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Chapter 4 (v.1) - This isn't about the ambassador ?

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-this chapter is alittle long, and totally boring, I'm sorry about that ,please endure it ;P please,read and review....

chapter four

"Yesterday ,the states announced their expectations of receiving the ambassador of "Adoramis" country in five days, and the minister of the foreign affairs announced that they would do their best,together with the awaited ambassador to try,and work out the problems that stand in the way of the peace of the two countries and threaten their diplomatic relations , the Adormaisian Ambassador on the other hand, said that he's quite optimistic about the outcome of the visit,and in a very swift diplomatic move,announced his ' very late condolences'-as he named them-about the assassination of the previous senator,Adrian Michelles, which happened to have occurred on the same day of his visit three years ago,and which made a huge dilemma in the two countries,to assure the talking about it being of the subjects that are to be wrapped up during his visit....."

"Interested about his visit much?", a voice asked, making me snap out of it,and turn my attention from the news on the T.v, to find out that it was Serena, who happened to enter the office without me even realizing it..

"Uh,yeah,"I said,in alittle daze,as I was still building up my opinion about his visit "But,I'm alittle worried" ,I completed ,turning my whole body to face her, as she was going towards the coffee machine..

"And why is that," she asked ,"do you want a cup too?"she said as she turned on the machine,I nodded with a grateful smile ,"He chose a very wise time for his visit.."she added,

And she was right, three years, when senator Michelles got assassinated , the first ones to receive the blame were the Adoramisians ,it was hectic, chaotic ,and seriously threatening.

But after a while, some documents were revealed ,to show that he wasn't that much of a good man, he was found out to be revealing some highly secretive information that involve the national security to the Adormaisians ,along with a long profile of corruption, and deals with the black orbs...

Such documents stopped the chaos that was between the two countries, but it didn't totally stop all the whispers about the Adonisians being behind it, saying that they assassinated him ,after taking what they wanted,so that he won't be a threat in the future...

I,on the other hand, am almost sure that a hunter had done it, looking at how swift and easy the assassination itself had been, and about the ones who payed him to do it, I highly think it was the black orbs,

First,cause they wanted his mouth shut forever, and secondly because the wanted the exact dilemma between the two countries as an outcome ,and I, personally, am almost sure,that the hunter who did it, was Blaicke...

The assassination was horrible,and its consequences were a living hell,for the country, for the agency ,and for me....

"Still, I'm not that sure, if anything happened to him ,that would be a sign for a war between the two countries," I said as she gave me mu coffee,and mouthed a thank you ,before taking the first sip...

"Why would anybody want to hurt him,The states are going crazy ,doing everything to guarantee his safety when he comes , even if the Adoramisians were the ones behind the death of Michelles , the government would shut their eyes about it, seeing how he wasn't the most loyal man out there,and they won't lose a chance to work out our problems, seeing how we both need the diplomatic relations between us for the economic stability in both countries , they even asked the agency to participate in his security crew, and asked specifically for Jayden to do it.."

I nodded absent mindedly, Jayden was one of the most respectable agents,not only in the agency,but in the whole country, he was usually given the hardest jobs,either on the inner side, or on the foreign side, and he was sent to Paris to workout some stuff in a meeting with the Adormissians to assure the ambassador's safety when he comes, that alone should have assured me,

But it didn't, not with my worries, and I didn't really want to share my doubts with Serena ,as I know she would only ridicule my assumptions of the black orbs being behind it, so instead I changed the subject,

"Yeah,well speaking of Jayden,"I said looking at her "Have he come back from Paris yet?" he should be here today...

"Oh,yeah", she said as she was getting out of the office with me following her "And he's now confronting Mayers, our team saw it was the lightest way to welcome him after what he had been through those last few days in Paris", I smiled "speaking of which Anna,"she said and turned to face me ,and I gulped, I knew what she was going to talk about,and I didn't like it "aren't you going to join the team, Jayden had been asking you since forever, you know every agent wishes to be given such a chance"

Yeah, every agent but me, I can't handle it, I know it, and Jayden does too, but he won't give up trying to convince me ,I was uncomfortable about this subject too,but didn't plan on showing it,so instead I smiled apologetically as I said "you know how I feel about teams ,Serena, besides, as you said, there are plenty of people wishing to be in my shoes , I even met one yesterday ,Lisa ,you saw her,"

"Yeah,that red headed,"she said starting to walk again "Jayden refused adding her to the team this morning" she said nonchalantly.

"WHAT?",I almost screamed "why would he do that?"

"It's only to be expected ,"she said "Jayden's team is one of the most important,the most efficient, he takes response of the heaviest cases, arresting the light shadow, tracking Blaicke, and investigating the black orbs...along with a whole long list" she seemed to be trying to show me what I was missing ,by not joining their team, I ignored it..

"But I feel she would be something", I said, Kayden might be my friend, but that won't get in the way of my work, I know an efficient person when I see one "And I really liked her,I hate that she left"I said almost pouting, to which Serena chuckled,

"Oh, no darling", she said as we were almost reaching the room where Mayers was being confronted "She didn't leave.."

"HUH?"I asked almost gaping,and my surprise was completed when I saw Lisa standing in the hallways ,arms crossed and a serious frown on her face

We stopped when we reached her, " there Lisa"I said in an almost depressed voice, her frown disappeared and was replaced by raising her eyebrow, and a very nonchalant look that made me the more uncomfortable,then a smirk began to appear as she turned to face me "Uh, you're that princess I met yesterday", I almost growled at her pointing to my conversation with Blaicke yesterday in front of the whole agency, to which her smirk was replaced be a beautiful smile , she really is a model...

I smiled without me even realizing it "hey Anstasia", she said a bit sadly ,I patted her shoulder...

"Lisa here, is willing to stick to the agency till she gets accepted,"Serena said lightning up the mood , and making me smile, and in the same time worried about Kayden , poor Kayden , it seems that a very stubborn one is after him this time, the thought alone made me chuckle inwardly...

Personally, Kayden is not a bad man, not totally I mean, but when it comes to what he does, he seems to get a bit intimidating and challenging, he is quite unique in his job,he always steals expensive and valuable things,from mega rich families, but what really is unique about his style,is his tendency to purposely leave slight tracks for the policemen,and agents ,to follow ,so that they can catch him, but they never did it in time, and he always got out of it , he took the whole thing as a game, which made him hated by the agency with passion,

He never told me about his plans, for he knew that if I knew about them I would do my best to catch him myself,although I may really respect his motives in some of his deeds, the relationship between me and him is very strange,and is met by great difficulties,but our friendship goes way back in time, it goes to the time where we both were raised in the same orphanage....

"I won't leave, not without what I want", Lisa said with determination in her voice,snapping me out of my thoughts,

I smiled "don't worry,"I said "I will try and convince him", I added in a reassuring tone.

"I don't think you can,"she said "he thinks I'm inefficient and won't be able to make it".

"oh,no,don't you worry about it,"Serena said cheerfully "Jayden really listens to Anna here"

Lisa 's eyes widened in my surprise and I just rolled my eyes ,and grabbed Lisa and entered the confronting room,where Jayden was the first to appear...

Jayden was about seven years older than me, making him twenty seven, one of the youngest people in his position, but his efficiency was rare,which was well known to all of us,he had the handsome look going for him, with short dirty blond her ,that looked -strangely- fitting for the professional aura surrounding him, with really beautiful blue eyes that reminded me a lot of Blaicke's....

He was wearing a casual suit, leaning against a wall in the dark room with his arms crossed,and his eyes fixed on the mirror in front of him,through which the whole confronting with Mayers appeared...

When he felt our entrance, he turned to face us and stood straight , he raised an eyebrow when he saw Lisa, who shifted uncomfortably beside me.

"Hey,Anna,"he said turning his gaze towards me, and announcing that whatever it was that I wanted to say about Lisa it would have to wait ,I patted on Lisa's shoulder, and gave her a reassuring smile as I turned my gaze towards the window/mirror to watch Mayers with Jayden ,Serena and Lisa...

"Oh not that wimp again.."I almost whined when I saw the 'agent' who was confronting Mayers, he was Adrian Conners, the most annoying agent here, and the idiot who assumed that Mayers was actually working for the Black orbs ,or some other 'greater power' blah,bah,blah,..!

He didn't work for Jayden's team ,thank God!

Jayden chuckled at my reaction , his eyes still on the scene in front of us ,Mayers was a black man, with the rapper look going for him, he was thin and tall ,with alot of chains around his neck.

This wasn't the first time for me to follow him, but he always seemed to be the funniest thief out there, I really liked watching his confrontations, they really gave me a good laugh, and the look on his face when Blaicke was grabbing him back there , it was hilarious....

Next to Conners stood Dirk Smith, another agent, but totally not as annoying!

I watched as Conners was getting all worked up , asking Mayers about his relation with the black orbs , while Mayers tried to get the information of him knowing nothing about them through to that idiot!

"What Mr,Conners is trying to say here,"Dirk said calmly putting his hand on Conners shoulder "Is that this isn't your first time here, and he can't get the Idea of you working alone and not knowing a thing about the black orbs as a convincing one!"

And here, Mayers tone totally changed to that of the movies "You're trying to stick that charge to me ,ain't ya?" he said in an accusing tone "Are ya gonna curse ma motha na ,and even call me Niger? cause I ain't letting that happen , I didn't do nothing!"

It was actually funny to see Conners slapping his forehead, and Dirk getting flustered about that comment about "Negroes" seeing as how Dirk himself was as black as Mayers , I chuckled ,and Jayden smiled..

" look, Mayers," Conners begun saying, seemingly losing his patience ,"no one ever said anything about that bullshit, I want to know who is behind you"

Mayers blinked, which was kind of cute , "no one,",he simply stated the truth

Conners closed his eyes,obviously trying to control his temper "Then where the hell are the stolen things".

"I didn't steal anything", Mayers lied, as Lisa was looking through the papers of his case which were in front of her, when Jayden said nothing about it,I knew he was waiting to see why I brought her here which made me smile.

I was brought out of the peace of my thoughts with a loud voice of something hit,and when I looked back at the confrontation, I saw that Conners had thrown the table, and now was holding Mayers by the him of his shirt

"Look you son of a-"

"STOP!" , I shouted as I opened the door, I didn't feel what I was doing until I found myself in the same room as Mayers, I could see that Jayden -unlike Lisa and Serena-wasn't surprised by my action, which surprised me!

Pulling my self together ,I glared at Conners "I think it's time to leave Mr,Mayers to us ,Mr,Conners.."I said taking a few steps in the room,

"You have nothing to do with it ,Bi-"

Now ,it was Jayden who stopped him by saying through the mic "I think that Ms, Williams here is right".

Glaring ,Conners threw a very silent Mayers to the ground ,and as he walked past me he hit my shoulder with his in an intimidating manner as he said in a voice only I can hear "Coward bitch".

I said nothing ,as I closed my eyes briefly, to open them on Dirk who was smiling apologetically at me, so I returned his smile ,then he followed that jerk.

Conners really shouldn't make assumptions about something he totally doesn't know a thing about, him calling me a coward is getting really annoying.

Sighing,I looked at Mayers, whose face was hilarious,that it made me smile,instead of laughing, cause I really wanted to keep a professional aura around me , but it lifted my spirits that I must say....

I shook my head ,and called for Lisa,I could imagine Jayden's face,and I really wished to see the surprise on his face instead of my reflection in that damned mirror.

But I was quite shocked at how calm Lisa looked when she entered the room, it gave me the impression that she had already read all the papers about Mayers' case, and gave me the feel of her being a professional agent ,who has been doing this for years...

When she entered,she spared me a brief smile ,as if telling me that she understood I was giving her a chance to prove herself to Jayden ,before looking at Mayers seriously.

I was betting on her, on the bases of totally nothing, I only met her yesterday,hell, I only spoke with her for a few minutes,but my initiation gave me a good feeling about her, and I always follow it, for it rarely is mistaken,and Jayden knows it.

I got out of the room and stood next to Jayden , watching her,she was a lot calmer than Conners,and surprisingly ,more confident.

"Why do you want to help her that much?"Jayden asked his eyes fixed on the window in front of him ....

"I don't know,"I said "But I think she would be a great help,also she's so passionate about arresting the light shadow"

"interesting", he said" I almost can swear that you always seemed to hate being involved with any of his cases, even stood up for him sometimes"

I really don't know if Jayden knows about my connection with Kayden, so I ignored that comment "I feel that she 's good", as I said those words,someone came and whispered something to Jayden,and as I was looking at them, I heard another BANG, but this time it was Mayers hitting his head on the table over and over again, while Lisa kept calm,I wasn't concentrating about what she said to him, but it was along the lines of already finding the stolen things with his finger prints all over them,which was a total lie, but I could see where this was going, and it really did work ,as Mayers suddenly snapped

"Fine, I did it!"he said "Just get me outta here!".

Lisa smirked then turned her gaze towards the window, specifically towards Jayden, as if daring him, and for a second I forgot that she couldn't see him, but her gaze was intense ,to which Jayden smirked, "tell her I would give her a chance to help us with the light shadow's next case, but if she failed, I don't want to see her here again", he said as he left the room.

I looked at Lisa as she was getting out of the room with a big sigh of relief "Congrats,"I said cheerfully, "You're in"

Joy lit up in her eyes, but a very calm smile covered her lips, as she nodded gratefully "Thank you!"

"I didn't do anything", I said" see you around then", then I turned to Serena "Can you please tell her about the details of the deal between me and Jayden?"

"Sure"she replied smiling, and I left them talking.

I really wanted some refreshing drink, and as I was walking through an empty hallway, I heard some noises coming from around an empty corner, so I walked there..

"Is this about the empassador's visit?" I was totally startled to see Blaicke who was asking that question, standing there,leaning against the wall, wearing casual black clothes ,with a very calm face,raising an eyebrow at Jayden who was standing opposite to him, his face anything but calm....

and as I was looking ,I saw Blaicke's eyes flicker for a second in my direction,meeting my eyes,and I was sure he saw me ,though I was hiding in the corner, Jayden ,however,didn't seem to notice...

Oh,God,I have a really bad feeling about this.

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