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Chapter 2 (v.1) - I hate him

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter two

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him...I'm so sick of him,

So sick of his interferences with every single case I get-which are ,due to special circumstances ,very few-,

So sick of that disgusting smirk that women usually woo over,I'm so sick of that smug look that never leaves his deep eyes, so sick of the arrogant way he is so confident about himself,

So disgusted with his efficiency-yes, he's one of the best hunters out there, if not the best, but I would never give him the satisfaction of hearing that from me- ,

I hate him, simply because of...his mere existence, and I and him both know very well that I hate him,because he's a hunter...

Usually if people ever heard my thoughts ,they would think I'm saying that ,because "there's a thin strand between love and hatred" or whatever, or that I'm in a desperate stage of "denial" ...but really ,that's just absurd, I,and Blaicke Devon both know,that I hate him, or at least highly dislike him...

And most probably the feeling is mutual!

I was seething to say the very least, and I was totally lost in my thoughts ,that I didn't even feel my knuckles getting white from the pressure on them...

"Wow,cool down Anna, your fingers are going to get torn!" Collens' voice snapped me out of my anger ,I just glared at him, not knowing how to answer his sarcasm, which -to my dismay- reminded me of the dickhead who had just stolen another one of my cases, I hated sarcasm, really hated it!

"I'm gonna grab you a cup of coffee,and call Serena to tell her to come back as James had already been caught!" Frank said as he slightly shook his head before striding through the hall way to the closest coffee machine...did he really have to remind me I lost again to that dickhead

I sat on one of the chairs in the hall way,

The hunters, they differ from our agency's agents,or any other agency,as well as policemen or any government's system from many aspects...

First, every hunter usually works on his own, and they don't follow the rules, nor do they follow any laws, meaning,they can kill and murder all they want, as long as they can give enough evidences later ,to justify their deeds, if this evidences were not convincing enough, they would be punished severely,and by severely I mean death.

Well it's fair that way, cause if it wasn't that way, the city would be full of murderers...and it actually worked, very few of the hunters were bold enough to ever commit murder, and that few included Blaicke of course...

He was just risky as that, his name was mentioned many times in many great ,and serious cases, sensitive political ones even,and though everyone knew Blaicke was no angel, he was never caught ,even once, you may suspect him all you want, but you would never get anything on him, he was just as disgustingly swift as that.

So, hunters work basically for money, they would hunt anything,and everything, they would work for who pays better,they might work today for you, and tomorrow you might find their guns pointed at you...

And of course Blaicke was no exception, although he was hard to understand,and still is,my agency loved working with him, Jayden- the leader of Frank and Serena's team- even made a deal with him once, however, they fear him deeply...

Which makes me think, why would such a dangerous hunter,waste his time on something as absurd as following James Mayers, he was no big deal,no real threat, just a thief, a very harmless one in fact.

Why would he bother with any of my cases, which are always as small as this one because of my constant refusals to join any teams...

The answer is very annoy the hell outta me!

"Excuse me?" I snapped back to my surroundings for the third time today, but this time I was met by a fair lady, who seemed slightly older than me

I blinked idiotically as I registered her dark red hair,and green eyes,she was beautiful,to say the least, "uh, yeah?"

"I just wanted to ask about Jayden McEwne's office", when I tilted my head slightly she went on "I want to apply as a new agent"

"Oh ,yeah,"I said ,finally smiling as I was standing up "I will gladly show you the way then" then I extended my hand towards her "I'm Anastasia Williams "

"Lisa Carlos" she said grinning, as she took my hand in hers.

"So , why do you want to join Jayden's team specifically, I don't mean to interfere or anything,you don't have to say if you don't want to"I said as I began leading her through the hallway "I'm a special agent , a detective you might say, but I work alone, which is pretty rare here, especially for a girl, but I really think highly of Jayden and respect him with owe" I winked at her as I said those words.

She laughed in response ,wow, she really did look like a model, and I felt so little and worthless walking by her side "well,it's not really a secret", she started "I just heard that McEwen's team is quite interested in the 'light shadow' s crimes, and I might even allow myself to tell you, that I have personal reasons to catch him"

I felt the color leave me face at the mention of Kayden , known by people as the infamous thief the 'light shadow' , if any two names got this city restless it would be Blaicke's -God forbid- and the Light shadow...

And strangely enough, her gaze turned cold as she mentioned his nickname, making me gulp, and making me hate the idea of her even feeling that I have any kind of connection with said thief.

Quickly I tried to fake a brave smile as I said"yes, they are quite serious about him"

She just nodded curtly ,when her eyes drifted somewhere behind me,at the same time I saw frank coming from behind her,with Serena on his side, both stopping midways,and gazing at the same thing Lisa was gazing at, afraid to realize what they were gazing at, I slowly turned around, to see a smirking Blaicke leaning on a wall with his arms crossed over his chest while watching James being taken by two agents, and before I could even register, I found his blue eyes gazing at me intensely,before a smirk played on his lips...

"Wow,happy to meet ya again princess!"he drawled lazily, still leaning on the wall...

I ignored the presence of Serena ,CollenS,and that new girl Lisa, as I began walking towards the egoistic bastard with my fists clenched

"The feeling is not mutual, asshole"I hissed

"Wow, I can feel the love ,princess,That James really was easy to track down,wasn't he?"he smirked raising an eyebrow,and making me totally lose it...

"Why the hell do you interfere with my business?why do you follow my cases,and capture MY criminals!" I finally snapped only to make his smug smirk grow bigger

"Hey ,Tasia, easy on me, honey, they weren't labeled to be yours, you know it's everybody's right to have there share of victims", also,he paused as he stepped one step closer , his blue eyes piercing my brown ones ,his hands never leaving his pockets "Beautiful girls like yourself shouldn't waste their time fighting instead of men, to follow the law, neither should they use their tongues to swear like pirates, I thought I told you that a lot before ,princess"

His smirk only grew bigger-if that was even possible-as he watched me being speechless for a few moments, fuming with anger before I finally began talking again, raising my voice not caring about the people inside the office , and totally ignoring Collen, who I saw from the corner of my eyes slapping his forehead...

"Look you scumbag of a hunter,"I yelled "first of all, don't you dare all me Tasia, and sure as hell don't ever call me honey,and for the millionth time I'm telling you to NOT call me princess"

He just stood still his smirk not leaving his face as he watched me continue "second, he was not everyone's, I'm a private detective, and when I get a job, it becomes well known to the whole agency , and you being the most insensitive hunter I had ever met, I think you had heard about James Mayers being my next case, so you can't go on saying you didn't know it was my job, and come with his head to take some shameless money in return, the city is full of other criminals for you to get"

Blaicke just raised an eyebrow, and moved his hands from his pockets to cross his arms over his chest, "first, I can't help my tongue which got used to calling you "princess" , "Tasia" is a lot easier to use than 'Anastasia", and I see "Ann" as a very boring name, also it is not special as it's how every one calls you" he said smirking and winking at the last part, that which looked so natural on his handsome face...that's what I had to admit to even though I hated it...

"Seocond, Princess, I didn't say I didn't know Jame Mayers was your case, I knew about it, and I'm not ashamed to say so, but may be you princess hate challenges" he said raising an eyebrow at me . my frown only got deeper...

"I'm not ,you idiotic hunter!",I said , my voice getting alittle lower,and looking down at the ground "I just hate seeing you in every damn case I get, as if you have got nothing else to do" ,my face suddenly snapped to look at the people that were surrounding us ,and still gathering "what do you folks want, a show? "I yelled, and his amused eyes never left me, not even to look at the people I was yelling at "the only show you guys are gonna get to see, is the one they would show you in the hospital after I throw everyone of you there"

My voice was alittle uncertain as I was yelling, it wasn't the first time for me to sound that way when yelling those words, nor was it the first time for the agents surrounding us to start smirking, and some of them even slightly laugh, as they scattered away after hearing those words, no one believed me, of course no one would, I might appear to be rude, but it was not hidden from any one that I could actually hurt no one,

It wasn't the first time for us to fight, actually for me to fight with him over a case or a criminal he captured from me, he was a good hunter, I knew that those small thieves , or burglars were nothing compared to what he could do, or arrest , I knew he had captured some gangs, mafia members, some important public characters, that he had worked for the government,the agency,and even ones of the most dangerous mafias out there, he was a hunter, but a good one, he was right here ,in the heart of the agency, being so open about it, though every one felt he had-and is still having- his share of the bad deeds, but no one could ever catch a thing on him, he was like a shadow, a murderous shadow, feared by everyone.

He was dangerous, but the people here couldn't help but feel he is not a bad guy,...especially when he would stand so naturally to pick on the blond private detective me...

"I hate hunters",I said snapping her face at him so fast "and I hate you the most out of them all"

"Oh,princess,that's heartbreaking" he said lazily, the smirk on his face telling otherwise..."

"Ugh, just go to hell", I yelled stepping away, when I knew I wasn't going to win even this small verbal "fight " with him, I never won anything with him

"Anywhere for you, princess" he yelled ,and I could still feel the smirk in his voice...

I ignored it as I joined Lisa and the others, and I really didn't like the look on Lisa's face as she lent closer to me and nonchalant said "he's hot!"which had me growling

God...I hate girls, I hate hunters, and I really ,really hate him!

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