Chapter 1: The Panter Sisters and the case of

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Panther sisters and the case of, 


The stolen Ivy



Chapter one, the woman who needed help



As a woman who was showing off her six-month bump, came and knocked on the door, she has dark blond hair and her face was as white as snow she was in shock but of what? As she lifted her hand and began to knock on the door she saw a shadow of a tall slim figure approach the door. The door knob began to turn and the door creaked as it began open she saw a petit woman placing some files in a filing cabinet and she the tall slim woman at the door, she expected it to be like any other office with a filling cabinet and a coffee maker, But as she took a closer look and she saw bright blue and pink walls with a red desk and green filling cabinet she saw a china teapot in the middle of the room the red desk had two chairs by it and as she looked up she saw a small chandelier dangling down. She made an O shape with her mouth as she stepped in she saw two name Plates ‘May Panther’ and ‘June Panther’ She looked at them both as she began to sit they both looked the same although one had golden blond hair that was tied up in a bun when ever the light touched it glistened she realised that she was June because of her hair, The other one had perfect hazel nut hair it was down and it sat perfectly on her shoulders she had a side fringe that swept across face the like a wave. That was May. As the woman looked at them both again she saw that June had a bit of muscle as she was wearing jeans with flat shoes and a bright pink tank top with a cardigan that went up to her waist, as June walked round to her desk the woman saw that June’s eyes where were a dark blue that shined as she moved. Now May was different she was more girly than her sister because she wore a small dress with a pink top and black bottom and she wore skin coloured tights with high heels that has bows on either side she had green eye shadow on with a locket round her neck, As May closed the cabinet her green eyes caught the light and shined quite bright she sat beside June at there desk.



“May we help you Madam?” June said quite politely as she was pouring her a cup of tea. “My name is Evie Lockhart I am the duchess of Cambridge and my Sister Primrose was murdered two days ago and my Daughters nanny was killed and my Daughter was kidnapped I think it was connected I think they will kill Ivy and I am worried as she is only 8!” She said quite quickly and sighed with relief.

“I see…” said June in her concerned voice, and got out her notebook and her best pen

“NO! No, you do not understand, I have just lost my sister, my daughters’ nanny and my daughter Ivy has been kidnapped! STOP WRITING THINGS DOWN AND GO AND FIND HER! Ivy I mean! Please she is the only thing I have in this terrifying world.” As Evie began to cry in to her hankie June and May looked at each other in concern “What about your husband?” May asked as Evie began to look up from her hankie and opened her mouth, “He died two months ago!” She said all shaky May’s eyes went wide like she had done something wrong and began to look at June biting her lip “We will get the first train to Cambridge Madam don’t worry” June spoke out loud.


As June and May placed there bags under the seat they sat down and placed there seat belts on and waited for the train to move, “So what do you think about this case” May questioned her June just shrugged contained to look though the notes they have made May sighed and rolled her eyes Looking at her contacts deleting her EX- boyfriend June looked over May’s shoulder and at her phone and sighed with frustrations “What did I do he dumped me this time!” She mumbled June giggled and May frowned at her and started going over the notes herself. “Hmm that is not right,” She questioned “What is not right?” June yawned, “she said that the nanny and Primrose were connected but what if primrose was killed by accident I mean they didn’t know what killed Primrose, and the nanny was stabbed so maybe the killer thought Primrose was the nanny!” May shouted as everyone stared at her she sunk low to into her seat June nodded her and agreed and the laughed out loud and snorted, and then May started laughing all the passengers stared at the two sisters laughing in there seats. They both finally stopped laughing and June got out her Flowery Blackberry and began to ring her boyfriend but as he picked up she heard another girls voice in the background and started crying and then she heard kissing and she hung up May turned around and saw her crying “Tyler is sleeping with Jane” She whispered June wept even harder May wrapped her arms round June and told her to stop crying and dump him. As June had got out her phone and texted Tyler ‘U r Dumped 4 Ever’ Tyler replied ‘Dnt Care any more got a new gf better than you’ she deleted him contact and sighed “May how do you get over break ups?” she said sobbing “I don’t I just scrunch up there face and burn them!” She yawned “Listen Evie came in today and we caught the train to Cambridge at ten pm I am tired so just go to sleep we will be at Cambridge at 1 am so we need our sleep.” May yawned June sighed and agreed, so she grabbed her coat, placed over her shoulders, and fell asleep.



As the train grinded to a halt May woke in shock and saw that they where there it was 2 am there must have been a delay she woke up June and as the grabbed there luggage and there coats the texted Evie saying they where here they stepped out of the train and on to the platform a man in a suit came up to them and said “Miss Panther and a Miss Panther I presume I am the Chauffer.” He spoke in his posh voice they girls giggled a bit then both nodded, the girls handed the Chauffer their Luggage and they looked for the car. “So umm where is the car?” June murmured the Chauffer pointed to the Rolls Royce phantom Coupe their mouths dropped and made an O shape they looked at how posh it was and looked at the Chauffer “Well Step in then we have an hours journey ahead of us!” He was muttering. They looked at each other in shock, stepped in the car, buckled their seat belts, and dropped off to sleep as the car began to drive off.


 The car stopped and the woke up in shock at 6 am in two single beds the realised the must of fell asleep as a butler came in and placed a tray of breakfast on the dressers “Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, toast, hash browns and bacon!” June sighed, “Just what I need.” May giggled and began to tuck in. By 7 am June managed to have a shower while May was having a bath, she walked in the room with her dressing gown on and her up in a bun; wet. She saw June drying her hair and was dressed she looked at May and passed her the hairdryer May took a look a June and what she was wearing, a pair of denim shorts and a flowery knitted jumper on with her green Doc Martens on. As June was drying, Mays hair May was wearing her jeans with a baggy blue top going down to her hips. She slipped on her uggs, started to brush her hair, and placed it up in a ponytail. She placed June down in front of her and tied her hair up in a bun placing the clips in to hold in place, she patted her shoulders to say she was ready she grabbed her phone and her makeup she was using her phone as a mirror placing it when she had done she looked and June and said “Lets go see the Duchess!”


Submitted: February 02, 2012

© Copyright 2021 FaithSummers. All rights reserved.


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Just to let o you know this is a rough copy so I just want to know if I am the right track there may be some mistakes

Thu, February 2nd, 2012 8:14pm

Kimberly Derrington

Although I found some mistakes, your story has a strong background and I am looking forward for the next part. ;) x

Sat, February 4th, 2012 11:09am


Yeas I know once I have fixed the errors the first proper chapter will be out this was just a tester so I can see if I am going in the right direction

Mon, February 6th, 2012 11:20am

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