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Chapter 4 (v.1) - TO BE FRIEND WITH

Submitted: November 30, 2013

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Submitted: November 30, 2013




All students were having fun. They were actually shouting and yelling. Zalika when entered with her friends got shocked by seeing this. Rowley called upon her said that MR. Richard was absent.

Zalika was bitterly shocked. She asked Why he was absent. No one knew the reason for his absence.

Mr. Richard was the chemistry teacher. He was actually a good teacher apart from teaching profession. He always guides students in the right path.He used to give some good advice for students who struggle with their youth problems. But many students think that he was too creepy and harsh on students.

Zalika remained questioning herself about his absence where other students decided to quit the class. Everyone went out AS IF!@!!

Suddenly Rachelle asked “ Hey guys can we go out “.

Nova replied “ Yes” excitingly.

 But Zalika was qiuet. Nova called Zalika. But Zalika said no. However they made her to get out of the class.

They were just wandering near the cafeteria. Then suddenly Nova just pinched Zalika and said “ Hey look. An incoming call”.

“ What?” asked Zalika.

 “Hey Natalia is over there. If she see us, she definitely make our day bad” said Nova. Natalia is girl born with silver spoon. She is very rich because her father actually runs a shoe company and she owned a BMW car. So she never give respect to others. She make fun of other people and make them feel so bad.

“Whats up with you guys  ? She is just like us we could be even friend with her. This will surely happen unless we give it a try” said Rachelle.

Nova yelled at her” What with you actually? So you want to be friend with her. You know she is an evil ***** in human body and you are saying……” annoyingly.

“But she is popular and all girls and boys in this high school talk about her every day. Moreover all boys in this school are crazy about her” said Rachelle.

Then Zalika cooled down both and asked them to stop talking about her.

Natalia and her friends came in opposite. They suddenly started laughing on seeing them.

Natalia came near Nova and said “Hey girls look at their clothes so ugly and filthy. Girls do you know one thing I can’t dress like this even in my bedroom… oh sorry even in bathroom. Hey Nova where you are getting dress like this. Can you please give me some suggestions by your fashion line please”said disgracefully

Then went near Zalika and asked “Hey honey do you know the reason for your lovely teacher’s absence. His wife left him and ran away from the country. What a sad story. Right. Hey Zalika I have an idea why can’t you marry him. He is actually good for you” said like an *****. All other girls laughed at Zalika.

Then Zalika left that place crying without saying anything….

Nova ran behind her. But she left home faster.

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