Where's my 911?

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: January 15, 2010

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Submitted: January 15, 2010



Chapter 6

I don't remember anything except watching with Nate while waiting for Tim to get back, and honestly spending time with Nate is much more fun than with Lucas.

I just realise I'm still at Tim's place cause I fell asleep with Nate or at least I thought so.

Hope Tim is not home yet cause he is one guy who can't keep his mouth shut and make things big issues.

Wrong guess, Tim is in the kitchen enjoying his coffee...Uh oh!

'It's fine sis...I'm not gonna spill you're lil' secret.' he said before I can say anything.

'Shut up Tim...I just fell asleep and apparently Nate did too, on top of that you didn't bother to wake us up!'

'Lucas is going to be mad...' 'How can you know I'm going out with Lucas again?' Unless Natalia told him.

'Have you been talking with Aly?' I thought I just saw him blushed.

'I just call to check up on her.' 'And since when do you check up on people?'

'Fine...I did call her cause...I miss her...' Oh no, he is out of he's mind!

'Tim...she is married and have a kid already!' Just then Nate appeared out of no where. 'And don't forget the getting prettier part, Chel!'

Did Nate just said that? 'Don't worry you're still prettier though.'

I felt my cheeks burning and I so got to get my ears clean.

'Come on Rachel, you don't have to blush that hard.' I felt my cheeks even hotter.

Tim just had to say it...right? And they burst to laughs.

'Hey Chel, did you say you are back with that jerk who ditch you?'

Nate made Lucas sound really bad, surprisingly I was pissed.

'Yeah I did, and he promised that he won't 'ditch' me again this time!' 'Whoa...easy there, you don't have to be so furious.'

Evn if Nate made it sounded like he don't care I felt something different about him.

'Hey guys...where are we off to today? I'm not willing to be stuck at home.'asked Tim. He just can't stand it being in a closed space too long, I wonder why.

'I don't know with you guys but I want to go visit Aly cause she is pretty down these days...you guys want to come?' picturing myself carrying Sean already.

'Sure, why not?...I bet Tim is waiting for this moment every now and then, right Chel?

'No doubts...' This time we laugh at Tim, his cheeks are boiling like mine a while ago.

'Guys, you can laugh at me but please save my face in front of Natalia.' almost begging us.

'It's fine big bro,,,I can keep you're lil' secret.' And Nate just nodded his words.


'Hello, is anybody home? I asked as I enter the house.

'Hey Chel, I'm here!' half screaming. She came to us with her baby, and she was totally happy to see Tim just like Tim is, I can see it in their faces.

Honestly they would make a great couple, too bad Aly is stuck with Jim who turns out to be a jerk.

'So how is it?' Tim asked Aly, and they continue talking.

I took care of Sean with Nate, he is really so cute and Nate can be pretty good with babies.

'Hey you guys want to go get lunch?' asked my brother who is always hungry.

I'm not feeling hungry yet though.'Nope, you guys go ahead I will take care of Sean for a while.'

' I'm with Chel, you guys can have some time 'together'.' That last statementmakes Tim cheekslike tomato even redder.

'Or I can go buy for all of us...' volunteered Tim, know he is too shy.

'Hey Tim, I want some fresh air too you know!' In the end they went out together.

'Chel, don't you think Tim is hoping too much?' I know what Nate said was totally correct.

I can't avoid telling Nate everything about Jim and the blonde girl. Nate was paralyzed because he too care about Tim and Aly.

I never notice the time has pass by so fast, 'Nate, why are they taking such a long time?'

'Maybe just maybe...they are making out.' Nate said teasingly. I know they are capable of taking care of themselves but has anybody ever go out for an hour just to get lunch!

Just right then the door swung open, Aly was crying and Tim was soothing her and most shocking Jim is running after them! I was afraid about Tim, cause there is Jim and all the commotion.

Nate was apparently as shock as I am and we are totally dumb founded.

'Go away you jerk!' shouting at Jim and throwing everything she could reach to his face.

'Aly, calm down...Sean is here.' Tim started to quite her down.

And I am waiting for an explanation. 'What's going on?' Nate asking the same thing I was about to ask.

'Jim, he is cheating on me...just look at him and now he is accusing me of having an affair with Tim, that's just stupid!'

Now I started to put the pieces of puzzle into my mind. So Jim is really cheating on Aly and she saw it herself.'Just get ready to sign some papers, you...'

Before she could say anything else that would wake Sean I hug her and calm her down.

Nate and Tim were ready to beat Jim up but it is not gonna make the situation any better.'Why? I loved him so much but...'Aly sobbing at the same time.

'He's just an idiot...Aly you are gonna be fine.' and I know Jim was totally blank cause he just stand there knowing nothing to do.

' I'm not gonna look at his face again forever...' 'Aly you can't do that, what about Sean?'

She just break into more tears, I motion Tim to come and calm her down while I go place Sean in his crib

Oh no! I should have known this would happen sooner or later and no matter what happen I will be with Aly.

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