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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A brotherly kiss

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter 5

My breath hitched when my eyes met Blaick's briefly ,and I felt the urge to run, but I didn't, instead I stood still behind the corner ,watching them...

"This is about everything,Blaicke!" Jayden almost yelled ," I don't want you having anything to do with his visit!"

"Anything like?" I couldn't see Blaicke's eyebrow, but I was sure it was raised now,and I could hear the smirk in his voice...

"You know what I mean,"Jayden hissed, as he stood in an intimidating manner ,opposite to Blaicke who was still leaning against the wall ," I don't want your weapon pointed at him!" he hissed ,now pointing at Blaicke ,who had a very calm look on his face, which I knew ,made Jayden all the more angry.

"What makes you think he would be a target of mine?" Blaicke asked calmly,to which Jayden snorted "The same reason You killed Michelles ,you're a hunter,Blaicke, you work for whoever pays you more"

"What makes you so sure I killed Michelles?" he asked,still as calm "what makes you think I would be asked to kill him, and what makes you think I would agree?"

"Look, don't try to play your games with me,Blaicke, I just know you did it , and You're the best hunter out there ,if they wanted to get rid of him, you'd be their first choice, and I don't really think that the hunter who killed a senator Like Michelles would meet any problems killing an ambassador.."

"Assuming that I was the one who killed Michelles, it should be clear for you Jayden, that there's a great difference between assassinating pure trash like your dear senator ,and murdering a peace ambassador" his voice was cool, telling Jayden that he was way more collected than him ,and telling him that he wouldn't confirm killing Michelles,even if he was safe doing so...

"Look, some corruption and a few mistakes that many people with the same social position as him make,doesn't give you the right to call him trash and even-"

"No,no ,no,I can't believe that twisting the facts would come from you ,Jayden", Blaicke interubted ,now standing up straight," Both you and I, know that they weren't just a 'few mistakes' ,cause weapon tardeing in attempt of a war isn't a" few mistakes" neither is giving away highly secretive information"

"So now you're mister right,huh?" Jayden asked getting close to Blaicke, they were the same hight, and I could feel that Jayden was going to punch Blaicke any second.

Blaicke smirked "Just stating the facts".


"HEY", I interrupted a very angry Jayden, making both of them look at me, Jayden glaring,and Blaicke raising his stupid eyebrow.

"Oh, should I be surprised by your presence Princess?" he asked with a smirk, and I was shocked by his act as if he didn't know I was there all along...

But he did know.

I turned my face quit quickly in the direction of the seething Jayden who glared at Blaicke and said, "Nice words, but I hope you'd actually follow them" ,

Then he walked away, sparing me a 'bye Anna' as he passed by me, I watched him go, and when I turned my face towards Blaicke , I saw him gazing at me ,his face expressionless, his eyes piercing mine, and for some unknown reason, I blushed.

I looked away ,"You made Jayden quite angry, you're very good at what you do, he never gets angry"

" You know me ,princess ,I'm quite 'efficient' "I could hear the smirk in his voice, I began walking away ,to give my blush some time to fade.

"What do you think about the ambassador's visit ,princess,"he asked, following me as we got to the main hall.

"Why should I tell you", I asked "It's non of your business".I now spared him a look, now that blush disappeared.

He was looking nonchalantly at me, with his hands in his pockets "you're quite right about that", there was no trace of shock or disappointment in his voice, and I suddenly wanted to apologize.

He was now walking next to me , a nonchalant look on his face ,when suddenly I felt someone grab my arm from the back, and before I realized it ,I was turned back to face a very angry Conners..

"What was that there ,you bitch?" he hissed , tightening his grip on my arm.

I pulled my arm rather violently "I stopped you from hitting Mayers,and committing a huge mistake by ignoring his rights", I said angrily while glaring at the idiot in front of me.

"Look you wimp" ,he seethed ,"Don't interfere with anything I do here, the whole agency knows that you're just a weak pathetic little girl,"he seethed " You are in no team, calling what you do 'work' and having some idiots from Jayden's team help you because you are so weak that all you can do is accept their sympathy."

His words hurt ,and he was humiliating me in front of Blaicke too,I really felt the tears stinging my eyes, I really wanted to cry, but I won't give him that satisfaction, his words were sharp,and he didn't even know anything, he didn't know what I have been through...

"please,don't speak about what you don't know", I said, my voice lower, and unable to look him in the face, I felt so weak, so broken, all in Blaicke's presence,I really wanted to disappear that moment.

"Oh, no, I know very well what I'm speaking about,"he laughed bitterly "You're a wimp Anastasia ,weak chicken, who tried to prove that she was strong by interfering with me,and was so lucky Jayden was thee to back her up! and that hunter behind you, you're so worked up,thinking he's competing with you, while in fact , he pities you ,just as every body here"

My fists clenched ,and fighting the urge to cry was becoming harder and harder, looking at Blaicke now was impossible,and was going to make me burst into tears of humiliation

"But, you're nothing but a wimp, Anastasia,a WIMP", he began raising his voice "do ya people know who this girl is," he was beginning to draw the attention of the whole agency my way, and I could still feel Blaicke's presence, I was almost sure he was smirking ,now.

I should have cursed him in the face, yelled at him, slapped him, but no, I was too weak to do such a thing, to fragile...

"This w-"but before I could even notice, Conners was interrupted by Blaicke , who caught Conners' face tightly with one hand ,and before I could even register it, he was cornering him into the wall

"I thought I heard Ms,Williams telling you not to speak about what you have no knowledge about", his voice was dangerously calm,as if he was going to kill him next thing " I'm sure Ms,Williams have her reasons ,but doesn't feel like sharing them ,So why won't you grace us with your silence,and just shut up"

I was a bit startled, and the thought of him actually knowing what happened passed my mind,but I quickly dismissed it, as no one should know about it but Jayden,Collens, Serena and Kayden along with the leadership of the agency, all are secretive about it...

I could see his hands squeezing Conner's Jaws as he said "And I can't remember asking someone to speak for me, and I hate your assumptions ,I'm very sorry to disappoint you and tell you that I can't see why I should pity Anastasia here, and that I actually find her quite the challenge."he paused for a moment , "do you want to challenge me too Conners ?" he asked tilting his head a little, his eyes dark and dangerously cold.

When he received no response from Conners who was almost trembling, he dropped him to the ground "thought so," Blaicke spat coldly.

And like a rat he ran away while glaring at me, I was speechless to say the least, the people were scattering from around me like wind ,and my eyes were fixed on him as he straightened up while his dark gaze never left me,never left my eyes.

One tear escaped my fragile eyes ,snapping me out of my daze , "th..thank you,"I stammered, turning my head ,so he won't see that lonely tear, so I can flee, but before I could take another step I felt a tight grip on my arm,stopping me from walking away,and I knew it was his.

"What do you think of the ambassador's visit, Tasia?" he asked his voice tight and firm , making me feel obliged,I hated feeling obliged, however, I felt him turning me slightly, and when I was able to finally see him , I looked at the ground, knowing that if I looked at his eyes now I would break...

"I-I don't know if you would understand", I told the truth for once, but before I could realize anything ,he tightened his grip and in one swift movement ,I found myself cornered between him and the wall which became behind me ,on hand tight on my arm,and the other was leaning on the wall, right above my head ,and I was left with no choice but to look at his eyes,which were so close to mine...

"You're afraid,"he stated in a firm manner ..

"What?" I asked ,taken aback,and suddenly I felt the urge to cry go away, at least for these few moments, and instead of fighting the urge to cry, I found myself fighting the blush threatening to crawl its way to my cheeks again...

"And worried, if anything happened to him, War would be inevitable , you were from the very few who refused to ignore the fact that Adrian Michelles played an important role in selling the adrmaissians the weapons they used in their attacks in Africa."

"So?" I asked ,trying anything to concentrate on anything but his close proximity ,"trying to support your denial of killing him?"

"I never denied it,princess!" he smirked, his eyebrow- which was perfectly visible by me now-raised ,and the threatening blush finally got all over my face.

"You never liked Michelles ,you knew he was a scum even before he died, but you hated its unfair consequences, it was in every way unfair, it broke dreams, crashed motives,and ambitions were drifted away,"suddenly I felt he wasn't talking in general anymore ,"some really young people who were said to be the smartest by everyone else got highly injured, and severely broken".

There was no blush any more, I could feel the color draining from my face,from my whole body as I was gazing at his dark blue eyes,unable to look away, and the tears returned to threaten me with their arrival,I felt he was talking about me now,and me alone...does he know?

I pushed him ,and stood straight "what do you mean?"I asked,not looking at him...

"what do you mean what do I mean?' he asked.

"what do you know?"I asked feeling cold all of a sudden and looking at him, to see him raising his infamous eyebrow,the shrugged with a smirk, "you're confusing me,princess"

The one who was confused here was me, and before I even realized it,another tear found its way down my cheek,and before I could wipe it away,or even turn around, Blaicke bent down and startled me ,with his lips touching my cheek, kissing the tear away...

Almost immediately ,my face which paled on the thought of him knowing what happened three years ago ,was flaring and totally red, and I could feel his smirk on my cheek,so for the second time today I pushed him away, "Do-don't you dare invade my per-personal spa-ace again"I stuttered putting my hand on my very warm and red cheek.

"You look like a tomato,princess,"He smirked "It's just a brotherly kiss" he added,one eyebrow raised.


"Hey,Anna", came a voice from behind making us turn around ,and I was thanking God inwardly for the chance to hide my humiliation.

It was Lisa,who slowed down when she reached us "Am I interrupting something?" she asked,making me growl, and Blaicke smirk .

"No,idiot", I said rolling my eyes,and wiping my cheek furiously.

Blaicke looked at Lisa coldly ,before smirking "I'll leave you with your friend princess and take my leave".

"please do!"I yelled at his retreating figure,and saw him laughing as he went away.

"I know I said that before Anna,"Lisa said with nonchalance "but it's a sin if I didn't say it again...he's ho-"

I put my hands on her mouth before she could complete it and yelled "NO HE IS NOT!"

I was actually stomping, God!


Thanks for those who read the previous chapter and endured it,it was long and very,very boring,and I really hated it, but it was important non the less ,any way ,next chapter would be in Lisa's P.O.V ,I know many would think that that would be boring, but she has her own story as well,and I hope you would like her.

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