Where's my 911?

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Nate has always been like Rachel's bodyguard or something, he is always rhere for her but recently things are different...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Where's my 911?

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



Rachel’s POV
‘Hey Nate...you’re coming over right tonight?’ I asked hoping he would come. ‘I don’t know...I’ll try to be there alright?’
‘Fine,’ I said sounding disappointed. I shoved my phone back to my purse and continued my work.
My best friend Natalia is giving birth to her first child, so I wanted to visit her in the hospital. My car is being repaired so I guess Nate will be my driver for tonight...I know he will be there.
It’s almost time so I prepared everything and went home to get change. I was heading down when Nate came in.’ I thought you asked me to come..’ he asked confusely. ‘I did so you can give me a ride to go to the hospital.’ ending it with a wide grin on my face.
‘Come on, get in the car then I’m gonna grab some water first.’ I went in the car as told to, he is always so kind to me no matter what.
He and I were friends since we’re kids, my brother left for work inoverseas so he took care of me instead. I’m glad that he is my friend well actually more like my personal 911.
We arrive soon, and just in time to see the baby. ‘Hi sweety, how are you and the baby? Let me see him, wait its a him right?’
‘Yes, its a he name Sean,’ repliedAlywith such excitement. ‘ I got you something and of course for the baby too.’ ‘Um, I thought Nate is coming?’ asked Aly looking elsewhere.She had a thing for Nate but that’s a long time ago.
‘He is talking with Jim, why you’re not...’ Then I stare at her in dibelieve,‘ Hello, I’m a new mother here and you are expecting me to hit on another guy..get real.’ I was laughing so hard I can’t stop my self.
‘Hey speaking about Nate, are you guys together now?’ asked Aly who's always hoping we get together, while the fact is we're not even close to it, ‘No we’re not,’answered Nate before I could open my mouth.
‘Let me see the boy...he looks exactly like you Jim,’ making everyone laugh cause Sean looks nothing like his mom.
‘Well at least that proves Sean is his son not some random guy’s child.’ We laughed even louder.
We talk some more till it get late and I decide to get home.’Guys it is getting late, why don’t we visit you next day?’ ‘Sure’.
‘Thanks for the ride, Nate.’‘No probs, hon,’ he wink at me before letting me go in.
I waved goodbye and went in. I got into the shower and straight to the bed. I text Nate goodnight since it was a habbit for me, I'llprobably get worry if he don’t text me back in 5 minutes.
The phone vibrate and I read the text saying ‘Sweet dreams, princess’
Not a second later my mind was already in dreamland.
My phone rings again for the third time. ‘Hello..’ answering the phone lazily. ‘Hey, you ok?’ It was Nate, hearing his voice cheers me up already.
‘Hey you wanna grab lunch together today?’ I don’t have to ask actually I know he will agree.
Shockingly he said he got some other things to do which brings my mood down again.
By the time I was all freshen up, I stillgot no plans for the weekends so I was busy thinking about how I will spent the day and the phone ring.
‘Hey Chel, I’m out of the hospital from today...with Sean...’ said Aly sounding busy and distracted, ‘I’m not an expert in taking care of babies so I’m wondering if you could help me out?’
‘Don’t worry, my dear..I’ll be there.’ I rushed to Natalia’s house and she was carrying the mini version of Jim while opening the door.
We spent the day mostly focusng everything on Sean. ‘Hey Aly, let me buy us some lunch ok?’
‘Alright just don’t be too long!’ I know she is starving so am I. I was walking through the streets when I see NATE in one of the restaurant, but that is not the thing that made me surprised, he was with another girl.
I felt angry or something I just can’t explain. I know he got many girlfriends and dump them almost once a week but he seem soclose and just enjoying it with this girl, and I can tell by just how he look at her, this girl is different from his previous girlfriends.
I can’t care more so I just ignore them and bought lunch for me and Aly plus I promise her not to be gone long.
When I got back, Sean was asleep already and Aly is apparently munching on some chips.
‘Here, and stop eating that,’ I said with a motherly voice which kind of freak me out.’Gee, its not my fault that you were gone so long.’I felt my cheeks burning.
‘What took you so long?’ I start telling her about Nate and that girl I saw. She was dress in a very fashionable way, I think she has brown curly hair, I wasn’t really paying attention to her...well I guess she was could be working with him or something.
‘You are jealous, my dear girl!’ claimed Aly when I finished my story. ‘ No i’m not, I think I’m just not use to see him with another girl.’
‘I need to get home, Aly.’ I said after taking the last sip of my drink.’What can’t you just stay for tonight?’ ‘You have Jim remember?’ asking her back.
I left her with little Sean and got home. What a tiring day,I got change and watch the television for a moment, and headed to my bed. I think I miss something out but can’t figure what is it so I just sleep.
It was midnight when someone is knocking on the door. I was furious so I open the door and froze there when Nate was standing there.
‘How come you didn’t text me or something? I was freaking worried you know that! You didn't even answer my call...’ Nate was almost yelling at me. I was still in my dream world to really figure out what he was talking about. Oh right! I did forget to text him, didn't I?The last time it happened was when I ended up in the hospital.
‘Well what took you so long to realise and come over here?’ I retorted back still angry cause he woke me up.
‘Well..I had...umm...’ he can’t find the right words. ‘I saw you with a girl in the restaurant. You’re in a serious relationship!’ I yelled when he can’t say anything.
‘She is just a new employee.’ I sigh,‘Get in, you can’t go home this late just stay for the night.’
I don’t know why I act that way just now I mean so what if he is in a relationship with that girl or am i jealous? NO WAY!

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