Story Of My Life - A 1D Fanfic

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2 No.1 albums, 2 sell-out world tours, and on the verge of a third tour and album, the boys of One Direction seem to be living the dream. However, when the boys decide to do a 7 hour live stream, nobody realises just how hard keeping secrets can get....
A 1D (One Direction Band) fanfic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Story Of My Life - A 1D Fanfic

Submitted: October 18, 2013

Reads: 364

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



"Hey guys, how come I wasn't invited to this?" Louis shouts at the camera to the 4 other boys.

"Maybe 'cause we don't like you!" Niall shouts back, earning himself a slap from Harry.

"You know why, Lou. It's not like we didn't ask". Liam's face as he said that expressed all the boy's feelings towards the current arrangement, management had really gone too far this time.

"20 days, lads, then we will all be back together again. No more lying for a month or two". Zayn cheered, and earned a smile from the rest of the guys.

"Zayn, always the optimistic one, what would we do without you?" Louis replied from the other side of the screen".

It was the first time the boys had been able to talk together since the end of the last leg of the tour in June, and even then they weren't all in the same place.

"So, Louis, we've been thinking, and we think we have found a way to slip around the big guy's grasp for once, and, it is going to be a massive hit with the fans, guaranteed!" Liam stated, smirking at the end. Louis shuffled closer to the camera on his end and put his headphones in. If the boys were planning something, there was no way he was going to let his sisters here about it.

"Go on, spill the beans" Lou whispered.

On cue, the 4 other boys re-shuffled, letting Harry take the spotlight seat. He locked eyes with Lou for the first time in weeks, and he was mesmerized, as he always was. Niall nudged him out of his trance, signalling him to speak. Louis smiled softly at him as he woke up to the world again.

"Yeah, so, erm... Yeah, we thought maybe we could do, erm, like a whole day group twit cam? Like, with all of us together about 2 weeks after the end of the tour in Japan?" Harry stared intensely at Lou as he finished his sentence, suddenly forgetting everything else he was meant to say. Lou chuckled on screen, causing Harry to blush, gaining a chorus of "aw"'s from the other boys.

"Well yeah, that sounds like a great plan guys! But, Liam, you said it was going to help us get one over management? We always do twit cams, how is this any different?" Louis asked.

"Thought you might ask that, you see, it's ingenious! We decide on a date, don't mention anything to anyone, post a YouTube or Instagram vid where we announce it to our fans without them knowing, then we film it in a secret location, so we can do whatever we want, no rules!" Zayn shouted.

All 5 boys cheered in chorus, however Harry's glee cut of before the others, and without warning, he shot a tearful glance at Louis and bolted from the room, slamming the door behind him. The cheering stopped abruptly, and Louis looked terrified at the camera.

"What the hell? Where did he go? Hello?!" Louis shouted at the camera, waving his hands frantically as if it would make them answer quicker. Liam was the first one to speak, grabbing the laptop from the table and placing it gently on his knee, blocking the other boys from view. As he began to speak, the other boys got up and walked to the door, silently exiting.

"Look, Lou, there's something... Really, it ought to be Harry telling you... Lou I..."

"Just tell me already Liam!" Lou screamed at the camera

"But..." Liam started,

"Just. Tell. Me." He interrupted,

"Please". Lou looked at him with pleading eyes, tears brimming in his lids. Liam bit his lip, and placed the laptop back on the table, proceeding to lean back and twiddle his fingers, trying to think of the right way of phrasing thing to the emotional elder boy.

"Right, well, Harry has been given some rather... unfair rules to abide by until we meet again on tour..." Louis' eyes began to widen, and he gestured for him to continue.

"He has to... look, you aren't meant to know about any of these rules, even we aren't allowed to know, let's just say we... acquired the documentation by accident" Liam glanced at the ground, before locking eyes with his blue eyed friend, who was shaking, either with rage or sobs, but whom stayed deadly silent, awaiting the news.

"He can't have any visual contact, with you, at all. He shouldn't have even been on camera tonight, but we couldn't stop him, not that we wanted to anyway. He ran because he got an email from management that appeared in the top of the screen. We are using Harry's laptop because it was the only one we still have Skype on. Louis... they won't even let him go home!" Liam sobbed as he broke the news to Harry's already emotionally struggling boyfriend, the news which proved that they still were unaccepted by Modest! Management, despite the fact that the fans had proved they would still support the boys no matter what. Louis' reaction said it all, as he collapsed into a sobbing heap, falling to his knees in front of the screen, beating the ground with his fists.

"How, what the hell are they doing this to him for?" He screamed at the ground, taking deep breaths to compose himself as he began to formulate a response.

"Why, why him? Why his family? What the hell will seeing his family do to him and his image? This is bloody ridiculous! I hate them!" He sobbed, eventually pulling the laptop down onto his knee so he could face Liam again, secretly hoping that this was all they had told him.

Liam stayed still, watching on as one of his best friends vented his fury at the decision, dreading telling him the rest. He knew Louis, he knew just what the next part of the story would do to him, but they were a band, and he was damned if he was going to keep it from him for emotional sake. As Louis appeared on the screen again, he took a deep breath and prepared himself for it.

"What is it?" Lou asked.

"What is the rest of it? Li, I know that it's going to hurt more than the last part, if there was something that could be worse than that. I know you always save the worst till last." Liam steadied his breathing, but just as he was about to speak, Zayn came rushing in.

"Li, they have actually done it. They have bloody done it this time! I can't... Li I actually can't" Zayn exclaimed. Louis' gaze flickered to him as Liam's mouth hung open.

"Zayn, what are you talking about? Liam, what was the rest of the story? Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on?!" Louis shouted to his two younger band mates.

Liam broke the silence, but then Zayn spoke up,

"Lou, if you have already heard the Harry part, I want you to know that I am just as mad as you are. But the rest of the story isn't about him, just turn on the TV to BBC1 news right now, and you will find out for yourself..."

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