Where's my 911?

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2010

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Submitted: January 11, 2010



Chapter 2 - Rachel’s POV

‘What’s wrong with him?’ asked myself. I can’t go back to sleep because of him. I kept on thinking about that girl with Nate, I felt like crying. The last time he had a real girlfriend, he didn’t bother to answer my calls anymore. I'm really worried that he is going to ignore me again.
‘Wake up, Rachel!’ taking my blanket away and throw me down from the bed at the same time. ‘Argh! Can’t you give me just5 minute besides its Sunday.’
‘I need to go, breakfast is on the table.’ He walked out the door and rush out the house.
See, he is not the same...usually he would stay and wait for me to finish up my breakfast then leave or we go somewhere together.
I got nothing else to do, I ate my breakfast and showered. Just then the phone rings, ‘Hello..’
‘Rachel, this is Lucas...’ Yikes! He was my ex-boyfriend, but he left for work just like my brother, Tim.
‘Um...hey Luke...’ I can’t find the exact words good thing he was doing the talking almost the whole conversation.
‘So I’ll pick you up at 7.’ I put down he phone, I never know he would come back again.
I got ready for tonight since he asked me out, I can’t say no.
I picked out some random clothes since I was not so excited to meet him again.
He came right on time and I was already set to go.
‘Its been a long time since the last time we met right?’ Duh...its been 3 years. Instead I said ‘Yeah, time travels fast.’
We order our menu right after we arrived, it looks like an expensive restaurant but I wasn’t amazed.
We talk along the dinner actually he did. He was talking about his job and all but I wasn’t interested I was just acting enthusias.
I kept on smiling while he talk, I feel my jaw are about to drop. At last I got home, I never say I hate him though its just he is not as charming as he used to.
I was all over him before but not anymore, I bet I won’t be jealous as I used to be when I see him with another girl. Lucas had been alright but when he left me just like that giving me a broken heart, I've decided it was over.
Tonight I didn’t forget to text Nate goodnight, is he trying to get even with me cause he is not replying. I kept on waiting till what seems like forever and eventually fell asleep.
I wake up in the morning and check my phone still no reply from Nate.
But I got a text from my brother. He is coming back from Germany. I got to tell Nate, all three of us are like the three musketeers except Tim went for work.
Its useless after several calls, Nate didin’t pick up the phone. He always pick upmy callas if heknow I was calling him without any notice.
I never like it when either of us is in a serious relationship that includes Tim, he brings home the girl every night like she has no home for herself.
Tim will be back in 2 days so I got to prepare everything. I was heading to the grocery store when I met Lucas on the way.
So we walk together, he even help me. He was so nice to me, but somehow I feel he is just trying to get close again which will never happen after all the shit he left me those years before.

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Where's my 911?

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