Where's my 911?

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 16, 2010



Chapter 7

It's been a week since the whole scene happened where Aly caught Jim with another girl. Bad thing is now my stupid brother won't give up on Aly and will continue chasing after her. I would be very happy for both of them if they ever get together but right now is not the right time is it.

"Tim, I'm out for the night!" yelling to my brother who's crashing at my place for the night since he's place is so close tobeingthe nexthell.

Tonight I'm out with Lucas again for dinner, I wonder why he always bring me to classy restaurants instead of places which serves fast food. "Hey Chel, you look stunning tonight!" Lucas complimented me or is it my dress? Nevermind. The more I spend my time with Lucas the more I see the bright side of it. Maybe going out with him is not a bad thing after all but my feelings for him I'm not sure about that one.

Saying that I still have feelings for him is a total lie, but what is he exactly now to me?A boyfriend? Friends?Ex...Wait how could that be when I am dating him and agreed to be his girlfriend.

Lately I have not seen Nate and having Lucas to spend time with kinda fills my time. Funny how after 3 years everything changed drasticly when Lucas came back and Nate got himself a mystery girl. It's just like we're going back to where we were and this 3 years is like a 'pause' and when you press 'play' everything comes back to normal, that is except my feelings.

"Chel, remember that park where we used to meet up?" asked Lucas which manage to make me smile secretly to myself. "Yeah...Wait why don't we stop by there!" His eyes instantly lit up and nodded, "Sure..."

So instead of going to some 5 - star restaurant we grab ourselves a burger and sat on the swing. "You knowhonestly thisis way better than those classy restaurant you bring me to." He look at me, "Really? I have not done my job well then besides you used to beall excited when I said we're going to those expensiveplaces. Or has it been like that since the first time?" I shook my head, "Nope, but I changed and found out this fatty food are a lot better!" I grin at him and he did the same while shaking his head, "Well I'm glad then. It'll save my wallet from flattening."

Actually I used to be one of those girl who would eat nothing in order to gain shape but since Nate shown me a lot of stuff and prove to me that nothing would happen if I eat this junk, only I have to keep in mind not to overeat than everything would be fine.

These past 3 years, Nate had taught mea lot of things and somewhere between that he had changed me. From the time Tim left for his work Nate had taken Tim's place but we were still how we used to be until Lucas left me, things changed he became more than a brother. He suddenly became someone who I can look up to and once he say it'll be fine, I'll completely trust him.

"Chel, you wanna go back now? It's gettng late." asked Lucas who snapped me back to reality. "Hmm oh yeah..." I followed him as we walk back to his car and then my phone rang.

"Hey Chel, where are you? asked Nate half annoyed. "Umm I'm out with Lu-..." "Oh really...Fine then I guess we won't be seeing you." Nate hang up on me! Just like that. What have I done then it hit me, we were suppose to meet up at Nate's place tonight! Damn, all this time I'm afraid that either of us would break the string by having a partner, turns out the one who's doing it is me!

I look over at Lucas, a little worried, "Hey uh Luke...Can you drop me somewhere else?"He looked confused but nodded anyway.


By the time I arrived at Nate's apartment nothing was left and the whole place is a mess. "Damn it! I'm sorry you guys..." I said as I walk through the pile of trash. "Nah, that'a alright but your prince here is rather upset," commented Tim who's half drunk. "How much did you drink?"He mumble something before answering, "Well let's just say enough to make me not sober but not as much as your lover boy did..." he said pointing towards Nate who's sitting motionlessly on the stool.

Dropping all my things I rush to his side, "Hey Nate, you ok?" He grumbled something but chose to not answer me. "Nate..." He pick himself up although in a very bad state he still manage to get himself into his room. Shit! I mess up...All this time I thought it only bothers me, but he felt the same way too when either of us start getting busy on our own, does he?

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