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I'm not the thief",he shook his head once dramatically ,still deepening his voice"You are,you stole my heart". I visibly cringed "don't say that,it's too lame"I screamed."I know" he whined.A thief,a bunch of agents,& an arrogant hunter who got me captured

Chapter6 (v.1) - Careful with that!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter six

"It's your chance now,"Serena said ,holding her gun ,"Show him what you're capable of doing", she winked at me as we got out of the car, and I curtly nodded ,with my face stiff...

"Don't be so cold, kid", Frank collens said as he joined us from the car that was behind us ...

"Uh,I'm sorry", I said smiling slightly, to which Serena smiled and Collens shook his head slightly with a smirk on his face ,as we joined Jayden who entered the huge dark museum before all of us with two other agents...

So this two have noticed, I have always been told that despite my fiery look and 'hot' appearance , I was exceptionally and totally cold , which made me lose a lot of friends ,and made the people around me think of me as an arrogant and stuck up 'chick'...

Serena patted on my shoulder ,giving me the signal to pull my new weapon now.

"Be careful with that,"Jayden said in a cold tone, not even sparing me a glance, this words might even be the only ones he ever said to me ever since he accepted me into his team...

He shouldn't be worried about that though, I used to work with the police before...

We were divided into three teams, Jayden with one agent who happened to be called Samuel , Serena with Collens ,and I with an agent called Alexis...

I was totally excited, it didn't appear on me, but that was how I exactly felt , the Laperanzo's family was one of the richest families out there, rich to the point that some of their belongings were worth being put in a museum...

So they did just that, in museums all across the country, you would find one of their belongings..

And most of them got stolen by the infamous light shadow...

What kind of name is that anyway?

Anyway, back to the main point, the thief with the stupid name, announced that this museum was next on his list ,him being the arrogant head he was,even gave us tips on when the whole thing would be,thinking that even if we were here,we would allow him to get away with it...

Yeah,as if !

So the piece he was looking for was gem, a blue ,priceless ancient gem, and of course the one to take care of the security of its room was the one and only ...Jayden!

I went with whatever was her name,and guarded one of the corridors to said room , one of the least important ones, the one that led to the garbage area of the museum...

Yeah,that Jayden really wants me out of here!

However, I studied the map of the museum non the less...the corridor was wide,and branched, which was the only reason it was worth protection , but even its branches were not that much of a deal , oe was coming from the room of the gem ,another was to the new closed restroom ,and one leading towards nothing, just space as it was leading to the new department ,which they would start building two days from now.

Jayden's team was here half an hour before the time the light shadow was said to arrive , but the whole museum was surrounded by agents ready to work for two days...

He said he would be here 9:00 P.M and now it was 8:50 , I was standing in the corridor ,just a few meters outside the room of the gem,leaning against the wall, waiting with that Alexis girl saying nothing and just checking her clock every once in a while,then I stood straight all of a sudden and headed towards the corner ,that Alexis kid said nothing,and I liked it that way...

I walked ,first passing past the way that would lead to another corner that would lead to another corridor ,then finally the new restrooms, I thought I saw something glittering in the dark, but I ignored it as I continued walking ,even if he thought of coming from here,this path would be his last choice ,as it's the longest route to the gem's room ,I then passed by the way that lead to the inbuilt-new department ,and was really startled to see to mirrors in my way,on both sides,it was really a strange decoration...

Finally ,I reached the exit of the corridor, yeah,the garbage area,and I was surprised,not due to the fact it was clean, but due to the fact it was clean today!

The garbage car would come here every Monday and Tuesday...and today was Saturday.

I looked around ,and found that the garbage truck was still here...

He was already in the museum...

Suddenly I heard a huge "BANG" from the side of the museum,followed by noise from the radio, Jayden demanding us to get ready,and telling us the light shadow was seen to have just appeared on the roof , I looked in the watch and found it exactly nine o'clock, almost immediately ,I rushed back into the museum, thinking that he would start using his tricks now ,and when I walked inside a little, I was surprised to find myself lost ,the corridor which had only two branches, now was a total maze with dozens of corners I hadn't seen on my way outside ,nor in the maps I studied, I knew immediately that he started using his first trick without me even realizing it,and the problem was,it worked...

I knew they were mirrors,but which was a mirror and which was not? and the actual fact of this department having no electricity what so ever ,didn't help either.

And all of a sudden my mind began analyzing everything,the glittering slight lights, the mirrors that weren't in their places, he was just hiding them for the actual time for the show.

I began running like a moron,getting hit by the mirrors every once in a while,till I finally was able to catch a glimpse of Alexis who all of a suddenly began screaming "He's every where! ".

And although I shouldn't have expected it when she said those words,I was totally shocked to see my predictions actually becoming true as all of a sudden I was surrounded by a hooded shape in a long coat coming towards me from some directions, and leaving me from the others , I knew that Jayden was getting all worked up in the room now, expecting the light shadow to enter any second, but my mind was-thankfully- fast enough to register the fact that he wasn't going to be there anytime soon...He had already gotten the gem, and whatever Jayden was protecting, it was fake..

Like a maniac I began shooting the mirrors ,revealing walls,and empty corners, and ignoring Alexis who began asking me what I was doing...

Suddenly when I heard a low curse I knew I hit something,and suddenly found something blue on the ground , right next to one of the corners ,the real corners ,and without thinking ,I shot the gem ,so it went further..

I didn't care about the gem...I wanted his head...

And finally what I wanted appeared,as the hooded shape appeared briefly from the corner, before returning to his path, leaving the gem aside...

I smirked as I saw his retreating figure in the mirror facing said corner, and began running through it, I could see ,through the dim light of my torch small blood drops on the white floor,and there I knew that one of the mirrors I shot,scattered and some of its pieces hit him, making him lose the gem, which I was almost sure he began holding it carelessly in his hands after Alexis' stupid scream...

Well ,he was an idiot...!

I continued running ,the torch showing a dark figure right in front of me,till that dark figure disappeared, but I didn't stop,I completed running, and found myself passing through a light curtain in the end of the corridor, and all of a sudden I was surrounded by totally nothing.

My mind wasn't that fast and I found my self running into the abyss..literally.

Except I didn't, I found myself being stopped from behind,by two hands which wrapped themselves around my wrists ,not forgetting to take my gun while doing swift!

"Easy there,fiery head",a very boyish and low voice said from behind me said "You were smart back there".

Of course I knew it was him "well it's no secret for any one that you use sight illusion"I said ,trying to calm down..

Then he turned me around to face him,leaving my wrists "Careful there, some of them might turn into magic!" ,if I didn't know better I would have thought it was one of those cheesy pick up lines, but those words were said by the masked man I faced , he was wearing a mask that was divided into two halves ,one half was with a laughing eye ,and a half very laughing mouth that it almost looked evil ,and the other was so sad that it was almost crying...

I knew that mask very well...

"I was waiting to see the new agent ,didn't know it was gonna be a chick".

My eyes widened at how arrogant he was ,"And a hot one too!"

I snapped out of my daze and reached for my radio in the back pocket of my jeans, but found nothing...

"Are you looking for this?" ,he asked ,holding said radio in his hand, I tried reaching for it,but he dodged me "Easy there, both of us might fall"

"I don't care"I growled,and my leg actually slipped announcing I was going to fall a second time, but his hand grabbed my arm again and grabbing me to the exit of the corridor leading to the museum "You really want my head,huh?"he asked,throwing the radio and the gun away...

I didn't reply to that.

He sighed, "Well, Lisa," he said, ignoring my widened surprised eyes on purpose "I wished I could tell you 'I'm the light shadow' except I know that you have already known that,and due to the face that I really loathe that cheesy nickname, I really preferred something more mysterious,but the government are the ones who named me that way, so ,there was nothing I could really do". he finished with a shrug.

Although I should have said that I don't care about his personal agony, the fact that I actually agreed to him made me totally silent.

suddenly we both heard the sound of the foot steps from behind us, and before I could even act and try to take a few step towards him, to actually try and catch him he walked back wards till he was standing on the edge, then he bent downwards in a mocked salute while removing his stupid make and moving it as if it was a hat "it was an honor to meet you" he said before straightening up while taking off his coat ,and showing me a smiling face with sharp dark green eyes, and short light brown hair that was almost blond..

If it weren't me ,I would have said that his looks were acceptable, but I hate the man more than any yeah!

Suddenly,dropping his mask he flew the coat across his figure, with the sight of him throwing him self backwards towards the abyss as the last thing I could see before the coat covered it completely...

"What are you doing ?"I screamed while reaching for the coat before it fell into the nothingness below, but when I coat it, there was nothing to be seen behind it, I looked down, and saw the agents standing there neutrally ,I looked at the walls beneath me,and found nothing...He disappeared...literally!

"Good job there", I turned around at the voice to find Jayden leaning against the wall with the gem in his hand "you save the gem"

I just nodded coldly, and walked past him, the mask in my hand , "but I didn't get to him", I muttered to myself, I was so close to that murderer!

when I reached my silent house , I was too deep in thought , that I didn't see the little munchkin running towards me when I entered "hey, mama," she screamed when she reached me,and despite my depression I found my self smiling at little Iris ,as I held her up and kissed her cheeks "weren't you supposed to be in bed now,huh?" I said smiling.

"she refused to sleep until you come", said Lena who came from my kitchen, I smiled at her...

Lena was my father's sister,she was my aunt, and the closest motherly figure I had ever had...

"will you please lead that naughty girl here to her bed, her aunt is very tired." ,I said,to which Lena thankfully nodded.

Iris was my niece, her mother -my sister-carelessly left her behind ,before leaving home, leaving her only daughter with me...but Iris was an angel, she and Lena were my family, my only actual family...

I got into the kitchen,got some juice ,held that mask ,and began thinking about today's incidents,

On my way out of the museum I could see long dark strands of rubber of the same dark color of the walls along the walls ,passing through the bases of the mirrors that were lining the corridors, I knew that that was his fast way move them all in the same time...

He Had been preparing for all of this without even our noticing, and it was a very well done trick...

Well,that was only to be expected from a man like him...a man taught by my father...

I was raised by my father ,that was till he died of course, he took care of two older boys, whose names I can't remember, one was calm to the point of being cold,and another was boyish to the point of being totally innocent and funny, I can't remember their faces,nor their names, but I know that one of them was the one behind my father's death...

And seeing how one of them turned to be such an infamous thief spares me no doubt that he was the one behind my father's death.

And if got asked about what makes me so sure about him being one of my father's 'students' , I would say that it was what I was holding in my hand right now..

The mask, it was the same shape, the same curves ,it was like the one my dad enjoyed designing and drawing over and over again...and the trick of the mirror just assured me assumptions...

My target was the light shadow.


Next chapter will be in Anna's P.O.V again for those who liked her, -I personally happen to like her personality-and would reveal alittle about her "unwanted guests"...I'm trying to upload it now ;)

PLZ Review and tell me what you think about Lisa ,and this chapter was really hard to write and I didn't like it that much,so 

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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



I'm not the thief",he shook his head once dramatically ,still deepening his voice"You are,you stole my heart". I visibly cringed "don't say that,it's too lame"I screamed."I know" he whined.A thief,a bunch of agents,& an arrogant hunter who got me captured
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