A Lack of Colour

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: December 16, 2008

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Submitted: December 16, 2008



Kate smiled at Ollie as she exited the bus, stepping off into the cold weather she pulled her scarf around her. It was not a long walk from the bus stop to her home, she walked and unlocked the door. Or at least attempted to unlock the door, as it was already open. She walked in to see James already home, still in work clothes, boiling some water in a pot and looking at pasta recipes.
\"Oh! You're home. I'm just in, starving. Been out?\" James said smiling with a wooden spoon in one hand, he walked over and kissed her on the cheek \"God you're cold.\"
Kate laughed, \"Yeah, was out with a friend, nice to see you home at a normal time!\"
The couple talked as Kate took over from the cooking and prepared quite a delicious meal, lucky she had bought those olives on impulse yesterday. The pair sat at the the table sharing a bottle of wine as they ate, James smiled over at his wife and continued to eat.
\"Something wrong, James?\" Kate asked holding a loaded fork to one side.
\"Well... Kind of, I have some bad news. You'll hate it but I need to say right off that I am getting a pay rise and a promotion out of it!\" his tone was rushed and apathetic. Kate raised her brows and smiled, \"Go on,\" she said, and ate the contents of her fork.
\"Well, as you know I have been really busy at work and, Head Office want me to do a presentation at a conference... In Berlin...\" He gave an apologetic smile, Kate only smiled back at her spouse.
\"Why would that disappoint me? I mean if its good for you, then its good for me isn't it?\" She smiled again and sipped her wine.
\"I'm so glad you think so!\" James beamed, reached over the table and gave Kate a loving kiss on her cheek.
Kate smiled, and smiled... It helped fight back the lonely tears.


When the bus pulled up at the stop closest to Ollie's house, which was still a fair distance away, it had started to rain. He pulled up his hood and trudged through the forming puddles. He unlocked the front door and made the ascension to his apartment. He walked in and looked around, I should probably do something about these boxes, he thought to himself. He caught a glimpse of a red light on his house phone and looked over and noticed it was shining next to the \"New message\" sign or rather \"'N'w M'ssag\" sign, long conversations bored Ollie and so one Ket enhanced conversation had led him to scratch off all the Es.
He pressed the button to hear the low buzzing that came before the message. It beeped and then came a familiar voice, \"Hey, Ollie. Stopped by guess you must have been out? Anyway I'm stopping by again tomorrow okay?\" Joanne was a demanding presence when she cared to be.

He sat on his sofa and dug out his Ket-pouch. He scratched the white powder off again. He sniffed it up and lay back. He thought about Joanne, her long brown hair, perfect figure... And she appeared in front of him, her sunny looking face. Bright brown eyes screwed in laughter her cherry red lips forming the most beautiful smile one could ever hope to achieve. Then it changed, her eyes opened and her brown eyes were replaced with soft light blue ones. Her straight brown hair lightened and curled, even the lips paled into a sweeter shade of pink and the face staring back at him was that of his earlier companion. Kate smiled the same smile she had when she walked into the cafe earlier that day. Ollie grasped the arm of the chair and squeezed his eyelids together so hard it hurt, when he opened them he was lying on the couch some hours later.

He rolled off the couch, still terrified by the vision or dream or what ever had just happened, and made his way to the kitchen. He poured a glass of water and sat on one of the rarely used seats in the kitchen. He struggled to pull out a cigarette, he struggled further to light it. When he did, he took each draw with a rugged breath. His chest hurt, he should not be smoking but he continued despite the pain.

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