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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Wish me a good meal and an indirect kiss!

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Chapter eight

It was 9:00 am, and I was feeling totally uncomfortable, as I was driving down that poor street, Serena didn't actually surprise me when she said that last night, Jayden,Lisa and Collens went with some cops to stop an armed robbery in a bank down town,but was surprised when she told me that Blaicke was the one who stopped it ,before the Agency even took knowledge about it, and now Jayden was asking me to come to the crime scene...

"You look like you haven't slept at all last night!",Lisa stated coldly ,as I got out of the car,and she came to escort me inside the small bank,she was looking at my dead like face, and she was right,after last night's incidents ,I couldn't sleep, I stayed in my grandma's embrace till ,and slept an hour or so in that state...

"Had a bad dream..."I just said,smiling briefly at Lisa who just shrugged.

"You did a good job with the light shadow last night.."I said trying to lift the mood,and it worked, as she she smiled and faced me "Thank you,"then she frowned slightly "But I wanted his head",

I laughed awkwardly as we reached Jayden...God help Kayden!

"Morning Anna,"Jayden said looking away from some papers he was holding "I just called you cause Blaicke was the one who stopped the whole thing last night."

"And he asked to see me?", I asked a bit afraid of the answer, I didn't know what I would tell Blaicke when he asks me how I knew the whole thing ,I didn't even think he would take me seriously..

"No" Jayden simply shrugged..

"WHAT?"I almost screamed,to which he raised an eyebrow "I mean, um what happened last night?" I asked though I already knew half of it.

" This is one of many crimes that happened in the past two weeks, with the same style ,they still, kill the witnesses and run,

At 1:30 am ,two armed robbers attacked the bank, and began stealing all they got ,it was late and there were only six people in the bank,two workers, one middle aged man, and two women,and the security guard.

They killed the security guard at 1:35 ,they got relaxed to the fact that no one was around, so they just threatened the people in the bank and they cut the phone lines, apparently they were planing on killing the five hostages that were in the bank before leaving, to erase the traces ,and they had actually killed a woman ,before your hunter arrived, Blaicke killed one of the two robbers and hit the other unconscious..."

My body,for unknown reason stiffened on the mention of Blaicke committing murder so openingly, "Will he get charged?" I found myself blurting out., surprising myself, but didn't surprise Jayden who didn't notice the concern in my tone.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you ,Anna, it's considered self defense, besides the fact that he called us 1:40 telling us about the robbery ,the jerk even made me feel as if I was working for him"

I was surprised by my own sigh of relief when I found out that Blaicke would be clean, to which Jayden raised an eyebrow,I guess it was normal for me not to want his imprisonment now that he actually trusted my pathetic sobs last night,

Not able to tell Jayden that of course ,I just shrugged and smiled "I want to put him in prison myself."

He didn't seem convinced, however he didn't push it ,"He is till around here, he didn't leave,and I doubt it was out of his respect to the law"

I started looking around wanting to scoop him, strangely I wanted to see him, I was surprised enough that he didn't tell Jayden about my call last night, but I knew that if he was actually waiting to see me-which I highly doubted- he would be doing so to get some answers, and I really didn't know if I were going to tell him the truth or hide it...

Then I remembered something that made me turn my face violently towards Jayden "The killed woman..?"I suddenly asked,to which he raised an eyebrow

"Uh,her name was Janis Edward, 26 years old, her body is covered around the corner if you want to see it", he said looking at the papers again.

I just nodded and smiled at Lisa who was raising an eyebrow at me,and I went straight towards the corner he told me about...

I knew what I was going to see,I knew it would only make me feel worse,I knew it would always haunt me,like all the others, Like my parent's figures, Like my friend's figure ,Rea's figure...

But as if I was enjoying being the sadistic one to masochistic self,as if I was enjoying torturing myself, I kept going, my steps getting slower the closer I got to that figure covered by that miserable white sheet ,my breathing became hard and unstable, but I kept going...

My feelings were a mess, a combination of grief,agony and despite everything,guilt.

I took a deep breath as I reached for that sheet,and as I was starting to move it slightly ,the sight of scrawny blond hairs was the last thing I saw before I felt a hand on my eyes...

I could feel a fingerless glove, as I was pulled back slightly to come into contact with a broad hard chest...

"it's not that I'm saying that you fear corpses ,princess, but I don't feel you would like seeing this particular body", my breath hitched at the calm voice whispering in my ear, threatening me-even though everything -to blush, I knew who it belonged to...

Blaicke pulled me back slightly before turning me around and removing his hand from my eyes, then silently holding my wrist a little under the burn I got last night and pulling me out of the bank, away from the crime scene,and out of that corpse ,and I couldn't find the will to do anything but follow him.

When we were out of the bank he stopped and left my wrists..

"So?", he said ,slowly turning around to face me, his hands were in those black fingerless gloves I felt on my eyes minuted ago, he was wearing a black hooded shirt ,and a dark pair of jeans with a silver chain running across his thigh, his face was calm ,almost expressionless, as he put his hands into his pockets..

"You believed my blabbering last night",I said ,avoiding his gaze.

He snorted briefly "No, it's''I understood your blabbering last night ,"he said raising an eyebrow,to which I smiled...

he sighed briefly "I'm not gonna ask you what that was,so don't worry about that,", my face shot up at his words, my eyes wide with surprise, how did he even know what I was thinking...

"However," he said stepping closer, "I'm gonna ask if you're alright", he was looking in my eyes so intensely that I looked down ,and began shifting uncomfortably ,while absent mindedly playing with my wrist, shoving the sleeves up and down.

Then I felt his gaze turn from my face to my wrists, and I realized that a part of the burn was visible to him now, but before I was going to roll the sleeve down again to hide it, he caught my wrist in one hand,careful not to touch the burn "What's this,"he asked his eyes narrow,his gaze intense.

I pulled back my wrist immediately ,and hid the burn "I-I don't think you would understand"

He snorted, "Understand what Anastasia? what the hell is this burn" ,for a split second I felt anger in his tone ,but when I looked at him I found a very cold face that even freaked me out "You said you won't ask..."

He sighed and muttered a "dammit", before looking at me,and putting the palm of his gloved hand on my forehead under my hair ,and moving my head upward slightly,so I was facing him "Fine, but someone is not hurting you,right?" he asked lowly,calmly, I was surprised that he even cared...

I smiled calmly before shaking my head ,"But, really thank you,"I found my self saying "You believing me helped me alot" I stated the truth, and I thought I saw something flicker in his eyes before pulling his hand away ,and passing it through his hair "Well, you're saying you are alright,aren't you?" he asked ,his eyes closed..

"Yes," I said,surprised by how soft my voice was...

"Well,when you're totally sure you're fine, I need to talk to you about something", he said now opening his eyes calmly, his voice low and nonchalant.

I still felt alittle cold inside me,but I was interested in what he wanted to say...

I looked at him, to find him turning around ,ready to walk away,"What is it ?"I asked, stopping him midway...

For some reason I began thinking he wasn't that much of a bad g-

"My payment", He stated his face nonchalant , his tone brief, his hands in his pockets...

I blinked,before tilting my head slightly and looking at him indecorously "Huh?" I asked,managing to raise an eyebrow.

He smirked before saying smugly "I worked for you last night,I'm a hunter ,don't tell me you actually thought I was going to work for free", he raised an eyebrow ,and I gaped, all the calmness he managed to put inside me where immediately replaced by disbelief...

"Four other people were going to get killed you bastard"I hissed ,not believing him,

He just closed one eye in annoyance to my tone while using his little finger to touch his ear trying to fake cleaning it from my voice "don't care,princess",he said still nonchalant "Many people pay me thousands to do much smaller jobs,I am no saint ,princess ,I thought we were past that point a long time ago.."

I just stared at him in disbelief,as he put hands back into his pockets ,and walked a few steps towards me "SO,princess?" he asked bending down alittle so that his smug smirking eyes were on the same level as my frowning ones...

"I have almost nothing left from this month's salary" , I said ,still frowning, and it was the truth ,the last thing left from my salary,was about eighty cents I used to buy a bag of doughnuts for my breakfast ,and a dollar which was on the face of "package" of the money when I got it,I am used to keeping the first dollar,as a sign I received money in return for my work, it was a tradition for me...

"Really?"he asked straightening up and crossing his arms across his chest "Well, still I . Don't . care . improvise ,princess, improvise", he said smirking his stupid,idiotic,annoying smirk ,and shaking his head slightly in mock disappointment...The jerk!

I just looked at the ground,my frown deep as I began,absentmindedly ,striking my chin in a thinking manner,then my face shot up suddenly ,and despite my self I found myself smiling cheerfully for the brilliant idea I got,to which the Idiotic Blaicke in front of me raised an eyebrow...

I began reaching out in my bag for my doughnuts,then the dollar,and sparing them a last sad ,goodbye glance, I handed them to him,not able to look at them anymore,I was hungry,and I really wanted those doughnuts,and I was sure that if I looked at them again,I will take them back!

"What is this?"He asked his voice ridiculing my efforts ,so I didn't fight the urge to snap at him,

"look Bastard,"I yelled, "this is my first dollar of the month"I said holding the dollar in one hand "and this is a bag of doughnuts I bought with the last few cents of my salary, put them together it would be as if you took my whole salary, from the first cent to the last one...literally" I hissed narrowing my eyes..

He raised an eyebrow ,amusement-that only managed to really tick me off - playing on his face "What kind of stupid logic is that?"

I just narrowed my eyes at him...

"Fine", he sighed knowing that I have nothing else to give "knowing that even your whole salary wasn't going to be enough to pay for one of my shoes,"then he looked at me with something I only realized as pity..

"And since you're not my type,being short and...all"I frowned deeply at that,my blush making my cheeks stupidly warm ,the jerk!

He was lucky I was standing with him in the same place!

He finally sighed and closed his eyes,stretching his arm in my way and opening his hands "I will take what you give me,with a hint never to work for you again"

Taking the chance,I only put the dollar in his hand ,and turned around quickly with the doughnut's bag in my hand,

And before I could start fleeing I found an arm coming from above my head taking the bag from my hand away..

I spun around ,to be faced by the smirking jerk,his face looking slightly down on mine, he was inches away "That wasn't the deal,princess! e stated with amusement coating his voice.

I blushed furiously at how close he was..stupid,stupid blush! I HATE IT!

I stepped backwards ,with a deep -literary red-frown on my blushing face "Fine bastard", I said with a low,surprisingly soft voice "Take it!"

"You disappoint me, princess, "he said wickedly taking another step forward-what's up with him invading my personal space?- "Aren't you gonna take the first bite,wishing me a good meal,and giving me a very precious indirect kiss" he winked the last-in my opinion VERY cheesy-part.

Cheesy yeah,but my blush deepened non-the less -if that was even possibly- ,

"Just take it ,jackass, eat it ,let it stop in your throat and DIE!" I yelled ,pushing him away ,and walking backwards ,retreating to my car.

"What's up with your pirate tongue princess, I think we talked about that", he yelled as I turned around,the smirk still in his voice.

"SHUT UP!" I was actually pulling my hair...GOD!

And I was eve beginning to think he was a good guy...

Good guy my butt!

But somewhere in the small corner of the inner mind,of my inner mind ,I felt that the coldness of last night's ,leaving me ,was thanks to that idiotic jerk,and I don't even know if he didn't mean it..

That bastard!

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