the cafe and all customers left, including Kate and Ollie. They walked together to the nearest bus stop, and waited together. It was an empty street excluding them. Kate sat, legs folded, on the provided bench smiling to herself. Ollie stood outside with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cigarette. \"I've had fun, Ollie.\" Kate said facing him.
\"Yeah, me too.\" Their eyes met and the pair exchanged a smile again. The bus rolled up and the pair stepped on.

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