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Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: December 01, 2007

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



down on to rooftops; heat waves blaring.
STREET; top hill, heat waves blaring down on to leveled street. Heat waves in to a fog. Dark.
TUNNEL; dark, in thru to a speck of light.
STREET; sewer pops up, slides over, head pops out, arms body comes up.
JACK; stands up, steps in front of the serer, looks around at the city buildings; signs , street lamps, street. Bodies laying around on the side walks, Rats running around.
“Oh shit,”
SUZEN; steps in to Jacks shadow, from out of the sewer, looks to the left as Jack stares in to the right.
STREET left side; Storefront windows smashed in, lower ledge; body hung out down onto the sidewalk; neck spilled a pool of blood down sidewalk on to street.
STREET; heat wave over a stream of blood, down the center street up its slope. Stop sign, sky, bright flaring sun.
Above sun dripping blood as it sizzles in to:
OPENING CREDITS; Begin fading in to heat waves as sky comes down over city. Down on to rooftops, side building, storefronts, sidewalks; body laid out, bleeding hung out a smashed in store front; spilling blood. Stream of blood, street. Feet; SUZAN; steps in behind Jack, looks back as little Tim steps out, in front of sewer.
TIM; Walks in behind Suzan, looks in on the storefronts, bodies on sidewalk, steps in behind Jack.
“I’m hungry, two days in those sewers and look, two day old raw flesh.”
He says, stepping to Jacks right side, in to the street, steps on to curb, sidewalk, steps up to store window, looks in.
SOUNDS OF A CAR; Jack and Suzan look back; down street as the sound of car gets louder. Jack steps in to a run towards Tim. Suzan follows in behind. Tim turns his back to see; down the street towards the noise.
JACK; right hand on Tim’s back as Suzan’ sets her right hand on Jacks back. Jack grabs door with left hand; door locked. Jack lifts his knee in to the door; lifting Tim up. The door busts open, jack turns his back in, Suzan grabs Tim in to her arms and steps in behind Jack. Door closes.
JACK; walks down in to Isle; Baby food, baby stuff. He walks down; turns head back looks out window.
TIM; Steps in to left isle, Suzan’s hand reaches out, grabs the back of his shirt.
Hold on you little bugger”
JACK; steps in to the window, looks out, to his left.
CITY STREET; Sun blares off storefronts up along right side.
Heat waves down on sidewalk; dead bodies.
Center street, inter section; heat waves. Down street, up center street, sky.
SUZAN; Opens a loaf of bread, steps in to the left corner table. She sets the bread on the table, Timmy steps in holding a jar of peanut butter.
JACK; Pushing a shelf, sliding it side ways, covering the front window. Slides the baby stuff from eye level in corner on to ground. Steps over them, in to the door, closes it, locks it. Turns around, steps in to counter, and sets his left hand on top, springs up, over. Pushes the counter out.
SUZAN, TIMMY; sitting in back corner at table. Suzan spreading peanut butter on to bread as Timmy stares on.
JACK; turns back to the counter, set in front of the door, steps left in to a cooler, grabs a pop bottle, drink box pack and then steps in to Isle looking on to the wall to his left. Staring beyond the shelved food, on to wall as he steps, looks down to the floor, turns right at end, looks on to the far wall, Jimmy and Suzan in the corner, turns his head left, looks on to back wall, A door. He steps into the table; sets the drinks down.
He says as he grabs a hold of a drinking box.
SUZEN; Looks up at Jack, Jack twists the cap off the pop bottle, sucks back a mouth full, set the bottle back down, looks at Suzan and growls, showing of his teeth then turns and steps back towards the door along the back wall.
SUZEN; Shakes her head, looking down on to the table, grabs the pop bottle, then looks on to Timmy as he bites in to his sandwich.
JACK; Sets his right hand on the doorknob, turns it slowly; leaning his head, ear on to the door; opens it slowly. Dark; he reaches in, slides his hand up the wall, down, leans his head in. A noise of frosting; lights go on, he steps in front of the doorway.
BACK ROOM; Freezer against left wall; open. Ground, side of freezer; Body laid out bleeding from the neck. Jack steps in, kneels over the body;
MAN; still breathing, shot gun shell in hand.
“Hey, hey are you still there? Is there any one else?”
Jack leans over him, waiting for a answer, the right arm of the man moves, pulling a shot gun out from under him, stops moving, blood begins to pour from out of his neck, streaming in to the door way.
JACK; Grabs the shut gun, the shell out of his hand, stands up looks around, looks in to the freezer, and grabs a box of shells from in next to the safety box full of cash.
JACK steps out in to the doorway, looks back at the man as the blood streams in around Jacks feet. Jack looks at the door at the back, looks onto the garage door next to it, turns steps out, sliding his left hand on the light switch, Dark.
SUZEN, TIMMY; sitting at the table, a bag of chips opened up on it.
Timmy sticks his hand in, grabs a chip.
Suzan brings on up to her mouth, turns her head as Jack steps in holding the shotgun.
JACK; sets the box of shelves on to the table; center side. Looks onto the shotgun, Timmy, then Suzan.
“I don’t know exactly what is going on”
JACK looks down on to the center table, his eye start to squint;
CROWDS OF PEOPLE running out in to the street, people in behind
The first few crowds; holding their necks, falling to the floor as people step on over them.
In the sky above; wings spread, Vampires swarming down as their wings lead them in; Crowd of people running; Bodies falling on top, Vampires dropping them. Street; people running.
HOUSES; people running out, standing in front. Bodies being thrown out front windows; blood bleeding from necks.
NIGHT; street, dead bodies on ground; blood.
Houses, traffic lights above street, street, rats running around storefronts, alleys, side walk, street sewer. DARK; up in to glooming light holes; Glooming in on Jack, Suzan holding Timmy in arms asleep. Up dark wall in to sewer bottom; holes shining in the gloom of night.
APARTMENT BUILDING; Sun begin to set from sky above.
Halls of apartment, doors, inside apartment, Lights on in living room, kitchen, dark hall way, washroom door, two doors, dark, door,
Light; inside room, windows in silver tinsel, ultra violet lights along wall, center room; dry wall chunks laid against each wall, ceiling; garlic hung, ultra violet light hanging in center ceiling.
Cover of comic book; Vampires blood lust.
Finger tips on each side; A shadow walking in and Stands over comic book.
SIX; Stands in over MAX,
“So what is it, how did it end?”
MAX; Comic book comes down from over face, looks up at Six, brings comic book back over face.
“I’m not there yet, go sit down, or go look out, grab me a sub or something.”
SIX; Steps away, turns his back on Max, steps into the corner of the room, sits on the couch next to TRISH.
TRISH; sets her left hand on Six’s knee, looks at him, rolls her eyes, looks straight ahead in to the ultra violet light.
“Don’t worry; I’m due for another couple of days”
Like I give a fuck about your Pms”
She said Smiling in to the ultraviolet light, then looks on to the garlic.
MAX; Throws the comic book down on to the ground, looks over to the coach, into the next room, on to the Ultra violet lights hung in the corner, down on the ground, on to the comic book.
“Its blood, we’re fucked. Extra garlic in our burger’s and holly water in our juice. Silver bullets, blades, wood steaks, ultra violet lights. It was from those bats, attacking those old folks, breaking in to the pet stores and out in the country feeding on the cattle. Some how, they spread in to a life form. The cops and those firemen. Their the fucking Vampires, their mad, blood sucking pigs.”
MAX said; staring down on to the cover of the book on the floor. The ultra violet light starts to blink, darkening the next room then sparks out a shock leaving the room in under a glow from the light above the book on the ceiling, stringed in garlic.
Top of buildings; above streetlights, shinning down over a building; City hall.
The street lit under a streetlight shinning in on a police car, on sidewalk. Steps under a light; leading into an entranceway, door, above door; POLICE; engraved in a cement block, door, windows. Building.
INSIDE POLICE STATION; Front entrance, empty office desk; blood splatter on the desks, ground, down the hall, in thru double door.
AUTORIUM; Chief of police sitting up on a stage, in a lazy boy, feet up on desk, a slab of bloody flesh on his desk, burning cigar in ashtray; smoke rising up into the ceiling.
CEILING;Three cops hanging up side down, eyes opening, arms spread out, wings flap out as they drop; flipping, wings out landing on their feet.
SIDE DOOR OF AUTORIUM; swings open, cartwheels in pushed by a muscled officer.
Cart of fresh flesh, coffee pots of blood, plate of donuts soaked in blood. Rolling in, passing the three cops, in towards the stage as the CHIEF; stands up and steps down in to the steps.
CART STOPS; Cops step in; grunting, growling, smiling, giggling, eyes wide open.
MUSCLED COP; Turns his back on the cart, walks out, into a hall, steps on, turns, down a flight of steps, into a dark hall.
Crying for help, yelling, shouting out.
DIM GLOWING LIGHTS; A hallway, bars on each side.
Jail cells; people in behind, hands around front bars, looking to their right as the shadow; steps in to the hallway.
MUSLED COP.; Steps in front the cells, looks in as the people look back, he steps on, passing a cell of police officers.
A hand reaches out; He grabs it, twists it, rips it off, and kicks it up into the ceiling and steps on.
Arm lands down on the ground, sliding in a spill of blood as he steps in front of a steel door; slides open the eye holes.
Vampires in side; half Man half Bat; spitting in to the eyehole; hissing and foaming from the mouth.
The steel door next to it starts to bang, pounding in hiss’s.
MUSLED COP; steps back, close’s the eye hole, laughs onto the next door as it bangs, turns around and walks out passing the people behind the bars in the cells.
APARTMENT; Moon light shining in on roof top, row of lights; top row; two windows dark.
CEILING, shimmering in glossy white, Floor; a spilled pile of comic books, shadows along the back wall.
TRISH; warring a black cat suit standing in front of Six and Max sitting on the couch; warring black tracksuits.
I should stay, guard the place, you know.”
No, you coming, we need ya.”
“How do we know he’s still alive?”
“I know, He’s the only one with the vaccine, he started this shit, fucked with those bats and played God or his serum fucked up, fucked us all up. He’s out there and we’re going to get a hold of him. He’s got a cave in the cellar full of bats. We’re going to inject garlic and in them, dose them with holy water and what ever he’s got then we’re going to set them out into the city.”
“Our eyes in the sky”
TRISH; steps back as Six and Max stand up, putts her black mask on over her head, adjust the ear piece, mouth piece then pulls the mask over. She steppes in towards the door, opens it. HER BUT; Shakes and flexes as two shadows step in on her.
“Stop staring at my ass.”
ULTRA VILEOT LIGHT; Ceiling, comic book on floor. Brightened light; door-swinging, shut.
SCIENCE LAB; Science equipment: test tubes, bubbling liquids in jars sitting over busing burners.
DOCTOR SLING; steps in, his shadow leads way in to the table. He grabs the remote control from off the table, raises his hand up, points it out in to the corner.
TELEVISION; on a filing cabinet, goes blur, channels flick in to blur for blur on to off.
DOCTOR SLING; lets the remote drop from out of his hand as he lowers his arm back over the table, humming, looking into the bubbling jar of liquid.
: “Ah hu
He says, and then hits the burners switch to off. The flames go out. He grabs the glove to his right, puts it on, lifts the jar up out of its place, and holds it up at eye level. He turns his back to the table, holds the jar out in front of his chest and walks out in to the hall way.
CELL DOOR; Dr. Slings shadow steps in on to the door, his hand holding the bottle, his left hand comes out, grabs the door knob and opens it.
He steps in to a dark room then reaches in for the light switch.
The light shines quickly in to a bright. A squeal echoes in thru the room.
:“Oh hush , hush”
He says as the light begins to lower down in to a dim as his arm slides down. He steps in, his shadow falls in over a cage.
CAGE; bats inside, two in the corner hung upside down, one in the air flapping wings and one at the feeder. Doctor steps in, tickles the bat at the feeder with his hand then leans in over his right shoulder as he pours the liquid from in the bottle in to the bats mouth as it opens up, sucking and chirping.
He said, watching the bat sucking it back then stepped away. He stands in the door way, sets his left hand on the light switch and lightens the room slowly.
CAGE; Bats in corner begin to shake and squeal as the bat on the feeder begins to take in deep breaths, swelling and puffing up.
BAT; swells up, tissue expands; muscles around face enlarge as its mouth opens wide and springs into the corner as the light flashed in to its bright. Sounds of the cage rattling, as blood specs splat onto the floor and Doctor Sling steps out as the light lowers and the door closes behind him, leaving the room dark and with a laugh of his.
JACK; leans up against the wall, legs out stretched out on the floor, shot gun on his left side lined in along his leg. Suzan cuddling up against his chest as Tim lays out, his head on her lap and a bag of chips, drinking box on the floor to his ride side. Jack stares into the wall in front of him, the door to his left eye and the isle to his right. He shakes his head, looks up into the ceiling, and then looks to his right on to Suzan and Tim.
Streetlights shine in along the roof edge. The sound of a spill as it splashes down along the roofs side.
A SHADOW; on the roof, back of a body in black, head turns, looks back as the spill continues to splash. Shadow on the roof top jumps up and down, movements of pants being done up as it bounces.
MAX; turns, steps away from the roofs edge.
:Alright let’s go”
He says in a mumbling tone and steps out in to two shadows standing up from off of a wall. He steps in as they step up on to the wall and leaps up next to them.
THREE BACK SIDES; Looking down, Max on the right, Trish in the center and Six on her left.
“Are you guys ready?”
he says, his head turned to the left, leaning out in front.
THE THREE FRONT SIDES; they look onto the building in front of them, a alley apart.
“Is this guy really evil?”
“I should go for the front door, act like I’m lost and all delirious.”
“No way, we’re busting thru those air vents.”
THE ROOF; The air vents in the center; two, one blowing clouds of smog out and the other sits still. A shadow falls in over it. Six lands to his feet, turns his back on the vents and swings out his arm, signaling Max and Trish to jump. Two shadows come in on him, at both sides the Max and Trish step up along side of him. Six steps in to the vent, lifts the lid, grabs the flash light out from his hip belt and shines it in.
“You go to the front door, ring the bell, if he doesn’t show, then start banging on the windows, but not to loud, we don’t need to attract any attention.”
I thought she was going.”
“I need her hear with me, you’re too big to get all the way in hear, if you get in the door then give us a whistle.” He says as he sticks his head down in to the vent. Max steps back and his shadow leaves the scene as Trish steps in next to Six and looks down into the vent.
“I’ll go first.”
“No, you stay up here.”
“Stay low and out of light, use the dart gun on anyone and anything. Wait for our call or if Max calls you before I do then go with him.”
He said as he set him self in to the vent feet first then sunk in to the dark. Trish stood over him, slapping her hands on to her hips as he slid on down.
TRISH; sitting along the vents side, fidgeting her fingers, looks up in to the sky; clouds blowing in over the bright moon. She stands up looks in to the vent, turns, walks out in to the roofs edge, looks down, to both sides of her then turned around slowly and ducked as a Flapping; Bat raced above her head, knocking her over, her feet fall, legs, then hands grip onto the roofs edge.
She dangles in the wind, looks down; deep breaths as her eyes squint and she lets go;
Her shadow along the wall as she drops. She lands on her feet, squatting down then stands up; takes in a deep breath then slaps her hands on her hips and stands still.
She looks out on to the street, turns her head to the right; listens for any movement from in the entryway of the lab. Turns her head to the left and seen the shadows; begin to darken from under the street light.
She walks over to the labs entryway, pulls out her dart gun from in her backside and steps back first in to the entrance then pokes her head out.
MAD MAN VAMP OFFICER; Walks in under the street light, steps on, whiffs in to the air, holding his head up.
TRISH; steps back into the door way, holds the gun up into her chest, breathing in worry as her eyes begin squinting a tear;
: “Alright, ya, ha”
She says, clenching onto the gun then steps out into the streets, point the gun, and fires.
MAD MAN VAMP OFFICER; Steps into the gunshots, growling, pounding his hand into his chest and picking up his pace stepping towards her.
TRISH; Steps back; back facing door, she kicks, steps out looks onto the mad vamp walking in towards her, she kicks the door once more; swinging her leg back out.
: “Oh some one open up”
She says then steps out as the Mad Man Vamps shadow darkens in on the door way and runs. She stops a few buildings up from him, fires a few more shots then hits the but of the gun on to her hand, hip then holds it back up and fires two more.
MAD MAN VAMP OFFICER; continues to walk on, stepping in to every shot and dodging a shot, pounding on his chest as salvias spit from out of his mouth.
TRISH; turns her back on him, runs. She runs, looking back every few sprints and watches as the Mad Man Vamp Officer continues to run her way. Then from out of a alley another Mad Man steps out as she runs in under a light then looks back as he stands there in the darkened alley way as the other one runs in behind; growling and spitting up saliva from in his deep breath. She stops, watches as the one follows in behind the other one that she had fired her shots in to then turns and runs, beginning to squeal and moan then as she wiped the tear from off her face a voice called her out.
JACK; stepped out as she passed him by, moaning and squealing, wiping the tears off her face.
“Hey, this way, in here, into the back, I’ll take car of these scum bags”
He said, swing the shotgun in towards the doorway as she stopped and looked him over. She steps in behind, he steps out as she stepped in.
The two Mad Men Vamps slow down, stepping in slowly as Jack stepped out into the middle of the street. He looks on to the rotting corps; in on the side walk, then turned and spit on the ground in front of him before he looked up on to the two Mad Men Vamps; The two Mad Men step in slowly; growling and giggling.
JACK; holds up the shotgun, smirks as they laughed at him then fired; sending a pulse in to his upper body, his head tilts down then back up.
The mad Man vamp stands there as the blood and flesh from the other one spills from off of his face, he looks down on to the dead corps; on the ground next to him; a head and shoulder less corps as it spill a pool of blood around his feet.
Mad Man Vamp; looks up, his face freezes, his arms, and hands come up over his face.
JACK; fires away; his knees bent, butt of the shotgun in his hip and he lets the pulse of the shot shake as he stares on to a head less corps; wobbling around then falling to the ground as blood spills out.
Tim, Suzan and Trish watch from in behind the store window as Jack walks up to the corps, leans over, rips the badge off of it, stands up, looks it over then turns and looks onto Suzan and Tim then looked deep in to Trish’s eyes as he lowered his hand and wiped the blood off the badge from on his leg as the shot gun hung from the other.

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