Any Excuse For Adventure

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 27, 2008

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Submitted: December 27, 2008



Brains spent most of the day in what he liked to call his Lab. Really all it was, was the only part of the building that had four walls. In this room he kept the following, One writing utensil, several books he claimed to know to the letter and a collection of stolen magical goods. Yes even though Brains was as intellectual as the best professors in the best of the Education Centers in the best parts of the best cities, he was like the others a down and out thief. Rog hated him with a friendly passion, as the self elected leader of the group he liked to think of himself as the smartest. Luckily Brains rarely ventured far from the \"Lab\".
\"Hey, Brains! What you want me for eh?\" Rog proclaimed pushing aside the gray rag Brains used as a door.
\"Sh, Rog I'm working.\" Brains was staring through his looking tube, it was some magic beyond Rog's comprehension that made small objects appear larger.
\"Well maybe I'll come back when your not so burdened in your work?\" \"No, no. Wait a moment\"
\"Blimey...\" Rog strutted over to where Brains was working and stared over his shoulder, \"What you lookin' at anyway? More beetles, I tell you Brains that kind of work will get you some nasty ailments it will\"
\"No, I'm looking at this dust\" Brains said standing up from the tube and offering it to Rog.
\"Corr, how do you lead such an exciting life? Blimey, thats dust?!\" what Rog saw through the tube was a dancing spiral of various shades of blue and purple.
\"I found it on some of the bricks, I image its magical I do. Think maybe we should get it checked out we should\"
\"No bloody way Brains, who we gonna go to? A wizard who will say 'Blimey where'd you dashing gentlemen get a thing like that' and I'll say 'Well Master Wizard we been livin' in a big ruin in the Grovewood forest we have' next thing you'll know is the pigs will be on us like rat on Chef's cooking!\"
\"What if we don't say where we got it?\" Brains asked.
\"Not in a million years Brains, sorry but I can't allow it.\" Rog sealed the deal in his usual way, folding his arms and nodding, making the rim of his top hat fall over his eyes.
\"What if I asked Missy?\" asked Brains attacking Rog at his weakest point.
\"I'd bet five pounds she'd tell you were to shove yer dust too, I says no!\"

It began to get dark and Chef served up the evening meal at the large dining room table that fitted all the refugees. The dining room was as grand as three walled rooms get, a chandelier lay crashed on the side open to the air and a fire place remained at the end Rog sat at. The evening meal was usually something liquid with something solid floating in it. While eyeing up the troops going over each of their names, every child was allocated a nick name on arrival simply by chance. Rog's was obvious Roger Dickens was hardly the name any heroic outlaw would give themselves, Twitch was a coward by trade and so twitched whenever confronted with any type of danger, other names were just plain random. No one was quite sure how William Collins adopted the nickname Badger Faced Barney, but no one thought anything of it.

Two faces however were not in the line of people preparing to dig into their meal. Missy and Brains were not present. At this Rog marched out of the dining room and into Brain's lab, and as he suspected Missy and he were eyeing up his dust. \"Orite! Now you got both our attention we can tell you, no together right Missy?\"
\"Rog, we're livin' in a magic place! We needs to get this check out\" Missy said to his horror.
\"You double crosser!\" Rog cried out, clenching a fist and relaxing it, remembering never to hit a lady.
\"Look Rog, in case you haven't noticed we've been livin' in half a building for years, hells you've been here most of your life,\"
\"All me life Missy,\" Rog corrected
\"And you've never wondered why its in half? What if this magic is dangerous?\" Missy sounded genuinely upset about the situation.
\"More dangerous than Chef's dinners? Unlikely\"
\"It could be worth a lot of cash Rog\" Brains picked up.
\"Thats all you had to say! Blimey we've got a whole mansions worth of the stuff! Orite, one week. That gives us time to do emergency pig raid drills... And enough time to collect eh.\" Rog walked out of the room and pulled his hat on a little tighter.

Brains and Missy were alone in the lab, \"You really think the dust could be worth summin Brains?\"
\"Probably not, but you know how he can get... Has he really been here all his life?\" Missy shrugged.
\"Been here as long as I have, Rog doesn't talk much 'bout where he came from... I don't reckon he knows himself...\"

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