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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Not dead,not yet..

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter seven

"I failed Anns , "Kayden whined "failed miserably! I can't believe it, I was that close to getting away with the gem,I was actually holding it in a victorious manner when all of a sudden some stupid glass went into my hand,making me stupidly drop it,because I'm the most idiotic wimp on earth".

I was holding the phone on a considerable distance away from my ear to protest it from his noisy cries...

"You realize you're whining like a woman,don't you?" I asked while making myself a cup of tea.

"Oh ,shut up Anna!"he snapped.

"Well,what do you expect me to say,"I asked nonchalantly "You deserve it!"

"Oh,yeah,yeah",he said in a nonchalant tone -it's amazing how fast his voice changes "I met your new agent ,by the way".

"YOU DID?" I asked excited to know his opinion about Lisa...

"Yeah, she really does hate me ,though".he stated,his voice clear from disappointment

"Yeah,doesn't she", but my voice was disappointed...

"She's hot though!",he said ,making me grin ,"I think she likes Blaicke..",I said still grinning

"Oh does she,such a shame", his voice was sooooo disappointed. NOT.

"What ? you don't like her?"

"She's the one who made me lose the gem,Ann, who am I supposed to feel anything towards her but hatred?",he hissed.

"Look at her as a challenge".I said as the door started knocking

"Even if, why would that mean that I would like her any better , you look at Blaicke as a challenge,and you hate him!"

I felt my cheeks threatening to blush at the mention of the bastard.

My innocent ,no, Ex innocent cheeks!

"I hate that fucking idiot"I screamed stomping towards the door...

"Uh, I think it was my point Anna, who wouldn't understand that?", He asked as I opened the door.

"Grand ma!" I gasped.

"No,Anna, both of us know that your Grandma's mind rocks!"

"No,she's in front of me",I said ,my eyes not leaving her short figure as her thin eyebrow raised at me "Uh,bye now".

"Hey but tell her m-" and I closed the phone,

"hey gram-"

"Out of the way young lady,"she said ,shoving me aside,and walking into my apartment,I closed the door and followed her inside.

My grandma was the typical countryside grandma ,with short stature, white ,grayish hair held into a high bun,and a cute round face that the time marked with wrinkles...

"What did you do to Doctor Reynolds ,Anastasia? "she asked as she began placing some of the things she came with on the kitchen table.

I gulped at the mention of my last 'Ex fiance'..."He left saying he is afraid of me" I weakly stated half the truth...

"No,no young lady, you made him say that ,and slapped him at the central park!" ,she said looking at me from underneath her thick glasses.I said nothing.

She closed her eyes,while sighing "Anastasia Isabella Theodore!" she almost whined my name and my mother's middle name, announcing that she got really tired "He was such a nice guy!"

"Yeah,but he wasn't suitable,Ma!"I totally whined...

"Yeah,but he could have made you live a nice life".she said.

"I'm perfectly fine ,Ma!", I said ,"and I'm living alone".

"Yeah,Yeah,"she said waving as if waving my words away "You also said you were going to be fine when you finally left my home in the country, and said you were going to live alone here,and I was actually stupid enough to let you run away,and miss a magnificent future husband like Dr,Bernard who was living next door, cause you said you were too young to get married"

"I was seventeen ,Ma for God's sake!" I stomped...I'm doing that a lot lately!

"Doesn't matter,young lady, back in my days, Women in your age were married with a pack of children ,not single running after wanted criminals!"

I stayed silent,actually pouting...oh my God!

"And that young man,Kayden,"she said in a dreamy tone,as I stiffened "He was quite the handsome man,with good manners too,except you had to go about all that silly talk about him being like your brother"

"Because he's like my brother ",I said, following her to the guests' room while carrying her bag.

We entered the room ,and almost immediately she took her small bag from me,and pulled out some night clothes "I just want to feel that you're safe,and stable",she said in a kinder tone ,making me smile slightly,she really meant those words,but not in a general meaning,she knew what I had been through..

"Don't worry ,Ma",I said my voice so soft, the she looked at me and smiled.

"I'm gonna stay here for tomorrow only",she said ,and I pouted "I was just here to ask about Adrian ,who actually wasn't man enoug to hold his tears",I snickered at that "also,I wanted to see you", she said softly her eyes soft on the bag in front of her.

I kissed her on her forehead,and smiled at her ,"I'm happy you did",she smiled.

"Now get out young lady,I want to change and go to sleep,out you go,out!"she said in a totally different manner,so I just rolled my eyes with a smile and left.

Half an hour later,I decided to go to sleep...

May be,may be now,that grams was around,I might be able to face it...

May be I would be even brave enough to actually use it to my benefit..

I needed to face it,so I could face my other fears,I hated feeling weak,I hated the fact that many people look at me like Conners do...

I hated it.

I entered my room, left the lights off,and head to my bed,thinking that I'm dead tired and I might sleep deeply enough that I won't feel a thing...

I was wearing a tank top,and wide sweatpants ,I got onto the bed,and covered my self with the thin sheet, and fortunately I began drifting to sleep..

And as the peaceful slumber began surrounding me,making my body relax alittle, I felt this unwanted wave of coldness..

Oh God,it's happening...

It became colder and colder,telling me in the face that I won't be able to face it...

My muscles tensed ,telling me to wake up, to snap out of it before it was too late...

And as began hearing that miserable low humming ,my eyes shot open, not wanting to face anything,afraid,and praying I wasn't late in waking up from my slumber.

But I was too late.

When I opened my eyes,I saw an undesirable shallow transparent figure,this time of a woman , looking down at me,with grieving eyes.

Horrified I sat up quickly ,my eyes wide from shock and fear,as I looked at her transparent figure ,while she was humming coherent words that I couldn't understand,but I couldn't care less...

She raised her hand and began trying to hold my arm,except it passed through it,and I immediately shot myself backwards ,hitting the wall lining the bed,the pain where she touched was the last thing on my mind...

I was trembling uncontrollably,tears -which I didn't notice-running down my face,as images of a vicious looking man ,a bank and a "high & five" words on a signboard, began appearing in my mind...

My body was freezing ,as well as my mind which seemed to sober up when I noticed that woman passing through the bed,reaching for me..

Immediately ,my shaking legs got a life of their own,as I shot up,and ran towards the lights,turning them on,and finishing me misery.

When I turned around, I was relived to find all this chaos and darkness replaced with light.

My trembling feet failed me,and I found myself sliding on the floor, tears falling like rain at the sight of that woman not stopping me from seeing the burn left on my arms where he touched, she wasn't a ghost , at least not yet,but I knew she would be in a few hours,may be minutes...

I didn't feel my grand ma entering the room,until she put a comforter on my trembling figure,with a concerned look in her eyes ,as she gave me the phone "Try to use it to your benefit," she whispered as she stroke my hair gently

Even my trembling numb mind knew I couldn't call Jayden,I tried it once and I was showered with questions for days,and Kayden couldn't help me either, before I knew what I was doing ,I found myself dialing numbers I didn't even know I memorized.

I waited for the answer machine to finish it's message before I begun.

"Hey, Blaicke,I-I know right now i-isn't the best time -t-to ca-ll" ,I tried to keep the shivering out of my voice,I really did,but was unable to "There's go-going t-to be a mu-murder,a g-girl,I don't kn-now when,but it's-is n-not far fro-om now in a ban-bank down so-some street" I took a moment to remember what I saw exactly "an-and there is go-going to-to be so-some sh-shop called hi-high and f-ive"


My trembling heart almost stopped when I heard Blaicke's voice across the phone ,even in my pathetic state I could hear concern in his voice,but I must have been delusional because of how hideous I was"What happened? I'm sorry I was having a shower when I received your call"

"Ne-never mind",I said trying to keep the shiver from my voice" please fo-forget everything I-I said ,bye ,Blaicke".

And I burst into sobs as I handed the phone to my grandma, I couldn't even help that woman,I was really pathetic,I cried and lent on my grand mother's shoulder, with her striking my hair and whispering calming words...


so...what do you think,plz don't get me wrong, It's not turning supernatural, not totally ,so please review and tell me what you think ;)

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