The Crows Trilogy: Brother's Footsteps

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Case Ending in the Village

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Submitted: August 09, 2013



Chapter 1- Case Ending in the Village

It was six months while Dr.Rafi, Anika and the team were solving the case with the expertise of the elder people who had excellent knowledge in verses in the village of Nangol Court, Comilla. In the evening, an old lady was crying to watch her young granddaughter tied by chains. She was crying “release me! Release me!”

When Anika saw her, she told the verses aloud.  After a black smoke released her body, it ran away like a wind. Anika sighed.

“The case is over” said Anika.

When she gifted the girl the holy stones, she heard the voices of the other jinns who ran away from the bodies they possessed. Dr. Rafi, Bhoja and Lekha came together after their work was done.  Anika and Dr. Rafi congratulated Lekha, Bhoja and Ruhul for their best work.  The villagers praised them with joy and the village head honored them as best paranormal experts.Their honorable mentions were also published in the newspapers, internet and TV.  The celebration of the successful case led to the feast that was arranged by the head of the village. The villagers and Anika’s team enjoyed the meal of the feast. Anika switched on her mobile phone. When she gave a surprised look on Ruhul, Ruhul asked “WHAT HAPPENED?”

Anika replied “The city is creating a racket! WE SHOULD STOP THEM! PEOPLE ARE DYING!”

Dr.Rafi replied “no use”.

A middle aged man with a long, goatee beard came near the team.  He said “Anika! I presume. What rings you here?”

“The case, indeed. May I know you?” asked Anika

“I am Idris. Emon’s classmate. He helped me a lot after I came to the university” said Idris.

“Brother Idris! How can you come up with this?” asked Anika.

Dr.Rafi’s presence interrupted him.

Dr. Rafi said “one day he was bullied by most of his mates because of his simplicity. Your brother saved his life by using his powers”.

Anika got shocked because she actually had forgotten the awareness of her brother’s powers. She realized that those powers were actually connected with Uraan. Therefore she forced herself and the team to still stay in the village. Idris guarded the village all night and reciting verses in a possible manner to prevent the supernatural effects. Most people were sleeping but Anika was awake. She saw a white light. When she followed the light she heard a whispering voice.

It said “Anika, you will get to know your brother. Quickly visit us with your team tomorrow. You don’t have much time to save the world”.

Anika said “who are you?”

The voice replied “old friend of Emon. I have seen you before when you were a child. I will explain everything to you later”.

Then the light quickly faded away.  Anika went to the village home again. Another day, Anika heard a rock guitar sound. As she woke up quickly, she saw Bhoja was playing the guitar with a dissatisfaction tone. Anika became so annoyed that she pulled Bhoja’s ears.  She shouted “Nyaaaaaa!!!!”

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