Nightmare, Timothys Horror at the Porter Sisters Mansion (An Amnesia: The Dark Descent Fan Fiction)

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Timothy, a sixteen year-old boy goes with his friends to the apparently abandoned Porter Sisters' Mansion, that is long thought to be haunted by an evil spirit. Timothy, who is still afraid of the dark, reluctantly agrees to embark on the creepy adventure...

What he and his friends will soon find out, is that they've bargained for more than they can handle...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Invitation

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013





Breathing heavily due to its mis-shapen lungs, the beast stands in the forest alone, anything but quiet. Its heavy, ragged breathing, sounding unlike anything heard of before. The smell of dried, rotten blood stains its clumpy left hand, sharp, craggly claws jut out unevenly from the rough skin and muscle. The beast hasn't hunted in months, but it doesn't need to eat, it just wants the thrill of the kill.

The waning crescent moon covered thickly in dark, menacing clouds, the stars blackened out, causes the night to be pitch black. This is the perfect time for the creature to find an innocent, unexpecting victim that happens to stumble across the beast's path. Its mis-shapen head accentuates the gruesome features of its body; small, rusty iron staples keep the yellow, rotten skin closed, keeping the inner cavity of the body closed. Leather straps circle the beast's abdomen, keeping its frame intact. Jaw removed and skin stretched, the beast does not have a working mouth, but can still make sounds that would make a grown man stink of fear. As it waits for a kill, it sees a small light illuminating its way through the dense wood and foliage. A new victim for the creature to take? Possibly, but it must be careful, the smell of others warns the creature there may be extra game for the hunt...


Chapter one: Invitation


"Cheruup, cheruup."

"Cheruup, cheruup."

Timothy awoke to the sound of his cellphone ringing incessantly, notifying him of an incoming call. Checking the clock near his bed, he reluctantly answers the constant, annoying sound.

"...Hello?" he asked, hoping the annoyance that woke him up in the middle of the night is worth the trouble.

"Hey Timmy, what's up? We've got a wonderful idea, but we can't do it without ya," said an all-too familiar voice.

Timothy could hear the sly grin on his friend's face forming as he spoke, Jim knew that Timothy would say no, but that wouldn't matter, Jim always got his way.

"Jim... It's one o' clock in the morning, what could you possibly be thinking of?"

"Well Tim, me and the gang thought about going to the old mansion to look for any goodies that could be there, you know, anything that could be... Valuable? We can't go without you though, there's strength in numbers, and we're missing one."

Timothy knows full well what Jim is talking about; the old Porter Sisters' mansion that was abandoned over thirty years ago. There was tall tales the place was haunted by beasts that could kill a full grown bear, but he never believed the local stories. However, there were three teenagers that ventured into the old place, and never returned...

"Why don't you just go ask David? He likes the thrill, why don't you just ask him instead of me?"

"Ah, he's no fun, Tim, you know there's no adventure without you being there with us!"

He remembered the last time they went out, they almost all got caught, and he was late sneaking back home in time. His parents sure did let him know what he did wrong...

"I don't know, Jim, I pretty much got busted for sneaking out, I don't want to know what will happen if I get caught again."

"Ah, don't worry about it, man, I promise you'll get back in time, I swear it."

"Sigh, fine... I'll be there."

"Great! I'll see you in about forty-five minutes. Pack your flashlight and something to drink along with ya, we'll be out for a while."

"Okay, see ya."

Timothy didn't have to worry about taking a flashlight, he was deathly afraid of the dark. He still can't go to bed without a night light somewhere near where he sleeps. Equipping everything he needed, he headed out of his window, preparing for something he might regret later...

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