In A Killing Time

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A klling time.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - In A Killing Time

Submitted: June 14, 2007

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Submitted: June 14, 2007



She went to him for a feeling of relief, to solve her passions of discomfort. "Father, I am here but not as a civilian, I am here for mercy. I cannot go on any longer with this burden that I have been followed by from all of this time." "What is it my child. Please, feel free to tell me." "The killings that I was sent forth to do, along with all of the others from inmy past. I've killed and I've killed for the kill. There ‘s no meaning and no longer a purpose. I am a killer father. And this feeling has begun." "Child, this is a matter for you your self to justify. I am only a servant of god. I am not here to judge. What was now is. Only you can decide what will." She stepped out of the booth, hesitated for a moment, trying to decide if what she had just discussed was going to be having any effect on her.

"Wait, Miss wait. I'm Exile. I served with you" "So what do you want with me." "I have been sent out to kill you." She steps back, draws her pistol and look'sstraight dead on to the man trying to stand inher way from exiting the church. "Weight, I am not here to harm you. I need to talk with you. The people who hired me to kill you are the same people you done your last job for. They came to me." "The Bandits hired you to kill me. So what's the story, you rich or something." "No, I need you to join me. I have very important business to discuss." "You wanna hire me or something. Do you have any idea what or who you're up against." "Please, come with me and I'll explain."

She followed him on out of the church and out in to his car. He drives her out to a vacant hotel that was ready for them a few blocks away from the church. Inside he introduced her to a tape recorder then set ina tape. "I want you to listen to this, listen." The voice of the priest. The priest has been informing the government authorities about her encounters with his church. Then a voice went on describing her as a very cruel and cold hearted person; that of her neighbors and close friend. "Ok, I got the pitcher, So what's in it for you." "Me nothing, you everything, if you want to live." He told her as she stood there helpless. Having no thought or clue of giving what she has come to relies any care. Only the annoying of being disturbed from in her own disturbances. "So what is it that's so special about me?" "I don't want to be the one to tell you this. You're a princess. You were abandoning when you were born. Your father was a great warrior, son of a Gladiator. And your mother was served as royal royalty.""Ya so I already herd that fairy tail. And now I'm a killer and it's no longer a profession. I kill a killer." "Ya, me too, you don't see me crying over it. If you want to come with me your welcome. If not then I suggest you disappear and quick." "I'll join you, what's there to loose?" She said holding up one eye, willing to play along in her own sense of being amused by her new found friend. "I have a private jet awaiting us. We're going to your native land." "My native land, you call it a native land." "In the jet I'll explain it to ya." He tells her as he leads her on out of the hotel in comfort forleading the way. Along the wayhe had her covered up with a blanket in the back of his carfor out of harms way.

"Our chariot awaits us princess. So does this look like your typical jet? It's a time machine." "A time machine, Dose it go back or forth. Or do I have to stop my watch and reset it." "I'm sure you've heard of a time machine before." "Yes and I've also heard of tooth fairy's and the monsters." "Well this is the real thing." "So we are going where or should I say when." "Were going to the time of the dead and the bloody savage." "Since you put it that way lets go" Exile sets the time machine to the location and existence to the age of savage, were the world was ruled by kings and man was their source of power for energy. Savanna sat herself in the pilots seat next o him. She keeps a close eye on him as he hits all of his buttons. Keeping her hand locked in over her side arm. Waiting for ant strange move to blow his head off and keeping in mind that she could be in a hostage or kidnapped situation in any moment.

"I'm taking you to the days of barbarians, the gladiators. I'm entered in a bloody battle there. I hold a few victories. You are going to be my girlfriend. A warrior. I plan on conquering this sport and getting introduced to the queen; the mother of your mothers. Were we are going its the age of man, there's no electricity And the queen has just token her throne. If we survive long enough then we might get to meet your father's when he take's his place as champion of the battles, the gladiator." "So you're for real and were going to be there a wile. Oh well there wasn't much for me to pack anyway. And my name is Savanna."

The time machine begins to activate it's control light's and counts down. Exile looking at her, admiring her courage and studying her beauty. Noticing how beautiful she really is. The lights went out as the time machine shook and rocked in to a position from were it had last left off. Exile adjusting all the controls, sets the machine to a self orbit as he tells Savanna to go on out.

She step's out onto the land and realized that it wasn't a joke or a laughing matter. She stands out on the rocky cliff over looking its lake. She see's the villages lined out under the shades of the enormous castle. She experienced the marriages of stories that she has herd of her mother's and of the royalty within their family's history.

Exile jumps out and asks her if this was what she expected. "Does it feel like home? I know it seems like a fairy tail and it is difficult to imagine of being motherless all your life without any traces of your past. Some say you were put here to haunt the dead. When I heard the stories that our master would tell us about you I thought you were a ghost until I met you. The master he was a good man, A father to most. We will be going to my village, there well get some rest and see if we can get in to some competition in the morning. You are ready for some fights. These fights go to the death. We work our way up, until we get in to the arena were we will be gods." "And my existence here, its going to have an effect on my life." "This isn't our time, besides our time is done. I thought that you might like this. So I wanted to bring you along, besides you were starting to become a nervous wreck in the city. I was getting sick of it there too. Let's go follow my lead."

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