Where's my 911?

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: January 12, 2010

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Submitted: January 12, 2010



Chapter 5

Its been so many dayssince the last time I saw Sean and I really miss him. I just drove up to Aly's place as soon as I was done with my work. Good thing they were home.

'Hey Sean, I miss you so much...do you know that?' I asked him as soon asI spotted him.'Chel...he can barely speak yet!' I know that, its just seems like he understands.

'Al...have you sort things out between Jim and you?' It may seems like I'm minding other people's business but I really do care about Aly and she can't really handle big things on her own that much. 'I don't want to talk to him anymore, there's no use!' screaming on top of her lungs. I know she must be depressed but they can't be like this all the time, what about Sean.

'I know it's hard dear but what about Sean, he can't grow up in this kind of environment.'

'I am doing my best for Sean I always do...I even thought having him between us would change things.' She don't have to mention about doing her best for Sean,I know it already cause I will do the same thing.

'Aly...you don't have to tell me that I know you would do everything for Sean.' And I ran to hug her.

Jim and Alywere not married for a long time yet but they are already breaking up into pieces! I just hope mine will turn into a better one and I can help Aly in any way.

I don't want to bother Aly anymore who prefer to be alone right now so I just go and play with Sean. He is growing really fast or its just me who think so. Just then my phone ring and from the very person I don't want to talk to.

'Hey sweetheart....I wonder if you want to go out with me tonight?' I'm not sure I want to leave Aly alone but I can't avoid Lucas everytime. Lucas and I did not get back together for him it seems that we're just tracing back to where we used be. Does he not know that my feelings for him had change and I'm only facing him as a friend? 'Fine...I just need to get ready, I'll be heading home soon.' 'You going out tonight?' I guess Aly figured it out.

'Um...yeah you don't mind, do you?' I asked worrying about her. 'Of course not...go ahead besides Sean is in bed already.' 'Great, thanks Aly and I got to head home.'

'We'll go out together some time ok with Sean too.' 'Don't think so Jim would be furious but he won't let Sean be with a babysitter either.' Alright Jim is totally out of his mind, he can't control everything. He's such an asshole just like how Tim puts it!

'Chel, you are running out of time you better go now.' 'Alright I'll call you later ok?' she just gave me a weak smile and nodded before I leave.


'Hey Chel, I'm still wondering why you finally want to give it another try.' Lucas asked when I got in the car. He had ask me to be his girlfriend again since he's back now, and stupid enough I'm willing to.

'Well, let's just say you are begging and you will never come to an end.' He chuckled.

'Well, I'm glad it worked then.' I'm not even sure myself if that is my real reason maybe I go out with Lucas just to get even with Nate not with that Melissa girl but the other one who I never succeed to reveal yet.

He never give me a clue and there is no way of figuring out, its no use she is too mysterious.

We spent the night by going to watch one of the famous movie but my mind was not there since I'm thinking all the posibilities who this 'girl' might be which eventually leads to nothing.

Lucas dropped me home after the movie which I hardly watch.'Hey Chel. I hada great time even though you didn't.' i blush when he said that.

'Sorry Lucas, I just had this thing running through my mind....I'll make it up to you some time.'

'No, its fine and I totally understand.' He pecked me and left. Nothing felt new its just the same thing all over again.

I got in the house and got few calls from Timwhen I was not home. I manage to call Tim and he asked me to come over cause Nate is there too.

I felt lonely at home and decided to come over.


When I got there Nate opened the door but I can't find Tim. 'Nate....where's Tim?'

'He got a call saying his office was on fire so he went to save his beloved papers.'

'Oh, you didn't go along with him?' 'Nah...he asked me to wait for you, he knew you would show up.'

I guess this is the right time to ask Nate about the mystery girl. 'Nate....I want to ask you something.'

'Pizza Delivery!' I just have to be interupt right? 'I'll get it...wait a sec.'

'So you were saying...' He was enjoying his meal I don't want to ruin it. 'Nevermind...'

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Where's my 911?

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