Demon Hunter

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Angels, demons, mutants, warlords, hell on earth.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Demon Hunter

Submitted: January 10, 2008

Reads: 212

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Submitted: January 10, 2008



“Shape shifter I see you.” She flows in thru the crowdie commute, clicking her heels, swinging those hips. The appearance she chose, image, that shape; she could have been another, yetshe chooses to flaunt her lust for erotica. Three burnets so far, lookers, and clearly women from in that classare left from ina windas theyseemed to be no match for hers. Shift changer walked them on by, not a word from in those tormenting green eyes that single indanger, the dark brown almost black hair in accompany with a shade of purplish blue that streaks in under those plucked to prick brows. The crowds carry on, some hand in hand, others as they are, where, and as the sidewalk attends them to be from in under the gloomy morning’s sun.
I followed in behind her, moved up from in a crowd of six to just a few heads in front. The black dress she wears holds high in under her tensing butt; shining and glitters from in the store windows as those legs smear a trail of erotic sweat wrapped in anylon stitched lace. She steps up in to the doorway of the caf it was as if she’s been watching it all along. The door read closed yet there were people stepping up, looking in to the window as if it was to be in business, service. I hold back, stand in the door way of a shop a few buildings back and watched as those arms laced in black webbing sleeves reachedits hands down in to her purse as it rests on her right knee. Keys; they dangled from in her hand, suns splitting a shine from off them then lead splits of it up in to the lockof the door. She looks both ways, turns and checks her backside then stepped in closing the door behind and smiling those last of breaths from in the sexiest of burnets outin tothe city’s rise of morning.
I fire myself a cigarette, lean back on the wall of this to be opened at noon bookstore. With one eye on the caf the other on any out standing of character from on the block, I wait and stand my ground until I see anything that could give me a lead in to my next step, like a customer, who isn’t left with his noise rubbing up against that cafs door.
I’ve been tailingher for aweek now. She hasn’t got a clue. I was informed of her where about by a old friend of mine, friend of hers and at one time a guardian of them all. The good old Professor, a man who’s virtue is un questioned. Telekinetic is his game along with capability of mind reading and communication. I told him to come and get her him self, I’m not a pound, I don’t scoop other peoples pets up off the streets. He found him self to be amused, same time telling me, asking if I had taken interest in being exploited to the public. The telekinetic, a power oftransforming souls, capturing them from in and along with my service to god, a priest I fel in to arms with after I too was in the care of the good old professor. My telekinesis un like the professors, is from in being, that of a humans.
The Professor held no objection towards my decisions for practice, a service he could have, yet, had no for say in the deal. Demon hunting, a guardian of lost souls, protector of will, subduer of evil spirits and souls. He knew he couldn’t hold me inany longer. He found me in a monastery, rescued and fought for my being. I was a kid in a place and time that modern civilization had no awareness a place such could exists.
During my infant and toddling years, I was condemned amongst the silence before I was tending to its wickedness of devil worship. A practice of explicit horror, pits of rage, sex acts, sacrifice, bleeding’s, counseling of demons and the worship from in. He; the professor seemed to get a hold of me before any other could, before I too fell to the hands of the infernos of a reminiscent to hell.
Father Priest was introduced in to my life during my rebellious being that had been taken place under the care of the Professor. Professor thought it to be kind of cute; me setting my feet out and like another bad blooded soul, I was tending to all its remedies. Father Priest was my only ticket out of there, from off that Island of a mansion I had been calling ahome.
I was recanted from in my study and practices of telekinesis’s with the Professor and took to the practice of exorcist with the priest; using my telekinetic forexcrement’s of demons and hell’s excrescences in souls.Father priest has been more of a friend for me, a father, and fellow companion as too is theProfessor.
I reassured the professor I would handle it, have his princess of princess’s eyed, tapped in and when her time comes, have her hand wrapped and delivered to him at his door before the likes of the law take in ameans. He has many others from in this super natural being, a mutation for say and yet unsaid for. How this one slipped him by, why he lets it be and with a patients; I don’t know and mine are running out.
Solaria, is what I’m supposed to referee her by. I’m wondering what she’s referring self by right now and if thess two standing up at the door are going to be hers for the taking? And they are. That’s my break; she’s running the joint on her own. Step; set a step in front ofits window and watch as the blond in red and her male friend inthe black tux step up in to the counter. She’s maintained her form; black dress, the hair and now with an apron on. She’s really playing her role, but why a coffee shop? Why be in behind the means to serve? JustLast night she was in a multiple state, auguring from in a red headed bimbo to a black long legged one ata lounge. She was playing that old guy with all he had. Half the night she was red, the other half black then drops it on the guy after he bought her out; spilling the last of drinks he could afford in to his face and twice. That was after she tended her self to a fashion magazine over dinner. What in the - dose this cafhave to do – was it in that magazine? It’s a big step coming out of the Professors mansion and in to the big city.
The red headed bimbo from last night, she’s serving the drinks, smiling and nodding to what ever it is the blond and the guy in the tux are saying to her. She has him; he’s looked her, that skintight red skirt, green blouse as that hair flows from off.She sets on him as he stares on to her ass after she turned from setting the drinks. She steps on, back, left from in his view. Now All I need is for one or two more to step on in then make my way in thru the back, greet her, let her know these games aren’t meant to be played here or she’s going to be lying next to a rat, sharing a glass cell with her self then diced up, split open for show.
The old lady whimpered up to the door way, her cane sticking in to the step and in she goes for her morning cup of that coffee that blew out in to the street as she stepped in thru its door.
The alley sits two buildings in from the Caf I made myself around, in then in to the back road. The restaurants are all starting to fir up their business, the book store next to the cafis still closed but the antique shop from the cafs left side seems to be preparing for business and with that old lady stepping in, at this time; it must mean this cafhas and is on schedule. Where its employers are? I don’t think I want to know.
She stands in at the corner, burnet, black dress, and those green eyes. No one in the back, no movements, no shadows, just the radio as it hums to its tunes.
“Hey,” I turn around from on the doorstep, a big black guy in a black and red jump suit staring me down. “What’s gonging on,” He asks, looking on to me and by the look of things, he must be the beef from in the blocks security.
I reach in to my coat pocket, grab out my cigarettes, and say, “Smoke break.”
He looks on to the cigarette; up in to my eyes as I set one in my mouth then I catch him staring down on to the tattoo on my wrist. The red from in the flame flared up thru my eyes, my head tilts down, and I see the demon guards, its vigilances from in the sulfur burning flame that sets stare from in my eyes and read him like a claw ripping out of a glove. He set from in its informal deemed, exiled, and waits for me to go on from in its mortal state.
“Ya, out front was too busy, and morning smoke from in side can really stink.” I tell him, step on the match as it blew out from beside my foot. He nods, turns his back, then walks on.
She’s now more then I would expect and this little favor I’m doing for the Professor; watching his cat, making sure her litter box is kept and from out of a cage at the local pound, is not all intending as it intended to be.
Shadow lords, their the only ones that come to mind. They seem to be in on a deal before and after any other possessor possesses. Why they want her, I don’t know and not planning on finding out. Delix and his source, they always seem to be right under my noise. His soldier’s; as stupid as a cop rewriting a law exam, He’s been going week, drained from in the winter season, the oxygen from in his will left for dammed, volatized from in the order of our past coming of Christ, out numbered and strived on from in its volatility. Hell, it was the best Christmas I’ve ever had.
I think she smells my smoke, something, or she’s going to be coming back, probably in to the stock room, or washroom. The blond and the guy in the tux guy her out from in their seats, wave then stand up, turn their backs to her. He drops a hand full of change on to the table from out of his pocket and steps in behind her then turns and looks back on to little miss cafbefore stepping on out. This leaves me with only the old woman to worry about. The door opens softly, the screen lets me pull it from the wind and I step in to the hall. She continues to stand in at the counter, looking on to the old women, going over the four other empty tables and watches from in the window as the people walk this cafon by.
I made my way in around the stock room, shuffled my back in along the wall, and stepped in to the kitchen. She leans in over the counter, one knee on the stool, elbow down, and hand in under her chin and watches as the morning’s passed her by. She sure can pick them, If I wasn’t here, wasn’t aware of this purring pussy cat, I’d try to go at her for myself. And now the old women seems to be in need of something, she looks on to the counter, back in to her table and now back onto her burnet in black waitress.
“Miss,” She yelped waving out her hand. “May I have some more mint leaves for my tea please?”
Mint leaves, tea. The old women wants some more mint leaves for her tea. Her tea must be cold by now, should be done, why would she want mint leaves and not ask for a refill. Delix; his source, the stiff from out back and this simpering old woman. Sea salt, it should do the trick, dose and has and its one of my favorite’s especially after the oceans a melt. She steps out from in the counter after pinching a few mint leaves from out of a container off the shelf. I step in behind her, kneel in under the counter, grab a menu from off, fold it up in to a plane for glide, sprinkle the sea salt from of the shelf in behind and crease it crisp.
The caf holds only five table tables, small little thing. She stands in over the old women, tends to her, the women in smiles and I can just whiff what her second step is going to be. Why they come to be so old, I don’t know; one thing Father Priest has not come to tell me. I step out from in behind counter, wait, then set the glide as burnet-tress stepped to the side. The plane flows, sets a stir from in the salt as it spread from here over in to the table.
“What the?” she said stepping back from in the red sizzling steam as it flares up from off the old women. I step in, tell her to step aside, back and watch as I grab two spoons from off the table, step in, stand my self over this old women shedding in beast, bring the spoons up over her face and directed the shine from off in to her eyes as she chokes; spills from in her own face of the demons in spirit that I’m know accepting as lift that was to be dropped in to the burnet-tress.
“She’s dead.” She pouted stepping back, shifting from in a police officer to a nurse.
“Tough,” I said as she looks me up and down, the spoons in my hand as they glitter. “That’s some mean tea,”
“Not as mean as this.” She said tilting her head to the side then brings up her leg, sends her foot up over my face as I duck then stand back saying. “Solaria.” Her name, the one thing I was told to say during this moment.
“Who are you?” She asked standing her ground, fist up and legs just waiting to snap at any sign of my threat.
“I’m a friend of the Professor, a student. You need to come with me. Now, we need to leave this place.” I said as the police women went from nurse then back and now her as the brunet.
“What was that?” She asked undoing the apron from behind then swings it out and let’s it drop on to the floor next to the old women.
“I’ll explain later, now lets get out of here.” I step in, grab her wrist.
“The back way.” She said.

“No, not the back.” I tell her, remembering about the big stiff; Delix’s soldier, then pull her in on a lead for a break out the door and in thru the busy city streets after looking back on to one of his laid out on the floor of the caf chocked from in her own apostasy as I hold on to who I think was about to be apostatized.

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