Where's my 911?

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2010

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Submitted: January 11, 2010



Chapter 3
Tim is back today, I want to pick him up at the airport but still got a lot of work to do and i can’t just leave like that.
I got a text from Tim. He was here already, well in my house. Good thing he moved to his own apartment cause there is no such thing as clean in his dictionary.
I just need to finish up and get home.
I was not surprise to see Tim shoving all the food in the house into his mouth, I was tired to even bother about him and went straght for the bathroom.
‘I don’t even get a hello?’ Tim asked annoyingly. ‘ I’m too tired ok...we’ll talk later and you are telling me everything.’
Everything about him is his work and some random girls. Nate is coming later on but I am starting to think that he's not even awarethat Tim is back.
I was preparing dinner when Nate came, I just ignore him cause I’m too angry at him in such a childish way. Am seriously mad at him for ignoring me or because he's out with someone?!? I really need to mature up.
‘Hey, you angry at me? Look sorry I know I’ve been away from you lately but...’ Nate apologizing to me when Tim is not in sight.
‘I knowplus it's all my fault I'm being childish, right. You know what we shouldjust act like nothing ever happened alright since Tim is back and I don’t wanna look upset.’ Trying to avoid him. He's about to say more when Tim came in.
I really am feeling frustrated with all the stupid reasons. ‘Hey sis...I’m staying for tonight alright, its late and I’m exhausted.’ Tim asking for permission from me is ridiculous cause basicly this is his house too, but yeah he moved.
‘Of course you can stay Tim, you don’t have to ask its still you’re house too you know.’ To make him understand. Some how he still have a brain of a five year old.
My phone rang but before I could take it Tim snatch it away from me.
‘Whoa...are you and Nate...huh?’ he looks funny when he is confused like that, me and Nate used to make him confused a lot of times when we’re kids.
‘What?’ ‘Why did Nate just call you princess and wish you goodnight?’ Right Tim never know our habbit cause it just started when he left and it made me feel that I’m not alone.
‘Its just a stupid thing we do, don’t worry bout it.’ ‘Whatever, you guys are acting weird since I came.’
‘Nothing is up and you don’t have to worry about things you don’t even know!’ slaming the door behind me.
I really feel bad now and I am not going to reply Nate anymore, maybe never will again. What the hell is my emotion messing around with me again?!?


I feel akward in the morning because of what I did to Tim last night so I decided to apologize.
Good news is Tim did not take it seriously but he is still scooping information from me and he wouldn’t stop.
‘Hey Tim, I got to go to work so you just do whatever you want ok.’ ‘ I’m not a baby anymore I know what I will do, just get going.’
That’s just Tim, he never listens not even to Nate. I want to drop by Aly’s place later on if I can make time but I’m not sure.
I was heading to Aly’s place when Lucas called and asked me out. I refused him and tell him I ‘m going to Aly’s which was true, he sounded disappointed though.
‘Darling, I miss you so much!’ greeted Aly. ‘I miss you too...so where’s the little Jim?’
‘He is playing.’She doesn’t seem so happy so I tried to cheer her. ‘Hey Aly, how is you’re littlefamily?’
‘Not good....I think Jim is cheating on me...’Tears start to roll down her cheek. ‘But why? I mean how can you tell?’
‘He comes home late and his excuse is always work plus he never cared bout Sean. And I've caught him a couple of times you know.’
‘Maybe you can talk about it with Jim, or you want me to help you?’
‘No...it’s fine I‘ll handle it or he’ll think I’m such a whiner!’ I can see that she is already feeling better.
I didn’t spend much time there which I wanted to but Tim will be worried.
‘Aly, I got to go home.’ ‘Alright...I can’t arrest you right?’ We laughed at each other and I went home.
‘Hey Tim! I’m home.’ ‘Why are you so late?’ I’m not sure if he is asking or interrogating me.
‘I went to Aly’s house...Why?’ ‘Oh...did she got married with that asshole?’he asked back.
‘Of course she did! She even invited you along...don’t tell me you are still having a crush on her...she’s a mom now!’
Tim is so stupid, he did fall badly for Natalia but I thought he gave up on her.
‘Tim, forget about her,,ok?’ I am close to begging him,‘I already did...I was just asking.’ I know he is lying.
‘Come on...let’s go get dinner,' Tim calledout.‘Your treat right?’ I asked himcause I’m not gonna pay since he eat a LOT!
We ate in a cozy restaurant which is almost my favourite but there are better ones which I prefer.
Tim was busy ordering desertwhile I glance around the room and saw Jim with Aly...wait, that’s not Aly!
They we’re very close together...I should tell Aly but then it will break her besides I’m not sure about their relationship. That woman could be his secretary or business partner.
I don’t want to be seen by Jim. ‘Hey Tim...can we go now?’
‘Sure thing!’ He asnwered after eating up his desert. He paid and we left. The picture of Jim and that blond girl is stuck in my head.
When we got home I just want to get rid of everything.

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Where's my 911?

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