The Last Status

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Jason Burke, just moved into a new neighborhood in Lewiscaster. He met new friends there, and his life is perfect. Or so he thought. David, his closest friend, Disappeared one day.

So, Jason, ask his friends, Tina, Tyson, Yosef, and Kirsten to help him find where David is, and find out the Dark History of David and the town of Lewiscaster.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Last Status

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Submitted: March 21, 2012



I moved in to a small town called "Lewiscaster". I thought that it would be a Disaster for me to move to another town. My friends said to me that Lewiscaster is awesome yet dangerous town to live. My mom, Janice Johnson, was born in this very town. A few months earlier, my mom and dad decided to move to Lewiscaster with me and my 2 other twin brothers, Jake and Blake. My old brother, Fred, studied in England, so that he have to come home from England to the States to join us for a while.

My friends are right! It's an awesome place! but, it seems there's no dangerous thing there. But, who cares? I started my new day there, by riding my bike around the neighborhood. And it is fantastic! I saw many cool sightings, and awesome places, also nice and friendly people there. I went home late, and i saw many neighbors visiting my new home.

"Are you new here?" Asked my neighbor.

"Yes indeed" I replied.

"Welcome to Lewiscaster! I'm David rosebourne, and i'm your neighbor!" He said.

"Thanks, ur, David"

Jake and Blake seems having fun with David's Younger brother, Andy. I slept early that evening, because i don't want to miss my schoolbus. The next day, i woke up early, and took a bath. Mom made me her famous Pancakes, and i ate it all. Jake and Blake already ate their breakfasts.

"The Bus is almost here!" Yelled Dad.

So me, Jake, and Blake rush to the bus stop. At there, i saw David again.

"Hello new kid!" He said

"Hi David, you can call me Jason." i replied.

My Older brother, Fred, went to the airport earlier before i wake up. The Bus is here. I came into the Bus, and sat next beside David. I have a great conversation with him in the bus. He told me that the Lewiscaster High, is one of the best High schools in the state. When we arrived at school, Many people started to greet me. They're nice though. I met a nice muslim guy, his name is Yosef, Tyson the Conspirator, Yosef's girlfriend Tina, and a girl named Kirsten.

Kirsten, she's the most beautiful girl i have ever met. Her blonde hair, her blue eyes, oh, how i love her. At that day, Me, David, Yosef, Tyson, Tina, and Kirsten made a new pack, and we always hang out near the Lewiscaster Beach. We chat together every week, and every friday, we always hang out in the Arcade.

But, one day, David act weird. He doesn't want to speak with us anymore, and every time when School's over, he rushed to the road, like looking for someone. So, we decided to ask her mom.

"I don't know either. David usually came home at 5, but now, he came home at 10" Said David's mom.

A few weeks later, I woke up early as Usual. When i came downstairs, My mom told me that David is missing. That news, was on the Local Newsletter. The whole school, Posted a poster that says "Come back David, We need you".

After that hard day, i rushed to home, and check my Social network account. And i saw David's Status. He said "Seek me, You'll know my prints, but never knew where i am"

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