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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Unwanted guests

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter three

His hands were clutching my wrists,pining me to the ground,no matter how hard I tried,I couldn't shove him off,I was desperate, I was screaming,I was struggling...I was afraid...

Screaming I suddenly got up,I was panting so hard that I was almost out of breath, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was trembling uncontrollably ,I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, it was that incident again...

I looked around my room, the lights were on, I always left them on before I slept, I have been afraid of sleeping in the darkness ever since I was a child...

Sleeping has always been stressful to me, it was the time I dreaded the most,because if I slept,I would either have that horrible dream,or I would receive some really unwanted angst guests,guests that had started gracing me with their presence when I was a child,right before the first murder I had ever witnessed...

Sighing shakingly,I ran my hand through my hair ,and then pulled it into a high ponytail,and got off my bed, I knew that I wasn't to be able to get back to sleep anytime soon.

I looked at the clock as I walked my way to the kitchen,to find it almost 4a.m.

well,at least I have four hours till I get back to work.

Ten minutes later I was staring at my cup of coffee ,with the sounds of the TV in the background,I tended to think about work just to avoid thinking about that 'incident'.

Four hours from now, the agency will be confronting Mayers ,some stupid wannabe stated that Mayer might be involved with some serious criminals,be it the light shadow ,or even the black orbs...which is absolutely redeciolous,as Mayers is nothing more than a light thief, I just know it, and Jayden-who is supposed to be there and be in charge-didn't believe it ,neither did Bliacke...

And speaking of Blaicke, he was going to be at the agency tomorrow too,but not for Mayers ,I don't know for what,but I swear if he tried to interfere with my business again,I'm-

my thoughts where cut by the sound of my mobile phone,I was beyond startled,who would call in such an hour...

I looked at the ID,and found it was Kayden

"um,couldn't you have called a bit earlier or a bit later,it's 4 "I said faking a yawn.

normally ,one would come up with a smart reply like "good morning to you too",or "yeah,it was nice to hear your voice too" ,but not kayden, Kayden hated sarcasm to the point of cringing,just like me...he was the total opposite of Blaicke,from many aspects,yet sometimes I would find many things in common between them,may be cause they are both wanted (as in,Blaicke is sometimes wanted)

however his reply was "yeah I know, but I don't care",I growled at his nonchalance as he said those words "so, long story short,"he said ,ignoring my growl "McEwen i coming back from paris tomorrow ,right?"

"uh,yes",I curtly said

"do you know whether or not Blaicke has me in his mind now, the Lapranze's family is going crazy wanting to torture me that they would pay that jackass a whole lot of many to bring me alive to them"

"honestly I dunno",I really couldn't figure Blaicke out, I doubt anyone could,however,I never really spent that much time with him anyway.

"you're acting like a chicken"I said grinning..

"no,stupid,I'm just being careful,I'm too young to get caught and die"he faked fear in his tone,which made me laugh..

"well ,there is this new agent who wants your head cut"I said ,referring to Lisa who just crossed my mind.

"SHIT!"he said "who is he?" I was really tempted to spill it out,but I didn't,instead I stated a rule we both stuck to "I'm not gonna tell you Kyle, you know I won't give away any information about my job!'',I stated non-chalantly as Kayden let out a sigh of frustration

"yeah I know",he almost whinnied "but it's just a name"

"nope,don't care,I'm not gonna be your spy"

"okay,fine"he said ,snapping out of it.

"you know if I really wasn't convinced by your thinking,you would have been in jail by now,thrown there by yours truly"

"yeah I know pumpkin",he sighed "and don't worry,when my hands get dirty ,I would get you out of it,so you could do your job properly,and I could do mine"

I smiled at the phone...

"uh, are your engagement arrangements going on?"he asked rather enthusiastically,it didn't need a genius to realize Kayden was a night person,...of course he was,he was a thief "how many fiance's have proposed till now?" ,he asked with a mocking tone

"twenty over the last two weeks"

"WHAT?"came his loud startled yell "your grandmother rocks!" he added almost in awe

Kayden was from the very few that supported my grandmother's wish for me to get married quickly,"yeah,if only she stopped being so obsessed with marriage"

"so twenty,huh? what did you do to them?"

"freak them out and acting all weird around them"

he laughed loudly at that,making me smile

despite everything,Kayden was a good man,a good friend, he really lifted up my mood and made my day -rather morn-,that I totally forgot about that nightmare...


so new characters still appearing,plz review,I soooo need ur reviews ;)

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