Any Excuse For Adventure

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 29, 2009



Missy and Brains walked in silence for the most of their journey. Missy grew more and more restless i her dress and began to twitch with annoyance, Brains on the other had continued his stride with perfect grace and poise.

The neared the town hall, which stood out in the cityscape as the only pristine white building. It appeared to be of marble, white columns added to the decoration as did several large bronze lions perched on either side of the enormous black wooden doors that were swung open at this time. The pair looked at each other and exhaled.
\"Here we are\" Missy said extending her arms to draw attention to the colossal building.
\"Mhm, yes. Well we should seek out help from the information desk. Com on\"
Missy shook her head angrily at Brains' back, how dare he be so demanding of her.

They scaled the steps, Missy found difficulty to move in the enclosed spaces of her clothes and stumbled more than once. Once at the top they entered the building, the inside was lavishly decorated even the people seemed to glow as the trotted around doing their business. The information Desk was situated at the very front of the building, where a timid looking woman with short cropped brown hair and extravagantly large glasses perched at the tip of her long pointed nose.
\"Excuse me,\" Brains began, the woman shot up right and grabbed a long quill from the desk and nodded sternly.
\"Yes? Yes? Fire away I'm listening\" the woman said as she looked at the pair intently.
\"My sister and I are wondering where we can hand in magic samples? We fou-\" \"Office thirty four, floor seven, Oscar Belch's office...\" The woman almost screamed out at the pair.

The found the stairs and ascended, \"Wonder what her problem was...\" Missy asked rolling her eyes.
\"Well when you think about it, Missy, she's probably never been confronted by a pair of children dressed like circus performers.\"
\"Still no reason to act so rude...\"
\"Hmm, Well here we are, floor seven.\"

The corridor was as beautifully decorated as the foyer. There was a golden carpet under their feet that sunk as they stepped on it, the walls were painted a dark red and the many doors to offices were black with with name plates on them.
\"Room thirty four wasn't it?\" Brains confirmed.
They walked down counting the numbers on the door. At room thirty four they knocked on the door and waited, a man's voice replied \"Enter!\"

They stepped in and sat behind a large desk was a man, bigger than anyone either of the pair had ever seen. His hair was almost the same shade as the carpet, a bright crimson, his eyebrows looked like two red seagulls nesting on his face and his hair was neatly trimmed to fall at his shoulders, in which he had two braids at either side of his head. At a guess the man appeared quite young.
\"Children?\" The man boomed \"You have magic samples?\"
The pair nodded and Missy protruded the small sack and thudded it on the table, the giant frowned.
\"You want name of caster? Type of spell? Date of casting?\"
The pair thought it over, \"Probably type of spell,\" they replied almost in unison.

The man peered into the sack, and his eyes widened and muttered under his breath, \"Great Ghostly specters of all my sainted aunts...\" he look flustered and put the sack aside.
\"Cloaking.... Spell...\" he panted.
\"Something wrong, Sir?\" Missy risked.
\"Honestly, its quite a powerful spell... Where did you find it?\" The man's voice returned to its usual thunderous pitch.
\"W-we bought it.... We thought it was candy... Sir...\" Brains added quickly.

The man went to say something more, but the two bid their farewells and ran from the office as fast as they could.

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