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Beauty in arms... ELEKTRA

It was another tough day for Franky. Working the nightclub putting up with all of the drunks and sex dolls that loitered the clubs entrance and side walks along the strip.

Franky doesn't mind, he doesn't pay much attention to them and they keep company to all the fools he throws out.

Tonight he was bugging about the boss's attitude. There's a new family in to town and they want to take over the clubs business. They already hitting papers making headlines about there hostile take overs. Franky's boss is already in with pinch of them.

"Thanks babe, I'll puff this one on the way home." It pays well, standing guard and enforcing the club's laws. I get a few drinks and the ladies love me, well most of them any way.

Franky puffs on the cigar that Cindy the hostess gave him, Something for him to suck on.

He hits the streets sucking the smokey juices, puffing off the cigar as he walks along being offered a good time and quick quickies from the street girls, being nodded, backed down by the thugs and gangsters.

Frankie walks on minding his own business as usual.

He stops, steppes in to an ally at the end of the street off the courner to take a leak. Under the light he notices a woman laying there alongside the wall. Franky's not sure if she was drunk or heart.

After wetting the wall he walks over and notices that she wasn't a typical woman, she was sexy and she didn't look drunk. She doesn't look like the type to be sleeping in an alley. "Hey babe, you all right. Hello." She's out. I don't think she dead and I'm not going to leave her here, a beautiful creature like this. This is no place for a woman like her to be resting. "Come on, let's go." Franky picks her on up, carries her in his arms to the street corner and waves down a cab.

"Take me to the next lights then hang a right and let me out at the third building on the right."

Franky got to his building and the women was still uncautions. He slaps the cabby a bill and climbed out with her in his arms, carrying Her on in and up in to his apartment than lays her on the floor, got a wash cloth, soaked it in soapey water and uses it to wipe her down and shaking the dirt out from her hair.

"Wake up lady; I can't let you die here." She is a buety, man and the rags she's wearing, looks like a warrior, sex princess a goddess. This dagger must be the trick. With a body like this she must be a tough one.

Franky sets her blade aside, lay's his new guest on to the couch, goe's and gets the coffee pot ready for a brew. He fires up a cigar, sits in the kitchen and puffs away.

As he watches her closely she breaths with the softest of breaths he has ever witnessed. Thinks back to the girls at the club and can't match a girl as beautiful as her.

Relies how beautiful she is and starts to wonder if he was lead to her from the higher powers. His thoughts of the stance he has here in the world, being part of a god's demon and playing the balance in the role of the good and the evil. He's left in a stir, left withno answers about his guest or the destiny that lead him to her.

Franky fixes up two cups of coffee and joins the women in his living, sets the cup down on the table next to her and sits back, sips his brew and finishes off his cigar.

"Come on babe, wake up. I need my sleep and I can't let you die here on my couch. I got coffee, you like coffee. I'm going to put some wait on your chest; I need you to take a few deep breaths for me babe." Franky presses his hands against her chest and pumps down a few times in order to get her out of the trance. After a few pumps she move's her arm up and places her hand on his, She grabs one of Frankys fingers and twists it. Franky yelling out from the twist she lays on him and she sits up and looks around.

"Hey, is that how you treat all of your friends. You almost broke my hand. This hand helped you off the streets and got you here on my couch. What's the story lady?" She looks at Franky finding him humorous, She doesn't laugh, She maintains her mysterious look as she runs her fingers in thru her hair then sits up in a respect to Frankie for being clean with her and helping her up off the streets.

"My name is ELEKTRA, you must of found me out there?. I was in conflict with some thugs. They were working for some lady that I was going a eye to eye with. I guess!."

"So, how are you feeling, have some coffee? I'm Franky, don't let my looks fool ya doll, I'm friendly. I seen you laying there in the alley. Usually I see whores or drunks laying around. I saw you and I knew that your buety wasn't in fitting with that scenery.

There's fresh towels in the washroom. Feel free to stay the night. I woke ya because well... I couldn't go to bed with a dieing women on my couch." "I'm not in perfect health. Ya, Im tired. I could use the rest and a hot bath. Hey Franky. Your quit the gentleman." "Make your self at home relax and well talk in the morning Elektra."

Franky got Elektra some blankets and pillows and tucks her in, as he fluffs her in with pillows and lines her in thru the blankets he matches eyes with her. Elektra puts her arm up around him and kisses him on the check, feeling his attraction's as she lines her mouth in with his and Franky lays his lips on her, Frankys mouth begins to water from in the soft feeling from Elektras lips. He finished her of with a kiss on her fore head and tells her goodnight. Franky was satisfied that his guest was alive and awake. She is a beauty. She's my type of girl. I've been with other girls, none of them felt the way she dose. I've been waiting for a girl this.

Franky woke up and jumped in to the shower, he forgets all about his late night guest, his encounter with the angel of beauty. He got dressed and walked in to his living room and there she was laying there on his couch wrapped in his bath towels. "Good morning Franky." "Elektra how are you doing," "Im feeling better, That witch that had me ruffed up had me kicked out of my hotel room. I had a delivery boy bring me my things." "Who's this women ." "Have you read the papers lately, the new crime family moving in on the businesses in the city. She killed an old friend of mine, I was around one of her clubs and some of her thugs were coming on to me. I went along until they went got too far. I escaped from the club and I must of drank a little to much, that's what landed me in the ally. This move has been bothering me." "Ya its been bothering me too. There trying to take over the club that I'm working at and my boss is all wreck about it. I'v been working for him for some time. I cleaned my self up he took me in as head of his security.

Franky went in to the kitchen to fix him self a cup of coffee. Then sat down next to Elektra in the living with his brew. "So what's your story? I don't see to many women like you around town." "I was on holidays when I heard about this mafia family and the death of my old friend, he had a little restaurant here until this mistress had him killed. My parents were gypsies, I was then lead by a mercenary and trained with him in the art. I do a few jobs here and there. This mafia mistress is something personal that I have do deal with" "I've been in some what of a gypsy relation my self, I was born like this. My parents were being religious and some what spiritual, leaving me abandon. I was rescued from the church. Unfortunately I grew up being used as a pit fighter in pit fights and as some ones personal guardian. I escaped from that world then helped my self. I enjoy this city life. I found work here with my boss at the club. Not too many people would hire me on because of my looks and the ones who would hire me were dirty or outlaw. Now the mafia wants in on my bosses club And that move could leave me with out a job. So are you going to be my new roomy, this place could use the female touch and I like being in the presents of a beautiful women like your self." Elektra stands up and sits on Frankys lap. She puts her arms around him "A big handsome man like your self, how could a girl refuse after all you are an angel and I love angels." Elektra moves in closer and looks for any sing of discomfort in Frankys eyes. She licks her lips offering him a wet juicy kiss, Franky opens his mouth in expectance and gets that kiss that‘s being distracting him all morning, that wet soft loving feeling from Elektra's lips. Elektra lay one on his forehead, got to her feet and asked him if he had anything to eat or if he wanted her to cook him up any thing special. "I don't have much. I was going to hit the market this afternoon. I had a busy week, I worked all weekend." "Here take my card it works every ware and anywhere. I have some stretching to do before I soak my self in a bath."

Franky took the card and head for the door. He asked her if she wanted any thing special. She tells him to get what ever he wants. Franky heads out and hits the streets with his cigar burning; he blows clouds of smoke over top of the people out on the street and around the markets. He went in to the market and looked around at all of the fresh meats hanging in the window.

Franky knows that most of the people look at him with an eye over a holly cross and the other one thru the exotic blooms of nature. Franky walks around the market filling up his cart.

He gets to the line up at the register and stood there watching the television. The news was going on about the city's new crime organization and the bloody trails that there leaving behind. They were reporting on the early morning massacre that took place at one of the downtown clubs. Franky sees his fellow workers on the TV. Frankys boss was murdered and his club pleading bankruptcy. Franky grips the cart bending the bars and crushing the carts cage. The market workers and the people in line looked at him and they don't say a word.

When franky stepped up to the register the cashier looked at him and asked him if he was part of the club. Franky told her that he worked there for a few years and that they never bothered anybody. She told him that she recognized him. She used to go to the club. Franky told her that those people behind these schemes weren't going to be getting away with this. Franky had his groceries bagged and walked out. On the street he waves down a cab and jumps in side telling the cabby to drop him of around the corner.

Fraky walks in to his apartment, sets the bags on the kitchen table then grabs a bottle of booze and sits down in the living room. He guns down a few mouthfuls and lights up a cigar. He sits there and begins to feel stone cold drunk. Elektra walks out of the washroom dressed in her red cat suit and sees Franky sitting there with the booze bottle in his hand. She walks over and sits down, she takes a few deep breaths to see if she can get a feeling for what was taking place around Franky and his boozed out look. "I should of none, I new him for years, He was like a father to me, Like a grandfather, My best friend. How could I be so blind? He was never disturbed the way he was, I knew there was a problem. I should of stuck around or stayed. I should of had a talk with him. I had no idea that they were going to be moving in this quick. They killed my boss, Elektra. They ended the club and our family Its over." "Well get them Franky, well end them. I will get you the club. In honor of your boss, the club will be yours after I'm done with them."

Electra tells Franky that they were going to take back the club then she grabs the bottle from him and walked in to the kitchen, sorted the groceries and began preparing there meal. She makes a meat sandwich from the meat that Franky picked from the market and poured him a fresh cup of soda, ice and set it on the table for him. Franky puts out his cigar and takes a few bites from the sandwich and watched as Elektra walked back in to his kitchen and began preparing the food. Most girls don't like Franky most think he is the d4evil and that he's vicious. Other girls only talk with him when he starts a conversation. A few of the girls at the club love Franky, he's like there big brother or that naughty boy from school. Franky filled his sorrow over the club with the enlighten of his new friend. He never had a girl in his place all of his dates were at restaurants and in hotels. The news of his boss's death and the new wonder of his life start making Franky feel like a new man. His feelings are mixed with a darkness of vengeance. A vegan is some thing franky knows well from his history of fights and terror. The greed he is feeling is from Elektra. Franky is alone now and the only companion he has is the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Frankie feels the responsibilities of a man. His position as a security man is no longer in him. Now he is one with him self and is in the passion for the beauty of women that Elektra has possessed.

"Hey, Franky, do you have a car." "No, Every thing around here is a walk away for me, I was never interested." "After we eat were going out for a car Franky."

Elektra fixed up some steaks and potatoes for Frankie and mad her self a salad and milk shake. Franky told her it was the best meal that he's ever had. Elektra looked at him and smiled, finishing off her shake. Franky got dressed up in his dress pants and short sleeve dress shirt and Electra put a vest over her red cat suit.

Franky goes out to smoke his cigar and waves down a cab then called up to Elektra. The cab took them over to the car lots. Franky had a look around wile Elektra was going thru the showcase displaying the newer model of cars. "So what's the mood, sporty or elegant." "What's your choice, what do you want Franky." "I like those 4x4's. They look like they could roll over any thing."

Electra tells the car dealer to put some sport racing tires on it and to add some street racing suspensions to it. The dealer told her that he could have that ready for them in an hour and that she would just have to sing a few papers wile they were weighting. Elektra had the papers filled out in Frankys name. She told Franky that she has plenty of cars and that it was her treat. Franky singed away wile Elektra access the money from her card to the dealer.

"Ok you drive Franky, the dealer said he had the mechanic boost us some extra horse power since we supped it up with racing wheels and shocks so beware Franky." "Ya, I'll let the dealer know who's driving this thing." Franky hits the gas, lets the tires smoke until they got to the front gates then he honks the horn and waves out the widow. He looks at Elektra and see's that she enjoyed the little thrill of his performance. Franky tells her that it drives like a master piece. He hits the gas and speeding down the street telling Electra to fasten her seat belt. Frankie hits the brakes and turns the jeep in to a one eighty then accelerates spinning in to another one eighty then hits his way in to the city's streets.

"Were going to check out the club that this crime family is hosting" "Are you sure Franky. I was there and I'm not ready to get dirty yet. We should really wait until the mess from your club blows over." "I just wanna see what kind of club there running."

Franky pulls up to the club, he looks up at the flashing lights on the sing that read. He steps out of the jeep and walks over to the clubs entrance. The door man stops him at the door. "This is private, private party, pal" Franky looks at the guy, steps forward rams his head in to the guys face. Franky stepped over him and charged thru the main entrance doors. Two thugs jumped from behind the bar and on to Franks back, Franky raises his arms and grabs hold of them and throws them in to the row of bar stools. "Who ever is running this joint, Mistress Zillo. One step too far. If I get a hold of ya I'm going to break your neck." Franky Bull stands there looking over all the people, waiting for someone to step up. When he heard the horn of the jeep he remembered the beauty that he had with him. He gave the club another look over before he walked out. Franky jumped in to the jeep, looked at the club and waited a minute to see if anyone was going to come out after him.

"I guess they were tough enough to fight with a girl. Now there clubs going to be needing a new face lift." "Lets go Franky, before we start seeing lights flashing our way" Franky backs ups and lines up the jeep with the clubs entrance. He rolls down his window and pops his head out, he steps down on the gas and smokes the street up. When the jeeps tires gripped the street after peeling a few tracks on the road, Franky fish tails the back end of the jeep in to the clubs entrance then peels down the side walk and on to the street. Leaving the scene in smoke filling the club with fumes from the smoking tires.

"So is there any were special you would like to go?" "Lets call it a day, unless there's somewhere you want to go." Fanky drives on, thinking about his boss and his fellow workers from the club, Franky decides to avoid the club until he gets a ring or when he is more relaxed to deal with the sadness.

Franky and Elektra get comfy in Frankys living room as Elektra fixed up a drink for them to sip. "Franky, how long have you been here in the city." "A few years I guess. I started out prize fighting in the under grounds. Then I met Freyja, She helped me get cleaned up. Se left and I stayed. That's when I got in to the club. Now I don't know what I'm gong to do. I know I'm going to run those punks and that mistress out of town." Franky looks at Electra and sees her beauty and he noticed that she wasn't saying anything. Then Franky relised that she was a killer an assassin and he got the message that she was planning on running them in to the ground. That feeling gave Franky chills that were arousing him, Franky was beginning to like her more and more. Electra sits closer to him and puts her hands on his shoulder and starts rubbing them. She works Franky in, as he moans and growls she works him in harder and moves on to his back. "Franky, you've got to be the strongest hunk of man that I have ever been with. I bet all the girls go crazy over you."

Franky lets Elektra work him in; he flexes his muscles as she hums to the tension. Franky turns and picks her up in to his arms and carries her in to his bedroom. The joined lip in on the bed and Franky tells her she's beautiful.

In the morning Franky stepped out for the paper and a fresh liter of orange juice to have for breakfast. Then smokes his cigar and reads the daily paper waiting for Elektra to wake up. The phone rings and Franky answers. It was his co worker from the bar telling him about the news. She told him that the boss was murdered and that he was shot in he face, the funeral was only going to be for close family and relatives. Franky sits back and puffs the cigar thinking about what he just heard. He sees his life pass him by, leaving him with the horror images of fighting in pits and being used as some ones attack dog. Now all he sees is the buety of the women laying in his bed and the vegans that he is going to deal. Franky went in to the bedroom to check on Elektra. Were is she, she's not in the washroom. Where's my doll. He walks around the apartment, then he hard the walls rumble and the voices of men ,He goes to the door and turns the knob slowly and cracked the door open. "Its all under control Franky, these thugs wanted to join us for breakfast. I showed them a few table manners. They don't seem to be hungry anymore. I must of ruined there appiites."

Franky walks out in to the hall and grabs both men and throws them down the stairs, then he picked them up and thru them out in to the streets. When he got back up in to his apartment Elektra was sitting in the living room drinking her coffee. "So what's the deal, are we going to take care of this." "We will Franky, we will." "They done in my boss and they done him good. They shot him up. It was not a clean hit; he was shot in the face and head. I say we go over there and deal it." Elektra stood up and looked at Franky and studied his emotions. She walked in to the bedroom wile Franky sat there and new she was going to be joining him, he could feel the respected that she was owing him and the thanks that she's been giving him for taking her in. Elektra walked out in to the living room wearing her red combat suit and her blade at her side with her hair wrapped up in a bandana. Franky sees beauty, the gypsy of death. A killing beauty. I do know how to pick em. "Let's go princess"

Franky lights up a cigar and leads the way out in to the jeep. They rip down the street and Franky looks around to see If there were any thugs around and if any one was on his tail. They pulled up to the corner down the street from the club. Elektra climbs out of the window and on to the jeeps roof "Ok Franky, park it in thru the doors and I'll meet you on the inside."

Franky squuels the jeep around the corner and smoked his way on to the side walk blocking the entrance. Elektra leaped on to the roof and climbs in thru the fire escape. Franky walked in to the club. He jumps over the bar and kicks the bartender thru the bottle stand, then grabs one of the thugs and throws him in to a few tables and clearing the area as Franky jumps over the bar and stands there looking over three gangsters who were sitting down having there lunch.

"Hello boys, I'm sorry I couldn't fix you any breakfast but you know women, they tend to be cranky in the morning. So how's Mistress Zillo." One of the gangsters moved and Franky reached out and grabbed him by the neck, smashed his head into the gangster sitting next to him. Two guy's come rumbling out of the back then another one comes running out holding his neck wile blood gushes from it.

The gangster sitting at the table in front of Franky pulled his gun out. Franky grabbed the guy that was running towards him and holds him as a shield wile the gangster unloads a round of bullets in to him, Franky thru the bullet filled corps on to the gangster then jumped up and kicked him in the head. Oh ya this is my kind of work. This is what I like about you boys I get to kick your heads in. Franky finishes the gangster off after a few kicks then walks on in to th back room to see if the Mistress was around.

When he walked in to the office Electra was sitting behind the desk. Mistess Zillo was sitting in the corner dead her head, hanging over her bloody chest and her hands were clawed in to the floor.

"Hey beautiful" "Hey you sexy hunk of man. I got every thing that we will be needing here, I'll leave the rest of the paper work here for the law." Elektra walks out and Franky followed her lead, she handed him the paper work that he would be needing and jumped in to the diver seat of the jeep. She races out and tells Franky to jump in. She drove them out of there and they headed back to Franky's.

"Lets see if we've made the news yet" Franky puffs his cigar and listens in to the news reporters for any news on the clubs bust. Elektra sat next to him and went thru the papers. "Franky, you need to get this paper work to one of the employees from the club and it should solve any problems or disputes about your bosses bankruptcy. This morning I had the bank deal with the real estate on the club and I arranged it to be under your name. The club will be yours in a few days and this paper work should take care of your bosses family"

Franky Grabbed Elektra and wrapped his arm's around her and held her tight. "You're a doll. You're beautiful; you're a angel of beauty."


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