Short Cut

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Three mercenery Assisans get to the point.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Short Cut

Submitted: May 26, 2007

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Submitted: May 26, 2007





"Why did you do it like that? I told you to throw it in to the window not on the roof, god" "Hey if you wanted to throw it you should of thru it, let's go." They climb the fence and shuffle down in thru the yard. "Hey, it's him" "Call him," "no, you call him." "Pssst,pssst."  She kicks her heels down in to the dirt giving him a visual of the location. He points out to the guards at the doorway, signaling that he was going to be attempting an attack. He tucks his chin down in to his chest then runs in at full speed towards the door and jumps. Whisking thru the air two throwing blades go wising by hitting each guardsman in the neck, knocking them down in to the spilling pool of there own blood, chocking in on there last breath. Henry lands over top of them with his Katana blade drawn and waiting for any sound or move to come from the guardsmen as they die on the last wind of their bloody breath.

"Are you two fucking nuts or what? You almost took off my head." Kate looking over the two blood spilling guards then turns to Henry as she watches Joyce holding back her smirk then tells him. "She's been like this all night Henry." Henry lifts his blade above his head then slides it along his back into its strap then asked Joyce. "Joyce what the fuck is your problem?" Joyce rolls her eyes over on to the grappling and says. "Shsh are you two trying to get us killed, let's go." Kate looks at Henry then lays her hand towards Joyce and tells him. "See."

Joyce slithers her way up the grappling, Kate grabs a hold in behind as Henry hit's the balcony and slides in on to the top suit. In side he slithers on past the couple that are in bed snoring away and asleep. He slips the guest card from out of their housecoats hanging off the washroom s wall then heads out and down the hall.

Joyce has her lock pick pins working them in to the door, ticking away as Kate stands over her shining her wrist lamp then click Joyce has the door cracked and opened. They head in and go towards  the fire doors, Joyce slides her pin pick in to the alarm, Kate clicks open the door slowly as Joyce slides in then follows in after her.

Kate gets Henry's light whistling signals and turns her head towards him at the end of the hall then whispers out to him. "Hey, where is it?"  Henry walks up slowly towards them telling them. "This way come on and keep low we got three on the back side and two more a head of us."

Henry leads them on to the master suit. He slides the key card thru the lock and opens the door slowly, he looks in and the Captains asleep with his wife laying on her back side with her face facing the door as the light from the door way shines in on her face. Joyce shifts in along the wall and over to her. She stands in over the light wile Henry and Kate close the door behind them.

Joyce brings up her Katana sword holding it up high over her head as Kate spins on the silencer to her gun. Joyce slices down in to the women's neck wiping the blood from her blade off on the pillow. Kate holding her gun over the Captain then gives him a kick to the head and says. "Shshsh. One peep and you're a roast duck, where is it, keep your eyes on the barrel. Now where's the map." The Captain looking at Kate and keeping one eye scoped in to the barrel of her gun tells her. "In the fridge."

Joyce holds her breath for a second not being sure of what he just said then blurbs out. "This fucking guy keeps the map in the fridge." Kate locks her eyes on to Joyce then turns her head away from the bed glancing over at Joyce from in the corner of her eye saying. "Joyce, god. Fuck." She then putts two bullets in to the Captain's head.

 Henry stepped in over the bed standing behind Joyce as the smoke from Kate's gun swivels up around the ceiling and says. "You girls behave. Ah ah I don't want a shhsh." He raises his hand and signals two guards, they watch as the lights get passed in a dim from under the doorway. Kate goes to the fridge, begins looking around for the map, looks over at Joyce, and tells her. "Joyce you come get it" Joyce stands against the wall holding out her blade and waiting for any unexpected move to be coming from the door then tells Kate. "I'm not getting it. I killed the wife you look for it."

Kate pulls out a plastic topper ware box and opens it, an envelope was folded up in three ways, she opens it then shakes her head putting the envelope in to her pocket. Henry signals them both to the balcony; He stands out along the edge wile Kate and Joyce shimmied down. Joyce looks up as she comes feet from hit the ground and lightly yells out above Kate's head. "Come on, looks a go. What is he doing? here he comes lets go." Kate and Joyce lead the way thru the yard as Henry falls in behind and begins to pick up his pace as he stomps his feet down in to the ground behind them then says. "You ready girls, lets go" The three race down the yard in to the street beginning to run at full speeds then (BANG) a burst of flaming smoke, bits and pieces going up in to the dark sky leave the resort in a colorful blast looking like its been displayed for a forth of July.

Henry gets the lights flashing along the side of the road from on his car from his car alarm remote. Kate jumps in to the back, Henry gets in behind the wheel and Joyce hits her self on to the passenger's side. Henry then tells them to buckle up as ripped out on the wheels, burned downed the street and getting them the hell out of there.

Joyce rubs her face along the seat head cushions rolling her head around as they raced on down the road, has her self a smiling growl, and cheers on. "Ah,ha,ahaaha Ahhha Henry you're a crazy bastard haha and you Kate ha ha  we were supposed to let the Captain live" "We, you killed him." "What" "What do you mean what Joyce. You got lippy then he went for his gun" "His gun, he was probably about to yon. Any way lets see the map" Kate pokes her head out in-between Joyce and Henry and asks. "So what are we going to give the Lieutenant?" Henry hits the brakes slides in to the curb and undoes his seat belt then says. "I killed the lieutentent" Joyce shakes her head and feels the amusement from a Henry's humor then she says. "What ha ha ha" He turns his head and tells Kate he killed him. Joyce bursts out in another laugh saying. "You're a fucking nut Henry" Then she catches her breath, moaning from an arouse ling lust she lifts her leg over Henry, gets on him and tells Kate he is the nut saying. "He's our fucking nut. Whooo Henry" She lifts up her top and starts rubbing her tits all over Henry's face. Henry wraps his arms around her slurping her nipples. He lifts her up, turns her around and lays her back in between the seats. She grabs a hold of Kate's waist and pulls down her pants. Kate stretches her legs out tearing her g-string off. Henry pulls in to Joyce and gets hard in to her wile Kate gets off on her mouth. Joyce giggling and slurping away on Kate's pussy, Henry pumps on to the rhythm, licking Kate's tits wile she bites down her lips and quenches her hands thru Henry's hair as her love juices flow in to Joyce's mouth humming along to the beat of Henry's stiffness.

The sun was in a shine and it is shining bright for the three of a trio. Joyce in her tub of bubbles and sipping on her sparkling bubbly, Kate soaking up the suns shines lying freshly out naked and oiled while slithering thru her cup of sweet frosted slush. Henry lying in the back puffing his cigar along to the beat of his massage all laid back and chilling his hand around chilled glass of Bourbon watching the steam rising off his masseuses thighs wile she rubs him down.

Everything went as planed, they made the hit got the map and now wait for that final call.

A lunch cart rolls in as the bus boy walks on out thru the side in an order to catch a glimpse of Kate's beauty as she laid out exposing  her fresh oiled flesh along the suns shine on to deck. Joyce stands up in to her puddle of bubbles as they are sliding down along her wet skin in a musical pop following her as she dancing along towards the food cart. As she raised the lids, she saw the note along side of the chicken fillets. She reads it (It is a done deal). She drops the lids and calls out. "Kate, come see what we got" "Later" "Kate come here" Kate stands to her feet and grabs her robe as she spots Henry coming in behind Joyce at the food cart saying. "What is it Joyce" Joyce leans her head on to her shoulder as Henry steps in behind her. "Henry, mmm you smell good" Henry lifts the note up off the trey. He looks it over then says. "Ya we're good to go, come on Kate were gone"

Everything was ready for them. Henry had the rental car in check and their on they're way. Joyce letting the wind from the road flow in to her face as Henry drives on getting them to the airport. Joyce looks around at Henry then back at Kate and says. "Henry this car smells" "What do you mean it smell the things brad new." Kate lays her hand on to Henry's shoulder as her trying to figure out what Joyce was complaining about and say. "Stop the car Henry." Henry stares in to the rearview mirror, looking at Kate not knowing what they where referring to then says. "Kate you too" He slows the car down and gets it in park along the side of the road. Kate gets out of the car looked around for any sing of a burning fume then got down to take a look underneath. She looks up and tells Joyce. "Step back, Joyce steps back, back way back" Henry steps in to her light asks her. "What Kate" Kate points her finger at him and says. "Henry you too" She reaches in and pulls off the box, a box of plastic explosives that was lining the cars wheel drum. Henry steps towards her and asks. "Is that it?" Kate sets it down along the curb telling him. "I'm not sure and I don't want to take the chance." Joyce steps in to Henry shrugging her shoulder up against his and says. "Who's fucking with us Henry, I told you guys something smelled" Henry holds out his arms as he looks on to the boxed bomb and says. "I' don't know. We were supposed to receive a phone call not that note and not from any busboy" Kate stands to her feet, looks at the bomb, looks at Henry and asks. "Who else knows about the map" Henry turns his back to her and walks on to the side walk saying. "Us, you me and Joyce. Why are you two looking strange" Kate watches him as he begins to get edgy, she turns to Joyce and tells her. "Flag down that cab Joyce." Joyce walks out to the side of the road and waves in the cab.

The cab pulls on to the side and asking them if there were down. Joyce jumps into the front seat and tells him "No we need a ride." Henry and Kate get in to the back. The cabby hits the meter getting in a sweet whiff of Joyce's perfume then Henry pulls out his gun and digs it in to the Cabbies head. Kate leans her self forward in behind Joyce's head and asks him. "Who you working for." The cabby holds his hand up lightly above the staring wheel saying. "I drive this cab who do you think I work for." Henry digs the gun in pushing the cabby forward and of his headrest and says. "Don't fuck with me pal." The cabdriver holds downs his head and mumbles out. "I'm telling you I drive cabs." Henry pulls back on his gun as the cabby's headrests back on to the headrest and Henry tells him. "Drive, drive to the Land Rocks Casino. When we get there drive us around back and if you think about getting brave your brains are going to be displayed all over that meter."

Kate keeps a close eye on the rear view mirror as Henry kept one eye on the cabbies side mirror and the other one straight ahead watching the oncoming traffic. Joyce huffing and puffing then sulks out. "Why are we going to the Casino" Kate digs her knee into her seat and says. "Joyce, shut up" Joyce huffs and says. "I was just asking a question you don't need to get all ringed out about it Kate"

Henry kept his eyes on all the oncoming traffic worrying about Joyce and checking in on Kate to see how she's was doing. The cabby asks Henry were exactly he wanted him to park. Henry tells him. "Behind the Casino, there's a back entrance in to the parkade."

Joyce digs her hand in to her purse, pulls out a fifty-dollar bill, and sets it on the meter.

Kate rolls down her window keeping her eye on the cabbies every move, studying him and debating whether she was going to pin a bullet to his head or not.

Henry had every thing going his way as he sees Kate looking over the driver then feels his temper flowing towards interrogating the cabby again before he drops them off. Henry gets a weird feeling that he won't need to from the look he seeing on Kate's face.

Kate knows with the traffic there in and going to be heading in to that the cabby could try and break for a scene at any time.

Joyce takes in a glimpse at Kate and looks over the cabby, at the same time she scopes out the scene that he will be getting in to from her left side. Henry brings his gun up into the cabby's head and says. "Alright turn here," The cabby says. "You said the back" Henry pushes the gun in to his head and says. "Turn here and I'll let you know when to turn again now drive"

Watching the ongoing traffic as the cabby turns in to the back street Kate hits in to Joyce's seat with her lag, Joyce turns to her window then Henry loads out a Bullitt in to the back of the cabby's head.

Joyce grabs the wheel and gets the cab up against the back wall of the casino crying out. "You guys could of warned me." Henry steps out looks around and tells Joyce. "Oh quit complaining. Let's go." She sets the cabby's head on to the steering wheel and says. "Were we going?" Kate steps out telling her. "To get us some wheels then were off to the airport. Joyce you need to get with the program." Then Kate grabs out a napkin from her purse and wipes down the cabby, smearing all and any prints that they had left behind.

 Henry leads them in to the parking lot. Joyce gets in to a look around for her self-wondering around the parkade and checking out all of the sport cars when a dark blue sedan pulls up next to her and Kate yells out at her. "Get in bimbo" Joyce turns her head trying to hold in her laughing thoughts of their new car and says. "Bimbo, ya. All the cars in this place and you pick this clunker uueew ha ha" Kate sticks her arm out of her window and hand thumbs her in towards the back door and tells her. "Oh, shut up already" Joyce grabs on to the door handle and gets in telling her. "Kate shove it up your twat." Henry hits on to the gas and heads on out saying. "Girls I'm trying to drive here. Relax already."

They drive off together heading out for the airport. Kate dials her phone in to the airport getting the departure extension and gets a connection to the jets private pilot zone to confirm the flight. She tells Henry and Joyce. "Everything is a go" Henry nods his head then tells her. "Now phone the bank and see if were balanced" Kate says. "You call" Henry pops his head in to the rearview mirror and says. "I'm driving here. Joyce call." Joyce holds up her hand saying. "Give me the phone God Missy can't even call a bank." She hits the speed dial in to the bank line and listens in for the commands then shouts out. "Yes our money is there. I would just like to know what the story is on the Lieutentent." Henry takes in a deep breath then blows it out roughly and says. "I told ya he's dead. The only thing your going to hear is, he's dead died of a natural cause and we died along with the Captain in the resort and now here we are. So listen we do not know who placed the bomb in the car and right now, the only one it could be is that fucking Museum fucker he looked like he wanted us to steal everything for him. That map you got from the museum should of turned him over and keep him there for a wile so someone else knows about us so we have to keep this on watch."

They go on in to the airport's departing docks making there way thru in to the private flight section. Kate kept behind and away from Joyce and Henry, she watches along for any strange behaviors, looking for any one or anything that could be in threat or suspicious.

"Grab it" Henry slurs out in to Joyce's ear. "What" She says as she held her innocents and trying not to blush. Henry rubs his hand along Joyce's backside and says. "Take it, I know you want it."

Joyce walks out and over towards the lady dressed in street styling designer clothes with her hair greased back, wearing glossy red lipstick, a sparkling pink eye liner and  displaying a rainbow of erotic body jewelry.

Joyce licks her lips as the lady stares deep in to her eyes. Joyce sees all the signals she was expecting, the lady wants her. Joyce walks in to her then puts her hand on to the lady's arm and rubs it smoothly up and around her elbow. The lady puts her hand on to Joyce's hip then goes down for the warmth from in-between Joyce's legs. Joyce using her other hand firmly massages the lady's breast then moves in to join her lips with her. As they kiss, Joyce begins to breathe heavily smooth, wetting her lips, juicing them against the women's. She grabs the women's hand and works it in to her pussy as she undoes the gem-stoned bracelet from her wrist and slides it into her pocket. Joyce puts her hand on to the ladies chest then pushes her away. "Elle oh Elle darling lets go" Henry holds up his hand and waves over to Joyce. The lady looks at Henry then looked at Joyce giving her an ugly smirk. Joyce turns around and waves to her as she walks back to Henry. "So was she worth it" Henry asked. Joyce answers. "She was I guess. Darling. Where's Kate" Henry moves in and whispers in Joyce's ear. "She's behind us" Joyce steps forward and says. "Well let's go" Kate steps up behind her and puts her hand on Joyce's shoulder saying. "Lets just wait and see if that's our jet" "It is" Joyce says as Kate walks up beside her to and tells Joyce to wipe her mouth then walks on.

She does a check over and around the jet for anything suspicious then climbs aboard. The pilot was about to get up when she said. "Sit down. I said sit down. Where did this Jet come from? Where did it come from?" The pilot knew Kate was worried about any bird's wings sticking out of the engine so he sat still and answered. "It was just in the garage why" "Any thing sound out of order to you, does anything sound out of order to you," Kate says standing over him. The pilot leans him self on to the side arm rest and away from her viscous breath answering. "No every thing is in tune. Why?" "Never mind" She said then saw Henry walk in behind her as he says. "Kate what are you doing to this poor guy?" Then he turns around and tells Joyce. "Joyce go fill your face with some nuts hu" Then he asks Kate "Everything going" Kate tells him. "Yes Henry, I was just introducing myself to this Pilot." Henry stands in front of her then looks on over the pilot and tells him. "If there's any problem in here we want to know about them ahead of time." The pilot shakes his head in compliance as Henry escorts Kate out of the cockpit and they go in to the lounge to join Joyce at the snack bar.

Kate helps her self to the seafood platter and a beer. Henry grabs himself a couple of beers and the bowl of chip mix. A peanut goes in to the air up and over then hitting Kate in the head. "Ha ha ha hya" Joyce lets out her cheer. Kate turns around in her seat and says. "Joyce I'm going to rip you fucking head off and use it as a douche bag." A bottle cap goes flying up and hits her in the shoulder. Joyce busts out in  to screams and laughter as Henry ducks down in his chair wile Kate takes out her gun and points it at them both saying. "You fuckers are going to be bird feed, now fuck off. You two are like little fucking mice" "Ha ah ha Mice Henry she's starting with the mice." Joyce cheered out and rolls around in her seat in laughter's. Henry pops his head up over his seat and says. "Kate have a beer with me come on." "I'm trying to eat, why don't you two play with that pretty little bracelet you swiped off that lady. Darling oh Elle darling.. God when we get there I'm getting my self a cat and with claws." Joyce cry's out a laugh. "Ha ha ha ya" Henry says. "Oowhoo now I get three purring pussy cats." Then he turns and looks at Joyce and says. "Joyce look down." Joyce closes her eyes saying. "Fuck off Henry" Henry reaches over and grabs on to her hand then says. "What just take a look hey I can see the city grave yard from here, take a look Joyce" Joyce turns her head over towards Kate and says. "Kate Henry's trying to flip me out" "Good I hope you both choke on a nut" Kate said then throws a nut over at them. Joyce laughs on "ah ha ha ha" And Henry sucks back his beer then tells them. "Well girls our next step is getting thru the air port. There they don't fuck around and if our luggage isn't there then were going to be a couple of stinky fuckers."

The pilot announces the final destination call and tells them to remain in there seats as the jet goes down and in for a hit in to a smooth landing.

Kate walked out getting her self-first to the door wile Henry had his eye set on the airport grounds looking for any sing of the law or any one who looked like a potent ional threat, Joyce filling her face with cheese sticks and washing down the rest of the Champaign.

Standing together at the lobby entrance and looking around, as they get ready to move in. Henry reaches for the door and says. "Kate we need a close visual before we go in and Joyce no eye balling any of the female guards." Joyce steps in thru the door saying. "Oh please you tell missy to keep her gun in her pants and you worry about getting us to the hotel." Henry holds open the door and says. "Then why don't you two go to the hotel and I'll take care of the bags." Kate walks on in then tells Henry. "No we should stick together and he's right Joyce don't go playing mouse with any of these bitches"

Kate took on the lead and walked on ahead scoping out the crowds and checking all the guarding post wile Henry and Joyce mixed in with the people and headed over to the luggage check department.

Kate notices a police officer as he watches Henry and Joyce at the luggage check. She gets closer to him getting a visual, seeing if the guard was on stand or if he was there to get them. From his point she could see he had a good view over the department and the next guard was only a few feet away on the back corner wall then she saw him eyeballing Joyce and dozing off like a typical pervert.

"You guys got our stuff," Kate asked as she walked in along with them. Joyce gives her a big smile and says. "No there's one missing. Yours" "Ya and the one I'm going to put your head in do you guys have that one" Kate asked. Henry hits the exit doors auto opening button then says. "Girls come on our car is waiting." Joyce mumbles. "Another car Henry." "I just got it." Henry said as he led the way out in to the parking lot.

They got to the car and he packed the bags into the trunk wile Joyce and Kate got comfortable inside then Joyce says. "I don't know this city seems a bit weird" Kate looks at her and asks. "Weird what's weird to you" Then Joyce turns to her and says. "You Kate, you're the weirdly weirdo" "Are we ready girls. What's the problem?" Henry growled as he got in behind the wheel. Joyce goes for her seatbelt and says. "Kate thinks I'm a weirdo" Henry turns the ignition not wanting to reply or give her any attention then under a deep voice he says. "Oh come on don't start, you two, you're like cats and dog" Joyce shakes her self in to a comfortable position saying. "Well I never been here before" Henry tells her. "You'll like it, its very live and high tech." The Kate grabs on to the back of his seat, pulls her self up, and says. "What in the hell is that supposed to mean" Henry turns his head towards them saying. "Come on Kate, it's a hype city a lot of Glitter and glam. It is a ritzy place. Now let me drive before I run all these people off the street." "Ritzy hum" Joyce says rubbing her lips together. "Ya Joyce you'll fit right in" Kate tells her. Joyce turns her head to her and says. "Oh and there's no room for you sugar puss" Kate pushes her shoulder as she leans back in to her seat saying. "Sugar puss where did you learn that from the bitch at the airport" "Oh ya, uuwuoo look" Joyce holds up her hand so Kate see her showing of her precious gems sparkling in the sun then Kate tells her. "Looks like it was pulled out of her ass. Oh Elle, Elle darling."

Henry pulls them in to a hotel parking lot saying. "Ladies were here"

"This is it" Joyce giggles out from under her breath then Kate says. "Oh Joyce shut up" Joyce holds her arms out and says. "What it looks like something out of a discount brochure" "No sparkling toys here for you to play with?" Kate said as she stepped out. Henry pops the trunk and carries the bags in to the hotel; Joyce follows in behind wile Kate looks around to get a feel for there new quarters then walks in thru the door and says. "Oh this is roomy. Two beds, you get us two beds. Well ones mine and you and Joyce can get comfy on the other one." "This is just a pit stop. We'll book some ware else after we eat" Henry tells her as he sets down the bags. Joyce steps over to Henry and grabs her bag then tells him. "She doesn't want to sleep with me any more" Kate looks at her and says. "Ya I'll put you to sleep" Henry stands up, stretches out his arms and legs as he walks over to the table then turns to Kate saying. "Let's see the map Kate" She pulls the map out from her pocket, unfolds it and tells him. "According to this thing were going to have to get in to the city's data base for a final draft." Henry sits back, tilts his back, lets out a deep breath then says. "Well first we can get there than well worry about getting in detail. Hold on to it and Joyce dial us up some food and go through that book for a new hotel. I have our new Id's and our credit cards here and this bed is mine you two do what ever you want. Get some booze, I need a drink." Joyce walks over to the bed holding the phone book in her hand and before she sat down, she tells him. "You get it fatso don't they have any stores around here" Henry mumbles out. "Oh shut up and order already. Kate get her" "Mmm sugar lips" Joyce say as she lays her self out on the bed. "Just order the food" Kate tells her. "Should I get us a place looking over the Island?" Joyce asked then Henry tells her. "That's a girl" "Way to go you used your brains," Kate said. "Why don't we just go strait there, get the hell out of here and in to a hotel" Henry stood up and said. "She's right. Well let's go."


Joyce gets them into a penthouse sweet onethat was over looking the water's and giving them the entire view over and along the Island.

Kate soaking her self in the tub, Henry's fast asleep next to his bottle of bourbon laid out in the lounge and Joyce with her eye stuck in thru the patios telescope. "Hey ugly are you seeing anything interesting" "I see me and you with a bottle of Champaign splashing in the tub." "I was starting to get lonely" Joyce takes her close off and follows Kate into the bathroom. "I've been waiting for you" "And I've been dieing to get wet" Kate spreads her legs wile Joyce gets in. They rub tits together and kiss, Kate nails dig in to Joyce's back as she licks her way down Kate's stomach, down in to her pussy, Licking and chewing. Joyce hums along to Kate's emotion. Clawing her breast, pinning the nipples with her nails, moaning and preparing for her orgasms. Joyce yums the juices from out of Kate's release then lays back spreading her self beginning to work her fingers on her puss wile Kate catches her breath. Licking her lips and pushing her hair from out of her face Kate goes down on Joyce. Joyce Moans and screams within her heavy breaths, running her hand thru Kate's hair licking her fingers and feeling the ooze. Kate digs her claws into her breast and pricks her nipples as Joyce screams from the bites. Kate chews on, Joyce pumps her moans releasing her explosive orgasm filling Kate's face with her juices. Joyce enjoys a deep breath letting Kate Finnish her off.

A misty glow circles around Henrys eye using the sunrise glittering over the rapid tides of the exotic mermaids cutting thru the waves dancing in a Splash. "What do you see Henry" "Kate" "Kate, what is she doing out there" "Her morning exercise" "What climbing trees for Coconuts" "You girls. where's breakfast, we have a big day ahead of us" "Do I have to go" "Don't you" "Oh please, I could go and make the hit it myself" "Then stay here" "Good I need my beauty sleep"

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